Karl Marx

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Burning in hell now 135 years

(unless he repented in the last moments)

A pastor and great teacher of mine used to say we should expect to be surprised when we get to heaven. We will likely see people there who we were sure would be in hell, and notice that others we thought would be in heaven are distinctly absent.

Having said that, however, if Marx did not repent at the last and receive forgiveness, then he will surely have spent the last 135 years since his death in 1883 in the torments of hell. There are few whose writings have caused more harm, more murder than the writings of Karl Marx.

So when I see Marx’s followers rise up in our nation, like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders and Tom Perez, I am greatly troubled for the future of our republic. I believe the very same devils that powered Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin are now in possession of these people, and intending to bring about the same kinds of blood baths we saw in the 20th century.


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18 responses to “Karl Marx

  1. And Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes 2019’s resolution will be a crusade to communist Cuba and Venezuela. BTW, has she registered as a member of the communist party in the US?

    • “It is far from clear whether ‘good intentions plus stupidity’ or ‘evil intentions plus intelligence’ have wrought more harm in the world. . . [and] incompetence that would otherwise have remained harmless often becomes dangerous…Failure does not strike like a bolt from the blue; it develops gradually according to its own logic. As we watch individuals attempt to solve problems, we will see that complicated situations seem to elicit habits of thought that set failure in motion from the beginning…,” from The Logic of Failure by Dietrich Doerner.

      Beyond Alexandria’s apparent good intentions being certain to wreak economic havoc, I also see a dangerous mean streak in this young woman, compounding her abysmal ignorance and incompetence, where “Social justice” is Marxist doublespeak for old-fashioned vengeance. Back in the mid-1930’s FDR was already plotting to take us to war to bail out the abysmal failures of the New Deal, and with the war petering out by the time we finally got involved, his and the deep state’s demonic psychopathy operating behind the banners of freedom and social justice caused the deaths of millions. The left can never accept blame since they tell themselves they had “the best of intentions.”

      Maybe we should hope she and Sanders win the next presidential election so things get so bad so fast that it’s not irreversible as it is now with the Republicans running cover for them from the phony right.

  2. Two books should be written, “Marxism for Dummies” and “Marxism Is for Dummies.”

  3. I have heard more than once, “Why are those people who are so rich promoting socialism?” (David Rockefeller comes to mind as an example of an immensely wealthy and powerful man in his day, today, not so much.) Because a Marxist world is a dictatorship of the wealthy, not the proletariat. DR defined the class he wanted to control the NWO as intellectuals and bankers. So, all who want to be progressives, get branded, receive your shots, enjoy your feed, and head for the stockyards.

  4. I absolutely agree, and we in the West tend to underestimate the carnage: Many have said “100 million” or maybe “200 million.” The real death toll may well be over 400 MILLION, if we can correctly estimate the Mao death toll. Years ago, I heard that the real Mao death toll may be as high as 240 million! This was shortly after China admitted it had uncovered some previously hidden or undiscovered records.

    Marx was an avowed and self-admitted Satanist who never performed one day’s worth of manual labor in his entire life. He did write for some newspapers, among them New York’s old World Herald. I also read about eight years back that Marx carried on a personal correspondence with Abraham Lincoln, who was a Germanophile. (Lincoln held part ownership in a German language newspaper, which were common in his time, and he read, wrote and spoke German fluently).

    It seems to me that British eugenics provided the intellectual support for the Marxist influx into academia. As I have observed before, it seems fact to me that in accepting Marx, the West traded Moral Man for Sociological Man, a man reduced to his mere functions. It has taken many years for people to wake up to the horror of Karl Marx. I have read him. and I find his tone to be quite vicious: It is like getting hit over the head with a bat.

    But in the end, if we take abortion and contraception into the death toll, the death toll from the West may actually be higher: Count world-wide abortion at about 50 million a year, but also count deaths of conceived ova by the Pill by as much as ONE BILLION per year, perhaps. At any rate, the tone has been set: Much of the world views “salvation” in material terms alone, and that includes many believers.

    Karl Marx really was one of the most wicked men who ever lived. And that goes ditto for his mentor and originator of some of his ideas, Moses Hess. At least one of his children committed suicide rather than starve to death due to his refusal to get a job.

  5. “I believe the very same devils that powered Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin are now in possession of these people”

    Me, too. Some time ago, I came to the reluctant but reasoned conclusion that the Left are not just laboring under a mental disorder, they are possessed. I honestly can’t think of any other better explanation.

    • I had the distinct impression a while ago while watching Tom Perez spilling out his hatred toward Christians and conservatives that I was seeing one of the principalities that drove Lenin or Trotsky. The same thing happened when watching Sanders and later Cortez in action. This is the hundredth anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution, and I think there is a great desire to visit the same horrors on the earth, this time through America.

    • Former U.S. Pres. Clinton made a speech on his wife’s behalf. He stated she consults with Eleanor Roosevelt. This is doubtful, as she has been dead for quite some time. Consulting with the dead is Biblically forbidden.

  6. Yota Crackerbaby

    Disarm us they must….

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  7. Ephesians 2:2, the prince of the power of the air works in the children of disobedience.

  8. Read Richard Wurmbrand’s book Marx and Satan. There’s some reason to believe Marx was an active satanist.

  9. Evil is manifesting at an exponential pace. There is at least 50% of the population in this country that does not know truth. They are happy living a delusion. Welcome to the kingdom of Lucifer. Pray for purification of Christians to be ready for what is definitely coming.

  10. Antony Sutton – Wall Street Financed Communism & Nazism (Hegelian Dialectics)

  11. “Good intentions” coupled with ignorance (of history, human sociology & psychology, etc) , if sold successfully to the masses, always and historically ends up in a long-suffering of all but the new “Tsars” and a disappeared “middle class” that USED to supply wealth to all. The end product: collapse, ie….the Berlin Wall, the old governmental USSR and it’s “BLOC” country-“holdings,” and myriad and untold number of similar upon the face of the Earth. Bernie Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez (the old and tottering, and the very young……) are NOT the “saviors” of the Western World and/or the centuries-old beacon of light to those who flee the lands of their birth in order to join us. They, in fact, are the BLACK HOLES of our future if given any credence or space in our community.

  12. I can’t understand why anyone would follow Marx. Isn’t he an “old, dead, white guy”?


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