Keep your spouse honest…?

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‘Anti-cheating ring’ leaves an ‘I’m married’ imprint on finger 

NY Daily News: Spouses with wandering eyes should take notice – slipping off your wedding band might not let you off scot-free, anymore.

The blogosphere is buzzing over a new ring that promises to keep spouses faithful by imprinting the words, “I’m married” into the wearer’s finger. The declaration is carved into the inside of the band.
The cost of fidelity? Just $550.  The titanium rings are sold on the website
“With Arnold, Tiger and two timing IMF guy in mind, we have created this wedding ring for people intent on cheating,” the company writes, poking fun at some high-profile cases of infidelity.

Twitter users were abuzz about the wacky rings – but most of the hype was negative.  “Who would ever buy this? Least romantic wedding ring ever,” wrote one user.  “I’m just saying that if either of you are considering these, then you should probably reconsider marriage, period.”
I’d have to agree with those last statements.  Not the kind of inscription one would envision on their wedding ring!
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0 responses to “Keep your spouse honest…?

  1. My life with a ring. I put it on in the morning and take it off when I get to work. I put it on when I leave work and I go home. Sounds like a real bad husband right, wrong, I work on machines. I wax married at 21, I’m 56 now, and I’m still happy with the same wife. What’s the secret to this marriage? I love my wife. And I love my children. The family is true happiness. Never forget that.

  2. As if men like Arnold and Tiger would even wear such a ring in the first place.
    I wouldn’t wear this ring, nor would I ask my husband to. What happened to trust?

  3. What if a young “innocent” girl who may be tempted to cheat with a married man can’t read?? Is there a picture version? What if you are in a same sex marriage and you want to switch sides for a night, is there a ring for that? Wow, maybe I can start my own company?? What if you are a polygamist, can you get a whole set? I see $$$$$ in my future!

  4. working on high voltage equipment,it would make a nice brand
    as it heated almost instantaneously to red-hot…as a matter
    of conjecture ,why not a brand …or a tattoo

  5. How sad that it’s come to this. Lord help us!

  6. artie fischell

    I guess it’s cheaper that a pre-nup.

  7. For 2 different marriage, incl this one, *I* wear both our rings! My first marriage, my hubby worked at a rock quarry in the screen house, like the first poster said, NO ONE wears rings around machinery if they’re smart. (My Dad used to take his off on occasion because he worked w/ voltages – gold is too good a conductor!)
    W/ my husband now, 2 reasons – he got it caught in a belt on our car engine and nearly lost a large part of his hand – we got it off before his hand swelled up, so no one had to cut it, thank goodness. Now his fingers have just gotten too big. We can’t afford to have this one resized and I have a thing for it being THE rings we got married with. (My kid and his wife have gone thru more rings than I can count!) I wear them to “keep them warm” – a weird philosophy of mine that means I keep the symbols…huh, I dunno…”warm” I guess, “alive”. Can’t explain.
    But my rings twist – wouldn’t that one too? How is it going to be so tight, and stay in one spot so long it will imprint that? hat would feel horrible! I couldn’t get MY ring off if it meant my life – it would have to be cut off! BUT, it’s still loose because my finger has, so to speak, “grown around it”! 😉
    It was fun wearing both rings in the beginning, (not now, I’ve been saved) – guys would say “Are you married?” I’d place both hands on the table and say, “I dunno, am I?” I could cheat better w/ 2 than none at all! HAHAHA!!! It’s gonna be done if it’s gonna be done.


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