Just Who Is Barry Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro? (Update II)

(Update II): Page is back up.
Via marshallfrank.com:
I’ve made it no secret. I believe Barack Obama is a colossal fraud and that his true mission leading up to, and during his reign as president, is far more sinister than most people are willing to believe.
Arguing about the legitimacy of Barack Obama always gets mired in minutia — single issues – because people don’t stand back and look at the big picture. We argue Reverend Wright, or Bill Ayres, or socialism or the suspicious birth certificate, and so on. The left accuses the right of dirty politics. The right accuses the left of protecting a non-patriot.
To understand the real person behind that endearing facade is to know every segment of his life and look at him in a mosaic. Mosaic art is made of many tiles fitted together. Each tile has shapes and colors but no form. It’s those formless tiles that we waste time arguing about because none of them show the big picture. But in order to know the truth we must see all the tiles in place, for then they are no longer just shapes and colors, they show the entire mural of who and what Barack Obama really is.
So let’s start with one tile after another and put them together like a jigsaw puzzle.
1) Obama’s mother had an affair with and married an African-Kenyan, a Muslim.
2) There is also plethora of literature to suggest that Obama’s father was a committed communist at the time he and Obama’s mother were involved in their relationship.
3) Obama’s mother divorced his father, and then remarried to another man who was also a Muslim and citizen of Indonesia.
4) Barack Obama lived mostly in environments dominated by Islam until he was ten years old.
5) Obama’s religion was listed in his Indonesian school as “Islam.” With an Islamic father and stepfather, and registered as an Islamic, it is reasonable to assume he was subjected to Islamic indoctrination and teachings.
6) He went by the name Barry Soetoro during the years he was adopted by his stepfather.
7) After age ten, his mother left the stepfather and Barry Soetoro returned to Hawaii where he was cared for by his maternal grandparents.
You will find the rest of the article at this link.
(h/t: boortz.com)

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0 responses to “Just Who Is Barry Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro? (Update II)

  1. Mister Stupid in Chief. Millions of “clever” people worhsip the Stupid they have set upon a throne. He is simply a reflection of a very degenerated society. Sad that “Society” encapsules us all, honorable and degenerated. Time for bashing out some teeth. I’m really p-o-ed

    • Love the use of ‘degenerate’,Rich….describes so many (50%)
      A rose by any other name or just the fertilizer :
      Barrack Husein Obama ,Barry Soetoro, Barack Husein Soebarkah, Harrison J Bounell , Barri M Shebazz…..

  2. said in plain english that everyone can understand obama must go omg

  3. Very interesting article. I wanted to learn more, but the link appears to be broken. I get this message : “This is Google’s cache of https://www.marshallfrank.com/articles/2012/02/a-mosaic-obama-islam-communism/. It is a snapshot of the page as it appeared on Mar 13, 2012 13:49:46 GMT. The current page could have changed in the meantime”.
    Can’t even get to marshallfrank.com (this happened at 1:45 pm central time).

  4. And to think….all this information was available during the election campaign. Yet the SRM and liberals went above and beyond to try and hide any truths that might have hurt Skippy. And the sheeple ignored it. That and the fact that many people voted for him based solely on the color of his skin.

  5. illegal alien muslim/communist treasonous fraud period. Do they really think this is going to end well?

  6. Dave, a couple things to add to your list:
    Don’t forget obama is an illegal alien as he went to school here in the US as a foreign exchange student from Indonesia paid for by tax payer’s money and he’s also using stolen social security numbers, so he doesn’t even belong in this country, let alone to be president. WTH?
    And to that good descriptive word “degenerate” should be added “depraved,” to describe the dumbed down morons here who voted into office an illegal alien muslim communist dictator.

  7. All I can say to the ppl that voted for Obama in 2008 & to the ppl that are thinking about voting Obama in 2012:
    Doesn’t matter how much you polish a TURD…IT’S STILL A TURD!!
    Well….a TURD with BIG EARS (in all fairness) 😉

  8. Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama’s Indonesian connection.
    Former Menteng student now US President
    Obama Barack has been democratically elected President of the US.
    Quite an about face for the best democracy money can buy, in view of the Bush presidential se-lection.
    But of course, corruption, collusion and nepotism is the sole monopoly of the Third World – or so the deluded denizens of the West repeat to themselves as they hug their knees, rocking back and forth – reminding themselves of how they uphold human rights equally across the board, entirely devoid of double-standards and totally oblivious to race, creed or religion.
    Barrak Hussein Obama II was born to a white American Ann Dunham and Kenyan Barrak Hussein Obama Snr, in Nyang’oma Kogelo now in Kenya.
    Here the Indonesian link starts.
    Ann Dunham married in 1967 Lolo Soetoro, a Javanese, whose own father, in 1946 was killed along with his eldest brother were killed, after which the Dutch army burned down the family’s home. Soetoro fled with his mother into the countryside to survive. Incidentally yet more proof of Dutch war crimes – delibrate destruction of civilian property outside the scope of battle.
    Pak Lolo Soetoro was an army geologist then later a government relations consultant for Mobil Oil. Obama describes Soetoro as well-mannered, even-tempered, and easy with people.
    From age 6 to 10, Obama lived in Jakarta. Age six, Obama attended the Catholic Primary St Francis di Assisi. Much was made of the lie he was educated in a Madrassa – or more accurately a pesantren – this of course was totally untrue. Obama Jnr later attended Model Primary School, Menteng and was registered as a Muslim – as his father was Muslim.
    In Obama’s own words:
    In the Muslim school, the teacher wrote to tell my mother that I made faces during Koranic studies. My mother wasn’t overly concerned. ‘Be respectful,’ she’d say. In the Catholic school, when it came time to pray, I would close my eyes, then peek around the room. Nothing happened. No angels descended. Just a parched old nun and 30 brown children, muttering words.
    One of “Berry’s” childhood friends was Adi who often visited “Berry’s” 16 Jalan Haji Ramli house. Speaking volumes of Dutch “development” at the time the road was of this established middle-class neighbourhood was a dirt lane where Obama used to wile away the hours kicking a soccer ball.
    Adi recalled Obama and his friends wore plastic bags over their shoes to walk through the muddy street during the rainy seasons.
    Neighborhood Muslims worshiped in a nearby house, which has since been replaced by a larger mosque. Sometimes, when the muezzin sounded the call to prayer, Lolo and Barry would walk to the makeshift mosque together, Adi said.
    His mother often went to the church, but Barry was Muslim. He went to the mosque,” Adi said. “I remember him wearing a sarong.”
    Obama spent most his spare time hanging out with Adi and other friends at the home of Yunaldi Askiar, a classmate. They used to play a kind of fencing game using sticks, kick a ball up and down the narrow dirt lanes or go swimming in the river behind the school, said Askiar, 42, a car mechanic.
    Obama was taller and better dressed than most kids in classes where shoes and socks were still luxuries, so he stood out from the start. As an African American, and the only foreigner, he suffered racial taunts and teasing but never turned to violence.
    “At first, everybody felt it was weird to have him here,” Israella Dharmawan, his first grade teacher said. “But also they were curious about him, so wherever he went, the kids were following him.”
    His friends enjoyed playing tricks on Berry: Harmon ASki recalled,
    “Sometimes we’d say, ‘Barry, do you want a chocolate?’ And we’d give him a chocolate. The next day we’d give him a chocolate again. The third time we’d give him terasi (fermented shrimp paste) wrapped up like chocolate. Obama didn’t get mad. He would laugh it off.”
    Ann Soetoro moved to Yogyakarta, while Obama Jnr studied in Jakarta. She was inspired by Jogja village industries, which became the basis of her 1992 doctoral dissertation.
    “She loved living in Java,” said Dr. Dewey, who recalled accompanying Ms. Soetoro to a metalworking village. “People said: ‘Hi! How are you?’ She said: ‘How’s your wife? Did your daughter have the baby?’ They were friends. Then she’d whip out her notebook and she’d say: ‘How many of you have electricity? Are you having trouble getting iron?’ ”
    Dunham-Soetoro became a consultant for the United States Agency for International Development on setting up a village credit program, then a Ford Foundation program officer in Jakarta specializing in women’s work. Later, she was a consultant in Pakistan, then joined Indonesia’s oldest bank to work on what is described as the world’s largest sustainable microfinance program, creating services like credit and savings for the poor.
    In his tellingly-titled Memoir, Dreams from My Father, Obama describes his Indonesian interlude as “one long adventure, the bounty of a young boy’s life”. But he also recalls being troubled by the poverty around him: “the empty look on the faces of farmers the year the rains never came,” and the desperation of the disabled beggars who came to the family’s door.
    “The world was violent, I was learning, unpredictable and often cruel,” he writes. Obama and his mother thus we were very well acquainted with the harsh realities of indigenous Indonesians.
    Fermina Katarina Sinaga, recalled yojhng Obama in her class: in the common task of class to write an essay titled “My dream: What I want to be in the future.” Obama “wrote ‘I want to be a president,’ ” she said. During a later writing assignment on family, he wrote, “My father is my idol.
    The Indonesian connection for Obama and all that shaped him proving once again all things Javanese and indigenous Indonesian the bedrock for the towering monuments built on the foundations of a great civilisation.

  9. It’s strange that Marshall Frank excludes Obama’s constitutional eligibility to the Office of President; that’s what makes him important.
    Frank’s analysis is extremely erroneous in many particulars. Mine suggests primarily that official investigation is necessary, which I think will find that Obama, our “first African American President” is:
    – not his father’s son
    – not his mother’s son
    – not African
    – not American
    – not President
    – not a Comintern mole; strike that.
    The document trotted out by Obama as his original birth certificate on 27 April 2011 is irrelevant, because it’s not his original birth certificate. It’s a partial picture of his amended birth certificate, required in adoptions.
    But the original birth certificate, showing two U.S. citizen parents, would prove that Obama was constitutionally eligible at the time of his birth.
    Obama withholds his original birth certificate because it would prove that the black Luo tribesman Barack Hussein Obama was not his birth father.
    Birthers seize upon this false genealogy to claim Obama is ineligible to the Office of President. They are right in saying that a natural born citizen under Article II Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution must have two U.S. citizen parents when born in the U.S.A. They are wholly beside the point, in that Obama had two U.S. citizen parents when he was born in the U.S.A. Dr. Fukino’s finding from his vital records that Obama was a natural born American citizen excludes the black Luo tribesman Obama as his birth father, because the Luo was alien.
    Obama’s real eligibility problem is that in 1981 he voluntarily relinquished U.S. citizenship, in part to evade Selective Service registration, by ratifying and confirming, as an adult, his juvenile naturalization as a citizen of Indonesia. In 2008 Obama caused to be filed a back-dated Selective Service registration to fabricate evidence that he retained U.S. citizenship in 1981, by fraudulently doing, belatedly, the very thing that he spurned American citizenship to dodge.
    It would be fitting to find that Obama is ineligible for evading an obligation of U.S. citizenship, not from an accident of birth. Like the story of the man without a country, he would get what he deserves for rejecting the United States, and evading an obligation of male citizens to register, by voluntarily relinquishing U.S. citizenship.
    Chief election officers of the several states should demand exhaustive official investigation of Obama to confirm his eligibility at birth and his loss of eligibility by relinquishing U.S. citizenship in 1981.
    If American officials with jurisdiction to conduct such an investigation, including Congress, state legislatures, grand juries, attorneys general and prosecutors continue to fail in their responsibilities, the election officials themselves should bar Obama from their respective ballots unless and until his original birth certificate is published and sufficient evidence is produced to resolve grave doubts as to his American citizenship arising from his naturalization as a citizen of Indonesia.
    Everybody should submit demands to this effect to all state chief election officials, copies to their corresponding attorneys general, found at https://www.nass.org/ andhttps://www.naag.org/current-attorneys-general.phpeys General. The initial draft of my aide-memoire to the election officials follows. Anybody who joins in this effort will do America a good service.
    20 April 2012
    Aide-Memoire to American Chief Election Officials
    There is insufficient publicly available information to prove or disprove the constitutional eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama II (“Obama”). Hence election officials are unable to make a rational determination whether to bar him or allow him onto their respective ballots. Absent competent evidence to substantiate eligibility, he should be barred from the electoral ballot.
    His original birth certificate verifies that Obama was constitutionally eligible at birth. Until the original is disclosed, however, his eligibility at birth is unverified, and he should be barred from the electoral ballot.
    Obama in 1981 confirmed as an adult his juvenile Indonesian naturalization. He did this in part to relinquish his American citizenship and thereby evade Selective Service registration. In 2008, a backdated registration was slipped into Selective Service files, to falsify timely compliance. Unless grave doubts about Obama’s American citizenship are resolved by exhaustive investigation and factual disclosure, his eligibility is unverified, and he should be barred from the electoral ballot.
    If election officials admit a candidate of unverified eligibility to their respective ballots, they may be fairly criticized in a performance audit of their office, might fail of re-appointment or re-election, and could be impeached and removed from office and criminally prosecuted.
    Moreover, election or re-election of an ineligible candidate renders the laws uncertain, and causes permanent injury to the nation.
    Hence election officials should join in a demand for exhaustive investigation of Obama, preferably by Congress but also by many other officials with jurisdiction, including state legislatures, grand juries, attorneys general and prosecutors, to give them the facts by which they can make rational, fully informed decisions on Obama’s eligibility without serious risk to themselves or the nation.

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