K-9 puppies report for duty!

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The newest members of Taiwan’s police force are gearing up and getting ready to serve!

The six puppies — Lucky Star, Schumann, Feida, Brother, AJ, and Full Moon — will be trained to join the Taiwan’s National Police Agency’s K-9 Anti Bomb and Drug unit based in Taipei.

The puppies’ mom, Yellow, is one of the 22 dogs already in the K-9 unit.

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4 responses to “K-9 puppies report for duty!

  1. so darling…I just love these brilliant animals.

  2. I want one! Sooooooo cute…

  3. So adorable!

  4. LOVE this! Warning…..this has triggered my memories and outpouring of love for my present and past fur children & I’m going to wax-on about it, so if you are not “into” schmarmmy pet stories, you can skip:

    We presently have big, fluffy love-ball Blonde Lab that we rescued. I’d give anything to have seen her as a puppy, like in these warm and loving photos posted here (unsolicited, my Vet says the same thing! Our “Maggie May” is such a memorable dog–a “survivor” of many things ). My husband and I often talk about “when we get to Heaven….we’d like to see all the older dogs that we’ve adopted ….but in their “puppyhood.”…….She was abandoned at my school after having delivered, by C-section, a litter. I guess “they” didn’t want to spend any more money on her to get her litters to sell. She had been used as a “breeder.” I followed her picture in the paper from the local shelter to make sure no legitimate owner showed up to claim her….and they didn’t. But sadly…no one ELSE did, either. She was on her LAST DAY…..she would have been euthanized—she was then about aged 4….& showed physical evidence of the breeding use…..BUT…it was My gain in bringing her home with us…. but I’m still sort of in mourning that no one stepped up for this fabulous dog. How could we be the ONLY ones? At our shelter….no adoptable Lab lasts more than an HOUR before being adopted/fought over by multiple people who sign up to take them home. Why not this one? This always puzzles/saddens me.

    This was almost a repeat of our rescue of our most memorable, smartest dog ever, Black Jack….a rescued Black Lab/GSP Mix. Looks like the little Black Labs in this post. Oh Boy…if you can get this mix, DO IT! They are so smart and known to be so in areas of the SE USA where they are intentionally bred for pets/hunting dogs/guard dogs/etc….He was on “death row ” in a 4-day “kill shelter” in the LA area for 3 or 4 months. The employees loved him so much that they kept moving his kennel space around to save him from euthanasia….finally, his “day” was nigh….and my son saw his picture and warning online and went to pick him up and drove him inland to us. I already had a dog…and didn’t need another….but this “bossy” know-it-all-eager to please dog was too hard to resist. One day, I taught him 8 “tricks” or commands inside of one hour!!!! He was also the best “kisser” of all the dogs we’ve ever had. When it was bedtime, he’d run around the house and pick up every toy…including the cat’s toys…and put them into a box or basket. I never trained him to do this. He just did it when it was “bedtime.” He kept our hours for us….time to get the paper….time to eat dinner….time to go to the pool….when we put him on a diet, he “stole” things to trade for food: the mail, hangers, wash clothes…T-shirts thrown over the kitchen chair, ANYTHING…..

    We’ve never really recovered from no longer having him in our household. We had to euthanize him a few years ago for liver cancer. He was nearing age 14 by our best reckoning, so we had a grand and pretty long life with him, having brought him into our household when he was probably just under a year old……We didn’t know how much he set the pace and “scheduling” of our daily lives until he was gone. We are still not recovered from it, which to me means…we never really “took back” our own daily “at home” lives once he was gone. We still flouder along….and no other pet has filled that special “spot” in ordering our lives. We love our present pets to distraction, but, no one had the mentality of Black Jack, nor the ability to “take over” our schedules/daily lives (without us knowing it at the time…..) as “the BOSS.” We surrendered this to him without even realizing it until he was gone.


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