Just what we need: Bill and Hillary Clinton launch US speaking tour

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Hope they have plenty of cough drops handy.

From Yahoo: Bill and Hillary Clinton are taking their show on the road.

The famous political couple, who individually charge well into six figures for an address, is launching a 13-city joint public speaking tour of the U.S. and Canada titled “An Evening with the Clintons” that kicks off Nov. 18 in Las Vegas.

Tickets to see the former president and former secretary of state live on stage aren’t cheap. At the 5,200-seat Park Theater in Las Vegas, the same venue where Lady Gaga will soon have a residency, seats cost between $72.48 and $228.44. And at the Opera House in Boston, tickets go for between $120.50 and $745.50, and that doesn’t include fees to promoter Live Nation.

So what can audience members expect from the show?

“Experience a one-of-a-kind conversation with two individuals who have helped shape our world and had a front seat to some of the most important moments in modern history,” the public relations copy for the tour reads. “From the American presidency to the halls of the Senate and State Department to one of the United States’ most controversial and unpredictable presidential elections, they provide a unique perspective on the past, and remarkable insight into where we go from here.”

The tour will wrap up at the 17,505-seat Forum in Inglewood, Calif., an arena that usually hosts music stars. In the coming days, Drake, Phil Collins and the band twenty one pilots will take the stage there. Also on the schedule, however, is former First Lady Michelle Obama, who will appear in mid-November.

The Clintons aren’t novices on the paid lecture circuit. From 2001 to 2015, they raked in more than $153 million in speaking fees for 729 events. As yet, there is no word on how much the former first couple might make for the Live Nation tour.


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33 responses to “Just what we need: Bill and Hillary Clinton launch US speaking tour

  1. Patrick Cornell

    Mr. Gaga and Philisha Collins!

  2. I saw this news last night. Oh woe is me, more of the Cough-tons.
    Exciting isn’t it? Former First Lady Michael will be attending.

    Sarc/ Tuesday.

  3. It’s hard to believe there are still people who will pay to see this felonious twosome. Oh well, a fool and his money are soon parted.

    I saw this picture yesterday. The Klintoons are supposedly in Germany for Oktoberfest. Check out what Bill is wearing!😂


  4. It’s obvious these two have stolen enough money for themselves, Chelsea and the grandchildren to be comfortable for 2 or 3 generations, so they don’t need the funds. Their narcissism outweighs everything else in their miserable lives. I fear there’s no hope for the imbeciles paying to see these criminals. The only positive outcome for this illicit tour is maybe we’ll get to see Bill forget what he’s saying, killary’s coughing jags, seizures and falling up and down stairs.

  5. LOL – They should call the Down the Tubes Tour.

    And my guess is the “leadership” of the CPUSA* is just overjoyed about this, too.

    *That’s the democrat party for those who went to goobermint skewel.

  6. I’d like to see Trump size crowds turn out for the clintonian tour. With plenty of protest signs and chants, lined up outside of ever venue in every city. A wall of Truth in their face.
    However, all the conservatives are unable to attend because they have real jobs and they’re working their butts off while the economy is humming along. The dumbocrats meanwhile are trying to figure out how they can steal as much as possible of what the conservatives produce.

  7. Not sure which would be worse, listening to their back slapping or having my finger nails pulled out one by one.

  8. Seriously, who among us would pay a nickle to see these two pathological liars?
    Perhaps there will be so many tickets available that the homeless and illegal aliens can come in from the cold and hang out.

    To encourage them they will be serving free hot dogs, hamburgers and beer.

  9. Barf!

  10. This is hilarious-who wants to hear anything these two have to say?
    She couldn’t get people to show up for free at her rallies what makes them think people will pay to see them … hahahaha, funniest thing ever.
    We’ll see how long this “tour” will last-hope they are planning on paying people to attend otherwise-well you know.

  11. Hey, get your tickets while they’re hot! They’ll be flying “coach”, just to let you know they’re “one of us”. This is the “Hide the Women and Children” tour. Greed is a terrible thing. Why don’t they slink away to Paraguay and leave us alone?


  12. You’ve heard of “Thelonias Monk?”. Well this is “Felonious Funk”. Bring your squirt guns loaded with holy water and watch ’em sizzle!

  13. We have not been well-served by the “inheritable political powers” delivered to/exercised by our “American political families…..” such as, our long years of Kennedy (of which I include Barack Obama, who was first “given to us” by Teddy Kennedy in his waning political- powered-years…in a last-ditch effort to identify himself w/ a progressive future….), Bush, & Clinton families… We were established as a sovereign country in order to escape dynastic powers and group-think of inheritable political controls….and yet, even in our Democratic Republic, we fall victim to it out of the sloth of the voting public for not doing due diligence in evaluating their candidates & their abilities/ positions. This is not only true for national elections, but is esp. true for state & local positions that have given us the half-century debacle of the Browns in CA, the Nancy Pelosi serial political careers of her father in Maryland, and her life-long political “job” in CA……just to name a few. Surely, this was never the intent of our founders who envisioned a “citizen-servant-government” who were elected by peers/neighbors, served/went home to their businesses/main-stream employment….like George Washington. But, you KNOW the House & Senate will NEVER EVER EVER vote themselves term limits. This would take an energized state by state effort to amend the Constitution and take back our government from career politicians. It could happen. But…probably not in my lifetime…which by now, my years left are for sure far shorter than maybe 1/3 of the careers that, for instance, either Pelosi or Feinstein have spent as “citizen servants” in the political life of the entire span of my lifetime so far…..and yet—-they will probably be there right up until I am lowered into the ground (or maybe, ha—when they are lowered into the ground!). Maybe the time is coming when it is ripe for state conventions on this issue and it could dang well pass……and amend the Constitution to get rid of these career politicians….including Bill and Hillary. (Good God….I pray for deiverance almost daily from their intrusion into my everyday life. Won’t they EVER go away?????????!!!!!! Every once in awhile, I don’t hear or see anything of either for maybe 3 weeks or so….and I think maybe they are dead or hospitalized or at the “home” and then, like an old horror movie…they POP UP again, waving to the cameras, wearing leiderhosen & a new kimono.)

    • I don’t really blame voters. We have zero control over who or what they run. It’s disgusting. My candidate never wins because I refuse to vote for someone I find repellant. Neither of the two Rothschild parties will ever run someone that can turn this ship of fools around. They don’t want it turned around.

      To come back later and blame ourselves for that predicament is what they want us to do. I have said many times, and I mean it, that if nobody voted they would stage an election, complete with breathless copy spewers, and declare a “winner” just like always.

      I think the adult thing to do is to recognize reality, not fantasize about how it was supposed to be. As you said, “the Senate will NEVER EVER EVER vote themselves term limits”. That’s very true. We will NEVER EVER EVER achieve anything worthwhile by asking the perpetrators for reform.

      You’re taking about the greediest of the greedy here. These parasites clawed their way to power and it will take a lot more than DDT to get them outta there. But, if you really want a “democratic republic”, they have to go and be replaced by parasites of your own choosing, not the “party’s” choosing.

      • Agree, mostly, Lo. But there is this: primacy and regency. Unfortunately our human condition, esp. in our age of instant communications….lays us open to this —–what you see most & first, and then most closely to the election date/or other critical date(like Supreme Court confirmation) is what you remember/consider when you pull the “voting lever. ” It doesn’t necessarily mean that you know why you are voting for/supporting this particular person…..it means that you are most acquainted with him/her through a first/most recent input. These days, our offspring, as well as a good number of even our generatioins…..operate on “sound-bites” from “instant communications” that most especially cater to this human condition. Truth be known…..Trump knew this and used it to his advantage with his well-established Twitter habit……and I’m not complaining about that…(I am a “techno-peasant”) I”m glad that someone his age understood this and used it to circumvent our “traditional” campaign media to go right to the people—-meaning, “primacy and regency.” And, it worked. The trouble is—it can work for anybody and everybody—like—-you can show up at the last minute in a Supreme Court nominee process and claim that you saw Kavanaugh orchestrate serial druggings/gang rapings of girls at a party…..and there are going to be huge amounts of vote-eligible idiots who buy it wholesale without evidence—it is recent to their phone communications…it is close to the confirmation—- and they will take to the streets, clawing and howling at the doors of the Supreme Court, assault legislators in elevators, and generally, behave badly…..in order to support the conviction they were led to by primacy and regency of the news they receive.

        • Yes, indeed. Trump used this masterfully. I’ll hand it to him. Further, he “won” by knowing what to say. People still want what this country promised, not what these Social Marxists want us to have.

          The “mistake” they made was in believing that most were as brainwashed as they were. Their reaction is to call us “deplorable”. Having good values to them is “deplorable”.

          So the point I was making is that we aren’t supposed to be voting for someone to tell us what THEY are going to do. We are supposed to be voting for someone we trust to do the right thing and to do what we ask them to.

          • I hear ‘ya, lo. Agree.

            This is my thought—most Trump voters were like me and my husband—silent…would not share our political thoughts publicly (for fear of violence against us or our property) and for SURE NOT with any pollsters…who called our house day and night and to whom we would not reply/even pick up the phone (we knew them by their area codes on our caller ID). Why not share even on the phone? PISSED at the main-stream media. That’s why. Knew for sure they would ask us “loaded questions.” Knew they were biased against Republicans. Knew they were “out for blood” against any and every Democrat running for offiice, and thinking they would solidify their base on my back.

            For instance, one time I remember answering a political phone survey maybe a decade ago from a liberally-leaning survey….that asked me, in short, “What do you think of illegal immigration?” Being in CA, I think they thought I’d spew a lot of liberal, sympathetic, pandering froo-froo. But, I replied simply, “I think it is illegal.” The woman on the other end was sort of dumbfounded….and had great pause, sputtering…and I re-iterated that, to her question, I thought that “Illegal immigratioin is illegal.” She sputtered off and hung up on me. Pretty sure “they” (the right wing) either relieved her of her phone canvasing or sent her to a “re-training camp.”

            • oops…against every REPUBLICAN running for office and FOR every Democrat…and would solidify their base on my back.

              Sorry….a few hours away from FRIDAY in a middle school…just hours away from Progress report, with parents SUDDENLY awakened to their failing students and emailing/calling etc. me . I don’t get home until 5:30 these days…..due to parent crap. As one of my teacher colleagues said the other day: we used to have NO parent input in Middle School…but NOW—those elementary school “helicopter parents” have “grown NEW BLADES” for middle school 🙂 (Progress grades due tomorrow….and they are just NOW contacting me…after continuous grade posting through our online system)….anyway—-I’m slipping on my wording here on FOTM….That’s how my week seems to go lately w/personal and professioinal duties piling on…..

  14. This power couple ought to take a few minutes and explain to their blissfully ignorant audience what Arkancide means. The two of them put Arkansas on the map, although Wilbur Mills made a sincere effort to beat them to it.


  15. In 2013, The Clinton Foundation Only Spent 10 Percent Of Its Budget On Charitable Grants



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