Kavanaugh-accuser Christine Blasey Ford’s handwriting

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Graphology is the science of analyzing handwriting for personality traits, which has been around since the days of Aristotle. Today, it’s used for a variety of purposes, from criminal investigations to employers using it to screen potential employees.

Master graphologist Kathi McKnight told Business Insider that “Just from analyzing your handwriting, experts can find over 5,000 personality traits.”

Are you a graphologist or handwriting analyst?

If so, please examine the sample below of Christine Blasey Ford’s handwriting of August 7, 2018, and give us your informed analysis. Thank you.

Source: ScribD

Below is a cropped and enlarged version of her handwriting (I painted the red circles and arrow):

I’m not a professional graphologist. Based on what graphologists say, and my intuitive sense, here are my impressions of Ford’s handwriting:

  • The handwriting strikes me as chaotic, messy and childish, instead of that of a mature, 52-year-old professional woman, who will be 53 years old on November 28.
  • Her t’s with low cross-bars indicate emotional insecurities and a lack of ambition and lofty goals.
  • She often does not dot her i’s, which “denotes distraction, oversight, lack of attention, tendency to get distracted or forget obligations, lack of critical sense, lack of interest, apathy, lack of order, precision and exactitude,” thinking not based in objective conclusions, but wanders and “gives into receptiveness, indolence, negligence, laziness.” (Handwriting & Graphology)
  • How odd it is that the words in her account are upright, which graphologists say indicates a person who is pragmatic and ruled by logic instead of emotion, but her signature is slanted to the right.
  • She uses her maiden name Blasey, instead of her married name Ford.
  • Her signature mis-spells “Christine” as “Christi” and “Blasey” as “Blasy”.
  • The number zero (0) in “2018” is most peculiar: a little zero inside the zero. Graphologists say that inner loops (or circles) inside the letters “o” and “a” signify lying, dishonesty and secrecy.

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57 responses to “Kavanaugh-accuser Christine Blasey Ford’s handwriting

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  2. I’m no graphologist, but I’ve seen better writing from FIFTH graders; I’m serious! This woman is supposed to be a mature 53 year old adult? Really?

  3. While my writing may leave much to be desired and I’m no expert by any stretch, I find it interesting that even before I read the rest of the article my first thought was ‘chaotic’.
    Not to mention “This woman is supposed to be a mature 53 year old adult?” With a PhD?
    Why is it on lined paper? Not printed from her laptop? No letterhead?
    No To: line?
    In the 80s? Which 80?
    You were almost raped and you can’t remember where or when?
    But you can suddenly after 36 years remember who it was?
    I can only pray that you won’t go to hell when the time comes.

  4. She has the handwriting of a serial killer.😎

    What is going on here?

    • Unlike Ford, a person has to stay on task to be a successful serial killer. One of the most beautiful handwritings I was privy to read, was done by Ted Bundy. It was beautifully dangerous writing. Ted carried out his own murders. Ted had very developed criminal intelligence. There’s a difference between intelligent killers vs. stupid ones. When I was in training for HA, many years ago, we had a guest speaker from the FBI, who brought Handwriting samples from notorious killers. He had the writing of Bundy, Manson, Whitman, the Texas Bell Tower Sniper, Gacey, Dahmer, and many others. Manson was very evil, but he wasn’t very intelligent.

      • Not being able to “stay on task,” I wonder how Christine Blasey Ford could have attained a B.A. (Psychology), 2 Master’s degrees (Psychology; Epidemiology), and a Ph.D. (Psychology). I also find it difficult to reconcile her little-girl voice and demeanor with those degrees.

        • I personally hired two lawyers in my career who attended prestigious private girls schools. Both were very intelligent and “high achievers”. Both had serious emotional problems.

          All I’m saying is that attendance at schools is not an inoculation against neurosis. Both of these women’s neuroses was so bad that they eventually had to be let go.

          I have also said before that insane people aren’t necessarily lying. People with mental problems do not have to be either stupid or ignorant. It is sometimes very difficult to tell if someone is “sane” or not.

      • I’m curious…did you ever see the handwriting of the Green River Killer, Gary Ridgway?

    • Ha, ha! “Put all the money in the bag, no ones or fives”. Whoops, wrong note.

  5. As an obvious layman, I agree with your analysis. I’d say, if I didn’t know better, that an eight-year-old had written it. It looks like someone who isn’t comfortable with cursive.

    How does one misspell one’s name? Her published writings are scholarly and mature. No one would write a Senator with something like this. I suppose if they sent a lawyer or someone to ask for this she may have complied, but even in a police station under questioning it wouldn’t pass for a confession.

  6. I have been into Handwriting Analysis and Document Examination for 28 years. I’m also certified. Before anyone says it’s a bunch of bologna, it is not. The FBI and CIA have complete departments dedicated to this physical science. I worked for 3 private practice doctors, who also used HA in determining depression, dementia and suicidal ideations in patients. It was also utilized to analyze addictions. I’ve rendered hundreds of free HA to total strangers, in that, I knew nothing of them personally. Without writing a complete book, I’ve analyzed Christine Ford’s writing. She is a combination of “writer/printer” which some use in the math field. However, those writers/printers have clear, well-formed and easy to read writing, which Ford severely lacks in her writing. She clearly wants no connection to the past, which is evidenced in her “right hand column writing”. She strays from being on task, and has forgetfulness. There’s a lot of “scratching over” strokes, which is what some of us term as “litter box scratching”. There’s obvious signs of addiction, sometimes, it’s drugs, alcohol, sexual or something totally out of control in a person’s life. There is a clear disconnect in what she is thinking vs. what she is writing. Although, I don’t have the original writing, I’d safely venture to say “she has misplaced pressure throughout the writing, which borders on severe mood swings. She is trying to stay in control by writing in an AB slant (controlled writing) but in some areas there is a “severe abnormal left slant” as though she is falling over backwards. The body of her writing which is frozen in the AB slant does not match with her signature, which means she wants to appear one way to the world, but not in reality. She wants to appear friendly and warm to others, but isn’t. She is a middle zone writer, which means she’s only concerned with the here and now and lives for the moment. Overall impression is that her writing is poorly integrated, choppy, not free flowing, scratched over, she has some rebellion in her strokes and is stubborn. She also lacks high self-esteem and for a person who is in education, she certainly has low goals, as witnessed with the very low “t” crossings, poorly formed thinking letters “m’s and n’s”. It’s not just one trait that is measured in HA, it’s collectively analyzed. She is someone though, that probably wants her own way, seen in many threaded strokes in her writing. She is careful not to divulge too much about herself on a personal level. Her writing lacks logic, most of all, and does show addictive behavior that is not beneficial. We analysts have also seen this in those who’ve beaten addiction, but still live with the residual damages, which is recorded in the brain. Handwriting is indeed brain-writing. Leeann Springer

    • THANK YOU, Leeann!

      What do you make of her strange number zero (0) in “2018”? — the small zero inside the bigger zero.

      • Dr. Eowyn: Loops inside ovals or hanging jabbed marks on ovals, indicates lying. If seen throughout the writing, it is pathological lying, also seen in self-absorbed narcissists. When ovals are inside ovals and there’s a lot of threading (imagine a long thread) the person is not truthful. Scratching throughout a writing, if there’s no brain damage, is deception. We call it the litter box scratch and we all know why cats scratch litter. If an oval is looped on both sides (imagine hair parted in the middle with bangs hanging on each side) indicates big liars. Those who forget to dot i’s, cross t’s and have cover strokes in small “m’s and n’s” are secretive and they can play people. Leeann

        • So to summarize, Christine Blasey Ford’s handwriting indicates lying, deception, secrecy; addiction (past or current); presents a false face to the world; low self-esteem, lives in the here-and-now, and lack of ambition — which are odd for someone with a Ph.D. and 2 Master’s degrees.

          All that added to her father, Ralph G. Blasey, working and having worked for financial institutions that are identified to be CIA “black banks”.

          God help us. We are in trouble. 🙁

          • Here’s a little something on the latest accuser. There’s more. They have no scruples whatsoever:


          • Just as a little “idea” vis a vis “ambition” and achievement. Think Sparky Bush. It may have cost Poppy some ill-gotten loot for a new wing or something, but do you actually believe he “earned” an MBA from Harvard?

          • I’ve found a few “high achievers” that lack self-confidence and some of them are medical doctors. Some members within the CIA have been found to have communist leanings, such as John Brennan. They have confidence in what they do, not necessarily in who they are inside their being. This is what makes handwriting so unique, as it’s a type of x-ray into the personality. Leeann

          • So I just watched Joe diGenova say on Laura Ingrahams show that Blasey Ford was essentially shipped off to Ca to get her away from her troubled past on the East coast. More than likely Daddy bought her PHD titles for her too with his connections. It wouln’t be the first time some walked around with phoney credentials.

            • Ala Sparky Bush? For that matter, Poppy Bush was far too busy with extra curricular activities at Yale to have earned a degree (in eighteen months!). But he did. Did I mention that his father, the Senator, attended Yale? He was a legacy student.

            • Well Lana, it’s no exaggeration to say that the CIA owns Stanford. There’s so much out there on this that I won’t even bother linking any of it.

              That would fit, given daddy’s skills with the money laundering and all. That’s very similar to the young Piglet, our Master Hogg. They have a way of turning up in these operations. Of course, these operations are the WHOLE REASON for their existence.

            • As an analyst, I would also like to see Christine Ford’s handwriting from when she was 17 or 18 years old. She “crashes into the right hand margin” on the paper (current handwriting sample) she may have poor impulse control both in her private and personal life. She stays far from the left side margin, which usually means escaping from her past, so it would be interesting to see handwriting from her teenage years. Also, analysts prefer handwriting to be on “unlined paper” which also gives a better picture of the inner personality. In some areas, the strokes tend to fall below the lines which indicates a few things such as depression, trying to stay in control when feeling troubled and instability. Lined paper has a foundation already put in place “the lines”, yet in some areas, the writing falls below the line. The thinking letters “m’s and n’s” are inconsistent, pointing to confused thinking, not just in one area, but throughout the entire body of the writing. Her writing is a text-book definition of “confusion”.

    • Interesting analysis. Thanks!

      • I am interested in the two totally different 8 figures. The one at the top is two circles with a tiny dot loop. The one at the bottom is totally different.

        • Michael: The 2 different number 8’s can also indicate confusion. That being said, both 8’s also have dangling jabs (though small) in the top portions of the ovals, when I used my magnifying glass. When those appear more than once in a writing, it points to possible/probable deception or using doublespeak.

          Example: If the writing of potential employees had dangling jabs in a lot of ovals (top portions) I wouldn’t trust them for the truth. The same with ovals inside ovals, and double-sided ovals, is deception, only we analysts use the word “prevaricate” which sounds nicer than saying someone is a “big liar”.

          This is just an FYI for another form of dishonesty. There is a type of dishonesty trait, called “the felon hook claw”. Small hooks indicate the potential for stealing small things. Big felon hooks indicate stealing big things. Imagine a written “y, j or f” the bottom loop should be either rounded or straight down. A felon hook claw on the bottom loop will come almost straight down, but curve to the left in a hook (claw) formation. Again, it’s not just one trait that has to be evaluated, for an overall impression. Each trait must be analyzed to finish the complete picture, so to speak. Someone may think of robbing a bank or stiffing their employer, but if they have other positive traits and good self-discipline, it can take on a different analysis. However, most “felon hooks” are found in the writing of people who are felons (that’s why it was named as such). We see it quite often in the handwriting of prisoners or those who’ve been in prison. In fact, I cringe when seeing too many felon hooks, because sometimes, thoughts can turn into actions when some are under pressure, in debt, or they just like to steal. Again, no writing can be analyzed on just one trait alone. It is not a quick process to analyze, as it must be done thoroughly with many aspects to consider. I prefer writings which come from inspirational people, with goals, integrity and forthright honesty. I’ve collected at least 75 wonderful writings from such people. I also have a collection (actual names not included) done by prisoners. So, this has been a mini-tutorial for you. Blessings, Leeann

  7. I found it interesting that she chose not to type and sign her letter. What college educated professional would hand write instead of typing a letter when it is considered a business communication or a serious matter? This in itself seems to corroborate Leann’s assessment of her personality.

    As for Feinstein’s declaration that she nor anyone in her office leaked the letter, that only leaves Ford or one of her friends. I have a hard time believing any friend would leak the letter when Ford supposedly wanted to remain anonymous unless it was all agreed upon in the beginning that it would be leaked. Bunch of lying liars.

    • Of course, would YOU write a letter to a Senator on a piece of scrap paper and then not sign it. Better yet, if YOU were a Senator, would you pay any attention to something like that? From the look of it I’d have it tested for Anthrax.

      • Yup, that was my exact thought- If I am the senator my first action to the chicken scratched note is to toss it in the trash seeing that it is written by a mentally ill person.

  8. Her bizarrely illiterate diction and composition skills, as well as using the childlike timeline construction of the compound sentence, strongly suggest there’s something very wrong with her. I’d also say the fake little girl voice expresses her desire to appear virginal and innocent of something that’s torn on her conscience, most likely her own lusty, teenage sexual promiscuity having nothing at all to do with Judge Kavanaugh.

  9. I watched her hearing on TV today. She is not emotionally stable. She is being used by the LEFT as their useful idiot. Ford is a FLAKE!

    • Or……., mind controlled?

      • That’s not so far fetched now is it, given how CIA are known to trauma MK their own kids and those kids that are easily accessible.

        • I don’t usually suggest that, but that doesn’t mean I think its out of the question. I also think it exists.

          It would go a long way toward explaining her apparent life success and her other inabilities to cope. “Alters” are often polar opposites.

  10. My father was a certified graphologist, one of the first few who took Bunker’s course way back when, while he worked for such happy organizations as Burroughs/Litton, GE and Honeywell (spooky, but what did we kids know). Thank you for that blast from the past Ms. Springer! I did take the course too from his original materials, once when I was 12 and again as a young adult, but never pursued certification. I’ve just collected books on HA, both graphology and graphoanalysis my whole life and used the information to great advantage in personal and professional life. So, not a professional HA expert by any means, but also not completely uninitiated.

    I can definitely scout out the major indicators that you all have mentioned already, but what really jumps out at me is that misspelling of her last name, and the lack of the addition of “Ford” on it. I can get the “Ford” omission which could occur for a number of reasons but misspelling your own family name? That’s just creepy – nobody does that, unless they are writing someone else’s name. Is there an E in there somewhere that just isn’t visible? Or did she not write this letter at all? Very curious. At any rate, I’d never hire her for any job that I can think of if she handed in a sheet of writing like this one. I wouldn’t trust her to walk my dog, actually.

    • You are welcome Tulan! I have a passion for HA. I started to train for “Expert” in order to be considered as a specialized witness in forgery cases. My husband developed a few health problems (stroke) so I didn’t have the time to dedicate. However, I’m twice certified for basic and advanced. Handwriting Analysis dates back to the Bible Days, when God wrote the Ten Commandments with His own finger and also the “Handwriting on the wall”, needed a interpreter. Some have a slanted opinion of HA, thinking it is from the occult, but it isn’t. Handwriting is something physical, real and seen, whereas the occult is hidden and unproven. Industrial Psychologists still use it as a method to screen for employment compatibility. It has saved employers a lot of money by screening those with honesty problems. Many Fortune 500 companies and the FBI utilize it also. Leeann : )

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  12. I searched the web and only found this blog on handwriting analysis. It seemed obvious that this should have been explored in detail. My impression from the testimony was that I was surprised at the little girl talk while she read her statement. That changed when she was questioned. The biggest impression was that she did not seem to be deceptive at all in answering the questions. HA analysis was very interesting. I come away with the thought that she was assaulted at some time in her past but of course the searing question is when, where, and by whom?

  13. I immediately thought of her handwriting and demeanor while watching her testimony. I also noticed a nervous laugh when speaking about the two doors at her home. She mentioned Google employees coming over and using the doors. I can’t find anything on the internet about that. Thanks for posting the HA
    I prefer to type letters of importance.

  14. I have decades of experience working with sex offenders, young child victims and adult women who were sexually victimized at some point in their lives. “Dr. Ford” was profoundly deceptive, in my opinion. The voice, the coy little sweet smiling child ploy, the provision of contradictory information, the helpless and perplexed persona, the chronically raised eyebrows, the pretend crying with no tears, and the constant references to the anxiety and stress of it all…..like a car salesman trying to convince a buyer……….it all reeked of deception and manipulation. She could fool many, but not people who know the game.

  15. I was a counseling psychologist in the early 1970s working in a mental health center for adolescents and children. One thing I learned about young teenage girls is how adept they were at deceiving adults and manipulating emotions. What I saw in Ford’s testimony reminded me of a disturbed teenage girl who was a client of mine. She made up a story about her father sexually abusing her that she successfully convinced her teachers, guidance counselors and fellow students that it had happened.

    The thing that struck me was her lack of specificity in what her father had actually done to her as well as when and where it happened. Her story also changed from one day to the next as she continually added embellishments. Basically, I heard the same thing coming from Ford’s recounting of the events in question. There were inconsistencies in how many people were with her at the party and also in the room, the fact that she initially said Kavanaugh had groped her and tried to remove her clothes to saying that she feared being raped and then “accidentally killed” by having his hand on her mouth. How would that happen?

    For one thing, she never said that she couldn’t breathe or that her mouth and nose were covered, so how, exactly, would she die? To me, this is an embellishment of her story to make it sound more serious than sexual assault. Unfortunately for Ford, it also makes it less believable.

    During my therapy sessions with my teenage client, I recorded what she said about her father and played them back to her in subsequent sessions while pointing out the inconsistencies in her story.

    At first, she tried to explain them away but got so tangled up in her excuses that she finally decided to recant her accusations. This was a breakthrough because I got her to confront the feelings of resentment that she felt towards her father for cheating on her mother when she was 12 years old. The story she made up was her way of getting back at him.

    Similarly, I suspect that Ford may have been sexually abused at an earlier age by someone other than Kavanaugh whom she’s never been able to confront directly. She also could have been threatened not to tell anyone and that’s why she has kept it to herself for so many years before the memory resurfaced and prompted her to seek psychotherapy.

    Two common defense mechanism exhibited by abused females are dissociation and projection. A person who dissociates often loses track of time or themselves and their usual thought processes and memories. In Ford’s case, I can’t help but feel that her memories were manipulated into believing that Kavanaugh was the guilty party. The one responsible for orchestrating it was most likely her anti-Trump, left-wing lawyer, Deborah Katz whom Feinstein recommended to Ford.

    Ford claimed that building the 2nd front door to her home is what triggered her memory of the sexual assault:

    “And the front door was added before 2011. I had never told the details to anyone, the specific details, until May 2012, during a couples counseling session. The reason this came up in counseling is that my husband and I had completed a very extensive, very long remodel of our home, and I insisted on a second front door, an idea that he and others disagreed with and could not understand. In explaining why I wanted a second front door, I began to describe the assault in detail.”

    This makes no sense at all. How would adding a 2nd front door trigger her unrelated memory of an assault? But wait. That wasn’t the first time her home was remodeled. A building permit from the city of Palo Alto shows that Ford had a backdoor installed to her master bedroom supporting a friend’s public assertion that she feels trapped without an exit route.

    Trapped by what, exactly?

    Ford’s friend Jim Gensheimer, of Saratoga, told the Wall Street Journal last week that Ford needed more than one exit door in her bedroom to feel safe.

    So, there was more than one exit door installed in her bedroom? Geez, how big was her bedroom and why would she need two of them? My guess is that they converted a bedroom into a home office that needed to have its own entrance and exit doors.

    Then again, Ford may happen to be pathologically paranoid but otherwise appear perfectly normal to the outside world. None of this makes any sense.

    What does makes sense is that someone who knew of an actual incident of sexual assault wanted Ford to believe that Kavanaugh was the perpetrator and insinuated his name into her memories.

    If her memory of him was vague to begin with or it was too painful to recall his face, she could have been shown photos of Kavanaugh and then told that he had assaulted her and other girls like her. Showing his face would have brought perceptual closure to her dissociated memories. Ford may also have relived this experience if she encountered a man who reminded her of the real abuser and she projected those traits and her feelings of rage onto him, either by herself or with encouragement from other people.

    There are several ways of getting Ford to do this short of implanting them in her subconscious while she was hypnotized. One way is called Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). It’s a method of restructuring subconscious thoughts and subjective experiences to help people cope with reality: it has been used in treating phobias, traumas, and emotional disorders.

    A less sophisticated way is repeating something over and over again until a person believes it to be true. Everyone is familiar with the maxim, “Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth.” Put into practice, it does work. When Ford told her therapist about being assaulted as a teenager, she never mentioned Kavanaugh’s name. However, it would have been easy to make her believe that she had unknowingly mentioned it during therapy and then by frequently repeating that, she would come to accept it as fact.

    Another common technique is what the media does every day. They present a piece of information – let’s say a new accusation against Kavanaugh – with all sorts of qualifiers (a question mark, the words “unconfirmed,” or “anonymous” or an attribution to an unknown source) and then our brains only remember the accusation but forget the qualifiers. It doesn’t matter if the accusation is false because there are too many liberals who don’t bother to fact-check headlines before parroting them on social media, especially when they are about Conservatives, Republicans or Trump supporters .

    The whole point of publishing questionable accusations is to force the accused to deny them. They know that the denial works just as well as the accusations themselves. In fact, Kavanaugh has been attacked for his vehement denials of all the accusations lodged against him. Apparently, when you’re called a monster by the Left, you’re not supposed to get angry about it. Does the expression, “Damned if you do and damned if you don’t” apply here? Damn straight it does.

    Of course, there is also the “unthinkable” – that Dr. Christine Ford is an accomplished liar and militant feminist who wants to derail Kavanaugh’s nomination at all costs for all the reasons that other liberals have:

    Fear of Roe v. Wade being overturned.

    Either way, Ford is a major player in the plot to defame Kavanaugh – whether she is a willing participant or an unwilling pawn. It doesn’t matter to people who believe that the end justifies the means.

    • Thank you, DrRJP. Your thoughts and observations as an experienced counseling psychologist are most compelling.

    • Excellent analysis. I found out why her second door was installed, by the way. She bought the house in 2007 and in 2008 installed another door so she could rent it out to Google interns. She doesn’t live there, it’s an income property. I think she’s living at her other house in Santa Cruz, where she hangs out with her “beach friends.” She did say she had to flee her other residence.

  16. My wife is an optician and said she would be very surprised to see pictures of Dr. Ford wearing those glasses outside of the current publicity. Grossly large for her face, she said they probably procured them for the purpose of making her look smaller and more vulnerable – along with the voice affectation.
    Think Lily Tomlin as Edith Ann.

    • Assuming the glasses are bogus, wearing them also serves the purpose of reinforcing her image as an intellectual with a Ph.D.

      Wish those who know her — students, colleagues — would let us know whether she actually wears glasses and what her voice is really like.

      • leeann Springer

        Dr. Eowyn: Have you ever noticed how many people in the news media wear black rimmed glasses? With all the attractive styles of glasses, including contacts, why do they choose almost the same “black rimmed frames”? I bet some of them don’t have vision issues. It is supposed to make them look intelligent, believable, or a type of news authority. Leeann

  17. As someone who considered becoming a research psychologist, I can tell you why she uses her maiden name to publish articles. It’s very calculating and pragmatic of her. The reason is that academia chews up and spits out marriages. Those who value their research more than they value their spouse will use their maiden names to publish. This eliminates the problem of having research under two different names if you divorce (and 70% of academics do, at least once).

  18. Kerry E. Sullivan

    The following is my analysis of Christine Blasey Ford’s handwritten letter.
    (Consulted by the FBI, the U.S. Department of Justice, Scotland Yard, the U.S. Department of Defense, and Fortune 500 companies)

    1. Unstable slant– Unstable person. Unpredicatable, nervous, erratic, undisciplined, excitable, fickle, capricious, lacking in good judgement and common sense. Pulled in all directions.
    2. Uneven spacing– Sometimes uneven spacing is a result of the writer’s struggling with what she is writing. When you know exactly what you are going to write, your writing is even and flowing. It’s only when you stop to think what to say next– which adjective to use, how to spell a word– that your writing starts faltering and loses rhythm. If a handwriting is continuously lacking in good rythm, with some words close together and others far apart, it is a sign of inferior intelligence or of the intelligence not functioning well at the time. Uneven spacing is symptomatic of uneven thinking.
    3.Baseline– partial ascension– A partial ascension is where a word or phrase suddenly rises off the line. This indicates an elevated or hysterical feeling about the word or phrase that goes up.
    4. Margins– Uneven Left Margin– The left margin represents “the line of society.” That small percentage who do not have a straight left margin are those people who cannot conform to society’s standards. They do not “toe the line” of society; they do not adapt or fit into a framework or structure. An uneven left margin means waywardness, hostility, one who gets “out of line.” These are also people who, quite expectedly, would not do well in a strict nine to five job; they cannot discipline themselves to “stay in line.”
    5. Omitted Letters or Pieces of Letters– A handwriting that is permeated with missing pieces of letters, missing letters, and missing words indicates someone who is devious by way of omission. This is being dishonest by not telling the whole truth.
    6. Low Crossing on the T Bar– Weak t bars, (low on the stem) are generally associated with weak work drive or laziness. What if there are too many different t-bar shapes, sizes, angles, and/or directions in the same writing? If, when you try to take an average of t bars, there are too many shapes and no average to be taken, it signifies a person who is totally undirected with no regard to work drive. It’s a warning sign of the potential for dangerous, antisocial behaviour. p.243
    7. Double looped Ovals– — Stabs in ovals often show that someone is lying. p. 245

    • Thank you, Kerry.
      Your analysis is consistent with that of Leeann Springer’s, which all point to Blasey Ford being dishonest, deceptive, anti-social, and curious lack of ambition or work drive for someone with a Ph.D. and two M.A.s.

  19. You are welcome, Dr.Eowyn. I consider it to be a topic of the utmost concern. Until I did the analysis, I was conflicted about Ford; confused by her body language. Once I completed the study of her writing, it became crystal clear that she is imbalanced, untrustworthy, and antisocial. Kavanaugh should not be refused a seat on the Court simply by this over- bloated media circus. P.S.
    I should have included the fact that all parts of this analysis are quoted from Andrea McNichol’s book. None of the writing is my own, only the analysis.

  20. Bobs your uncle

    Great comments/analysis, after reading them I realized we don’t know thats her handwriting even tho she said under oath it was. The profile you describe doesn’t fit her all that well, it does fit her fbi girlfriend perfectly and would account for misspelled name, etc.


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