Kagan Hides College Thesis On Socialism

Told you Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan is an Obama mini-me. Not only are they fellow ideological road-travellers (down the road to socialism ruin), both left a thin paper trail. Now Obama and Kagan have another thing in common:
Obama had Columbia University suppress his senior thesis (reportedly on nuclear disarmament). Now, Red State reports that Kagan just had her alma mater, Princeton University, pull her thesis on New York socialism from the web. 
Yup! This sure is the most transparent administration ever!
H/t beloved Fellowship member May!

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10 years ago

Oh, “transparency” is only for those “racists” who believe in private property, personal responsibility and delay of gratification– for the sake of fairness they have to be detected and stopped in their evil schemes to take over everything for themselves so the wealth can be kept “spread around” like left/liberals feel good about themselves (and powerful) doing.