Just Who Is the President Here?

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Yesterday, December 10, there was a WTF moment at a White House press conference.
Former President Bill Clinton gave a statement to press after his meeting with Obama about his tax compromise with the Republicans, after which Clinton took questions from the press with Obama at his side.
After a few moments, Obama abruptly leaves with the lame excuse he had to see Michelle, as he was keeping her “waiting.”

“I don’t want to make her mad, please go,” Clinton told Obama.

So, did Peewee Obama have to go make the weewee?

All of which begs the question: Who is the President?
Answer: He’s b-a-a-ck!!!

Design by the brilliant political artist Bob Keyser


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0 responses to “Just Who Is the President Here?

  1. Stunning. Surreal. Unfathomable.
    If you missed my photoshops on it, they’re in the NYFD thread.

  2. We all knew O was an empty suit…

  3. Okay, Bill’s nice, but I’d rather have W.

  4. A former President stepping in during a press conference and holding court? This was very bizarre. I think the “wheels” are not coming off the Obama Presidency – they are off now.

  5. I don’t trust either one of these guys,this was a shocking moment,was this payback for the “coffee” remark? LOL

  6. Obama’s ineptitude, incompetence, have now reached the depths of the most feeble president ever.. I’m suprised he didn’t start crying and ask for his mommy or the ever popular this is racism you must do as i want or you’re a racist…

  7. Just fer fun, here is my blog post about Obama skeedadling:


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