“Keep NYC Trash Free” images of Trump supporters show up on NYC garbage cans

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Edgy! Now do supporters of Islam.

I don’t wear a MAGA cap (mine is NRA) but I do occasionally carry a Chick-fil-A cup…

From Fox News: Images of Trump supporters and Boston sports fans have turned up on garbage can and train station posters in New York City under the slogan “Keep NYC Trash Free.”

The artwork was reportedly done by street artist Winston Tseng and began showing up on trash cans where a public service announcement would normally be.

One shows a man wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat with a Confederate flag tattoo on his arm and a Chick-fil-A cup in his hand.

Another drawing shows a woman with the same red “MAGA” hat holding a Bible. 

Others took aim at Boston sports fans, showing a screaming man in a Tom Brady jersey and a Boston Red Sox hat holding a Sam Adams beer.

The posters were not authorized by New York City officials, initially appearing on trash cans on Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

Some have been removed, but others remain, according to PIX 11. Tseng denied that he was behind the posters in a statement to the station.


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12 responses to ““Keep NYC Trash Free” images of Trump supporters show up on NYC garbage cans

  1. speaking of trash whitey bulger has died.

  2. Such childish behavior and wasted energy. Just more division.

  3. If they were not authorized by NYC officials, why haven’t they removed all of them?

  4. Paint one of those with a Torah or Talmud in her hand and see how long it lasts.

  5. CogitoErgoSumantra

    This “Winston Tseng”, rich boy UC Berkeley grad, now a graphic artist in NYC?

    Turning on the hands that fed you…

    (I liked this “telling” bit at the end of the article:
    “The couple met in 2010 through their officiant, Mr. Gorzkowski, a friend of the groom who had become roommates with the bride after answering an ad she had placed on Craigslist.”)

  6. more of the same from the left. Blame your opponant/enemy of behavior that you yourself have practiced. the media will back you up, never tell your sordid story and the the sheeple will turn when the herd turns.

  7. First, we’re “deplorables”. Now, they call us “trash”.
    Democrats, the Hate America and Hate Americans Party.

  8. How Ironic. Leftist rallies leave tons of garbage and the locale has to pick up the tab for clean-up. Trump rallies frequently leave areas cleaner than they found it.
    If this ‘street art’ makes the lefties feel better about using trash cans, good.
    Trump’s got them encouraging each other to clean up after themselves.
    Ha-Ha-Ha. The joke’s on them.

  9. New York City has always been a Democratic bastion, but for the past few years has been absolutely off the rails—at least in Manhattan and Brooklyn. I don’t see any end in sight to it.

  10. You mean these haven’t appeared on the sides of NYC buses yet?

  11. Obozo & Chairman Mao Hillary would be more fitting


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