Keep your kids far away from this: Russell Brand to rewrite classic fairy tales for children ‘to change how they see the world’

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Daily Mail: Russell Brand will undoubtedly have to tone down his lewd stand-up persona when he turns his hand to writing children’s books.

The comedian announced that he will be reinterpreting classic fairly tales in a series of three books this week, to change how young people ‘see the world’.

Trickster Tales will be illustrated by the award-winning artist Chris Riddell, and will begin with the actor’s take on The Pied Piper of Hamelin.

He said: ‘It’s the first of a series called Russell Brand’s Trickster Tales, where I do interpretations of fairy stories and folk tales, believing them to be the code to unlock aspects of our consciousness.’

Brand, who has previously called for an anti-capitalist revolution, is arguably far from an obvious choice of writer to pen a children’s book.

However publisher Jamie Byng said: ‘The pairing of Russell and Chris is a match made in heaven and their series of illustrated retellings has the potential to become a worldwide phenomenon.’

The star, who used to be married to popstar Katy Perry, said in a statement: ‘Fairy stories are a code to change the way children see the world. Once children see the world differently change is inevitable.’

The former drug addict and Get Him To the Greek star released his autobiography My Booky Wook in 2007, with the second installment coming out three years later.

The first of Brand’s children’s books, published by Conangate, will be released in November with the next two books following in 2015 and 2016.

The former Big Brother’s Big Mouth host could also ask his current girlfriend Jemima Khan, who he started dating last year, for advice.

After working for a string of publications including Vanity Fair and the Sunday Telegraph, the 40-year-old is more than qualified to offer some help.

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0 responses to “Keep your kids far away from this: Russell Brand to rewrite classic fairy tales for children ‘to change how they see the world’

  1. Russell Brand is not someone I would want to write children’s books. I considir him cheesey and sleazy at best. One way or the other the powers that be are trying to completely corrupt kids’ perceptions. Classic fairy tales should stay classic and not be changed to suit someone’s warped idea as was done with the story of Noah.
    (The worst part about Noah was that the movie makers twisted the reasons why God made the flood. It was not about environmental concerns it was for our sins against him and each other.
    But God forbid you should actually be able to discern their agenda in the movie. They think we are all stupid.

  2. With a net worth of $15 million, faux socialist Russell Brand looks like a demonically possessed homeless bum in that pic. Not only would I not buy a book from him, I will do my best to stay far far away from him.

  3. He is poisonous.

  4. Brand is a luciferian spinmonkey, and a total 100% weakling sellout….Hes about as pathetic as it gets…

  5. Leave it alone, freako…

    “Fairy Tales are more than true; not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.” –G.K. Chesterton

  6. Euewwwweeee! I hit the “delete” button! This IS an option in most of electronic America, you know, today……Seems to me that the teaching of “delete” to our offspring and our grand-offspring….etc….is an IMPORTANT step in education these days….!!!!!!

  7. The guy looks like a maniac. I truly hope young parents don’t buy into what these creeps are selling. Pity the children! Guard their minds & hearts!

  8. Yikes! As my nephew would say when he sees something gross: “Eww!That’s nasty!”

  9. I see the phrase “change” and “consciousness” and all that says to me is occult new age sew-age. “Little red riding hood” was bad enough originally (implied pedophilic rape, among other things) before it was cleaned up for the 50’s etc. will his versions make pedophilia a viable option as well as indoctrinate the kids with gnostic gnonsense? I’m guessing that is very likely, given the resurgence of gnosticism in recent years.

  10. I was hearing so much about this guy that I began watching some videos of his performances. I initially found him to be entertaining/extremely quick witted and actually brilliant for all practical purposes. That assessment did not last very long. I now see him for what he really is and that is a glorified new age guru-NWO stooge/vile/possessed and very dangerous to society……not to mention, totally full of himself!

  11. This site has just lost all credibility for me, and its a damn shame.
    You’ve got some good info, but you’re missing the mark.
    Just reading some of these comments infuriates me. You are all paranoid, and have a lot more in common than the commonpeople than you may realize.
    I highly doubt any of you have witnessed possession firsthand like I have (you wouldn’t know what hit you, quite frankly) and I can tell you that RB is actually enlightened, not possessed.
    Are any of you “Christians” really qualified to judge someone else, especially a man (notably an imperfect one, yes) that is only trying to spread his accumulated Spiritual knowledge to wake up the masses?
    You all need to chill the hell out. Open your minds.
    Take care.
    PS. Thanks for your articles on Michael LaVaughn Robinson. Always did think he looked rather masculine.
    PSS. No, I am not a “liberal”. So you cant blame them this time.

    • Since when are Christians not to judge?

      And since when are we not entitled to our own opinions? Russell Brand’s “accumulated spiritual knowledge” includes ranting on capitalism (even though he’s a one-percenter), calling conservatives “perverts”, and misogynistic comments about Sarah Palin and Margaret Thatcher (war on women!), oh how enlightened he is!

      I don’t blame you for your opinion. To be infuriated by what someone else says is your own choice, as you don’t have to care about what other people think, and nothing has actually happened to you. Information merely passed from others’ minds to yours. Maybe you should close your mind so as to not be “infuriated” by anything else someone might say here.

    • Not a liberal but definitely a new ager who understands and adheres to “forbidden knowledge” from the dark side.


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