#JustDoIt: Twitter mocks Kaepernick and Nike

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9 responses to “#JustDoIt: Twitter mocks Kaepernick and Nike

  1. LOL!!! Too funny!!!

  2. Love the #JustDoIt memes! — especially the one of know-nothing socialist Ocasio-Cortez.

  3. That last one was just too much!

  4. Hahahaha………Billy goat’s beadie eyes tell all, and Monica’s smile from ear to ear is like saying, I “just did it”, seems like they are singing “I can get noooo sa tis faction” (pothead Mik Yagger). Pics are funny, to get the week started on a good laugh.

  5. LOL – Those are great. 🙂

  6. LOVE IT! Politics and most entertainment should probably be considered a “contact sport,” esp. these days 🙂 Most take these people, and themselves, far too seriously. Thanks for reminding us of the sublimely ridiculousness of these public figures.


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