Kaepernick participates in "Unthanksgiving Day" on Alcatraz

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Colin Kaepernick
Guess he needs something to do. It’s not like he’s going to be a QB on any team soon, especially with stunts like this.
From Fox News: Colin Kaepernick, the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback, took part Thursday in the annual Unthanksgiving Day on Alcatraz Island.
The San Francisco Chronicle reported that Kaepernick made a surprise appearance at the event, which commemorates the 19-month occupation of the prison by Native American activists from 1969-1971.
“Our fight is the same fight,” Kaepernick told the crowd, in a message he posted on Twitter. “We’re all fighting for our justice, for our freedom. And realizing that we are all in this fight together makes us all the more powerful.”
The 89 activists who occupied the prison almost five decades ago demanded that it be turned into an American Indian cultural center and school.
During the commemorative event, called the Indigenous People’s Sunrise Gathering, the crowd gathers on the island to watch the sunrise on San Francisco Bay.
“It’s about reflecting, remembering and celebrating that we are still here and our culture still survives,” Michael Horse, a Native American actor, told Newsweek.
Kaepernick, who was recently named GQ’s ‘Citizen of the Year,’ began kneeling instead of standing during the national anthem last season to protest racial inequality and police brutality. The demonstration sparked a wave of NFL protests by players during the anthem that repeatedly have been denounced by President Trump. Kaepernick parted ways with the 49ers in March and hasn’t been signed by another team.

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0 responses to “Kaepernick participates in "Unthanksgiving Day" on Alcatraz

  1. He is fighting for the law to turn a blind eye to criminals of color.

  2. Colon Krapernick is a profoundly morally retarded man.
    Believe me, I’ve driven thousands of blue-pilled people over the years, and some of them want to take the red pill, but Krapernick (I refuse to refer to him by his real name!) is one of those IGNORAMUSES who WANTS to stay ignorant.
    I get this much: All Right, he’s a slow learner. No moral problem, per se, there. But if that’s where he’s at, he has NO BUSINESS being famous.
    I also understand that he’s bi-racial. (No moral problem, necessarily—and that’s NOT racism). But he has a certain unhealthy self-consciousness. If that’s where he’s at, he ought to lay low. I get it, but many other people don’t.
    “Better to keep one’s mouth closed and to be thought a fool, than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt,” is what one of FDR’s professor said to him in class.
    He may be the NFL’s Krapernick—he’s not mine. Swallow the RED PILL, Krapp. Or call Samuel Beckett and make your LAST TAPE.

    • Nicely said. My version is a bit simpler. He’s an idiot. Nobody would even listen to him if he weren’t an overpaid fetcher. That says more about society than it does about him.
      I wouldn’t walk across the street to pee on this guy if he were on fire. But, apparently, he can command a few newswhores to accompany him to an island in San Francisco Bay.
      He’s hyping a “cause” for which theres no need and he isn’t even “black”. He must be channeling Mr. Dreadlocks now. They let the air out of his afro.

      • After reading the “dog story” on the other thread it occurs to me that this POS needs to be staked outside like the poor dog in that piece and let the other pervert have his way with him. After all, he has hair like a Lasso Apso.

    • “Better to keep one’s mouth closed and to be thought a fool, than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt,”
      I thought it was Samuel Clemens who said that.

  3. JCScuba, this half negro half white, (what is he?) a captive of his own unknown strain has nothing to be thankful for because HO DOES NOT BELONG, so he goes on a pilgrimage to the place where he belongs ALCATRAZ, how befitting, maybe there IN SOLITUDE he can find where in the hell he has come from.

  4. Amazes me that some people actually look for deliverance and salvation from an entity as flawed as government. Government writes out its holy word in laws, provides endless programs sacred to blessing them, is the alpha and omega and is a deity who must conform to it’s worshippers. Once that is done their heaven will be on earth and they believe they will achieve true peace. They have no empathy for their fellow man, they are devoid of genuine love and compassion, perhaps not even able to comprehend those things. Their sheer ignorance lies in the lack of the knowledge that first man must submit to God, disavow even himself, seek out the Almights will and accept the sacrifice of Christ as his only means of salvation. Then, and only then, will they begin to see any true change. Mot with the world, it is already condemned, but in themselves.

  5. That pussy from the Arab radio personality must be good for him to do all these things…

  6. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:
    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.
    I knew it all of the time that he was being tested by the muslims to see if he could pass the asshole test. In fact, he passed with flying colors – it’s called yellow.
    Well, Kaepernick finally spilled the beans – he did convert to Islam. Well, well, bally ho for him – does anyone even care – I know I don’t.
    And his oppression gig doesn’t turn anyone on either since he lives in a mansion. Now that he admits he is a muslim – what is his next step. He spent one day with the activists on Alcatraz – was he checking the place out in case he ends up prison?
    It is just another one of those stories about a spoiled brat who doesn’t appreciate where he came from and isn’t happy in the place he now is because he hasn’t found himself and doesn’t know how to conduct himself because he was suppose to be in the failure class.
    Now that he is a full- fledged asshole – what’s next?

    • Well, he could have just stopped at the “conversion”. Anybody idiotic enough to do that shouldn’t be listened to. Sort of ironic, isn’t it. It’s all about “submission”. So he should go submit.

  7. I believe that Colon (cancer) Kaepernick needs the full muslim experience to appreciate what Real Oppression actually is and how Blessed he is to Live in America As A Totally Free Man.
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