Kamala Harris: The Democratic message is "telling the American public we see them"

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kamala harris

Kamala Harris: Womyn unshackled…

So inspirational!
From Yahoo: Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., said that Democrats have a message “much bigger” than opposing President Trump and that the party is focused on telling Americans “we see them.”
“The issues are not simple, so the message is not going not be simple,” Harris told Yahoo News in a small gaggle of reporters after she gave a speech at the “Women Unshackled” criminal justice conference Tuesday morning.
Harris said Democrats should not have a “monosyllabic” simple slogan, but instead focus on issues that matter to Americans, like jobs, the economy, health care, climate change and criminal justice reform.
“It’s going to be multitiered, but essentially it’s about telling the American public we see them,” Harris said of the Democrats’ message. “All Americans want to know that they are healthy, that their children and their parents are going to have access to health care and dignity. All Americans want to know they can get a job and keep a job. All Americans want to be able to retire with dignity.”
“These are truths, and when we see people for who they really are, and instead of some demographic based on what a pollster looks at, I think we’ll all be better for it,” she added.
Democrats have struggled to articulate a unified message since Trump won. And the issue of the party’s branding sparked up again after a top House Democrat, Joe Crowley, D-N.Y., recently told the Associated Press that the message is “being worked on.”
Harris is a buzzed-about potential candidate for president in 2020 and has already raised significant amounts of money for her Senate colleagues running in 2018. Harris has said she’s not giving “any consideration” to running for president, but Democratic donors are increasingly speculating about her as a top contender.
Harris’ criminal justice speech Tuesday to a bipartisan group of lawmakers and activists was greeted with enthusiastic applause, and the senator was nearly mobbed afterward with fans wanting to take selfies with her. Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin, a Republican, and Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., are also speaking at the event, organized by the U.S. Justice Action Network.
In her speech, Harris criticized Attorney General Jeff Sessions for steering the country back toward another war on drugs, which she called an “abject failure” and “crazy.”
“We made a mistake when decades ago we decided to criminalize what is a public health matter,” Harris said, advocating for drug treatment instead of jail time for nonviolent offenders.
She also spoke of her recent visit to a women’s prison in Chowchilla, Calif., where she talked to incarcerated women who were making American flags. “I walked away thinking, ‘Isn’t it part of who we are as Americans that we believe in second chances?’” she said.
Harris, a former prosecutor elected just last November, has made criminal justice reform one of her top issues in her short time in the Senate. She has co-sponsored legislation with other Democratic lawmakers to ban the practice of shackling pregnant inmates, and she announced during her speech that she would also be introducing legislation to reform the bail process so that decisions about whether to release prisoners ahead of their trials is based more upon the security risk of doing so and not upon how much money the prisoner has.
The senator told reporters she’s “optimistic” that legislation could pass, even in a divided Washington. “I think this is something that should not be thought of as even bipartisan — this should be a nonpartisan issue,” Harris said.

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0 responses to “Kamala Harris: The Democratic message is "telling the American public we see them"

  1. Is Kamala a twofer? By twofer, I mean “African-American,” and a “woman.” Perhaps the Dems think that is a winning combo for the 2020 Presidential election. What she says the Dems are for seems rather reasonable, but that’s not what their platform was this last time around. I’m not sure what their platform was this last time around . . . . . except to put a criminally insane woman into the white house. I doubt that I will be buying whatever they are selling in 2020.

  2. Another lesbian, I assume? She looks like one…and talks like one…and acts like one. 😼

  3. I know that name from the past-trying to remember what it was related to-Seems like she initiated the Bill that mandated helmet use for motorcyclists recently in California….

  4. If the message is telling the American public that they see us, too late, we didn’t want to see them, we didn’t want to hear them, and simply we don’t care.

  5. Ha, so now they are the racists wanting to segregate the whites where the black students allow them to go, what the hell are they thinking? blacks and whites go to the same schools, colleges and universities and nobody opposes because they have the same rights. “Let go off that crutch that pins you down, make something of yourself, but you have to earn it with hard work, no handouts and prove that you are worth your effort.”

    • I keep preaching that we must stop asking permission. For those encountering racism, they should be polite, go where they plan to go, and if they try to stop them, go over them. Where are the cops in a public institution? That’s a good use for trained dogs. They’ll get out of the way.

  6. This is one very dangerous and nasty and corrupt woman. Ulsterman exposed her several years back as being the one, along with her brother in law, as the people that laundered 300 million into the country through Ca. For Obama. BO told her shortly after, he wanted her in DC. She turned him down at the time saying she had things to do in Ca.
    Many people have exposed the fact she slept her way to the top among sleeping with Willie B. Among others.
    The far left think she is a dream since she has a nasty and rude mouth like Warren.
    She gets into OUR White House, expect Obama on steroids, with him and Jarrett in the shadows.
    I hope the people wake up and see her for what she is.

  7. jumping jehosophat

    Kamala Harris is on the receiving line of Soros support: “She has the deep pocket donors lined up: “Harris also has ties to billionaire Democratic Party donor George Soros, who was one of the two owners of OneWest Bank at the time. Coincidentally, before Harris passed on the opportunity to file action against OneWest Bank, Soros was pouring money into California criminal policy initiatives that Harris was pushing.”https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/clinton-donors-have-picked-their-2020-democratic-presidential-nominee/ar-BBEBhcw?li=BBmkt5R&ocid=spartanntp “

    • Well, Soros is Rothschild’s agent. Money isn’t a problem. He runs the biggest whorehouse in the world. Some are high-priced, some low, but they’re all whores.

    • Once again (over and over) I am ashamed of having to say that I live in CA. What “jumping” has laid out is pretty easy to find out about in CA….and yet…Harris was still elected. There are 3 or 4 little enclaves in So CA that are resistant to the Soros buy-out of our countrymen, and, thankfully, we live in one of them—but, that does NOT mean that we can speak freely without paying a “price” in general vandalism, public berating, vandalism of our cars or homes or other property, etc….which, could be coming from our neighbors…or…equally possible….from outside “imported” groups who are paid to do so.


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