Just what every person needs: YSL launches “Penis Dangle”

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YSL’s “edgy” and “original” jewelry design…

This will be a hit among liberals. They are always interested in displaying body parts…

From NY Post: They’re not what we’d choose to wear for Sunday lunch with our grandma but if you’re a fan of jewelry that’s a little bit different — look no further.

Designer brand Yves Saint Laurent has just released a controversial new line of jewelry and it includes a rather graphic pair of penis earrings and a penis pendant necklace.

The engraved penises are made of golden brass and the earrings retail for about $280 while the penis pendant is priced at a staggering $680.

The “Penis Dangle” hook earrings are for pierced ears only and are engraved with “Saint Laurent Paris,” while the graphic necklace features an adjustable chain and a sizeable penis pendant charm.

Much to the disappointment of one fan on Twitter both styles are only available in store.

“Where do I get the ysl penis earrings and necklace i WANT RHEM [sic,]” they wrote.

YSL isn’t the only brand releasing X-rated jewelry.

A few years ago Kesha dropped a collection of penis-shaped accessories including earrings, charms, bracelets and a necklace. The range was part of her “Grow A Pear” jewelry line by Charles Albert.

One year later, Tom Ford also released a phallic design — a penis pendant necklace which caused major controversy because it appeared to be in the shape of a cross.


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10 responses to “Just what every person needs: YSL launches “Penis Dangle”

  1. Sick and demonic.

  2. No more buying from this queer!!

  3. Absolutely disgusting!!!!!!!

  4. I bet the first pair of earrings & necklace were given to Moochelle Obama.

    P.S. I hope this comment doesn’t result in another DDoS here!

  5. I sure wouldn’t admit to being the model for said jewelry. Pathetic at best. And sick for sure.

  6. What? No vagina jewelry. Seems sexist to me. Sarc.

  7. Great! Jewelry honoring Charles Schumer! Every Liberal Democrat should have a set and a pacifier in the same shape…..

  8. As a hardened American Middle School Teacher….I can assure you that I see these male “self-portraits” every day scrawled on my desks, in my school books, on the walls or other places…..When I see them, I ALWAYS call attention to them, (isn’t that what they want in the first place?), esp.. if there is a boy student sitting there….and ask, “Who drew his self-portrait here?????” It always brings a chuckle….and I NEVER erase it…I ask the occupiers at the desk to do so….which they do in a hurry b/c they are embarrassed (finally) …..and I move on. I don’t give it legitimate “weight” in my instructional day.

    Pretty much, these golden penis producers are by definition to me….on the same level as a 11-13-year-old middle school boy who thinks about his penis all day long….draws his penis on everything….thinks his penis is of huge value or at least of some sort of intimidating/powerful value to those who see it, even in anonymity…. blah blah blah….bring out the pagan golden penis. It’s been DONE to death in pre-history. I don’t care. I laugh at how little we’ve progressed over thousands of years culturally and socially. We all should laugh….just like most of us laugh at the crocheted pink uterus hats……maybe JUST because they are so ARTLESS and crude to being with…..then later we can talk about their issues for which they are wearing them…..but the Golden Penis—has been “done to death” in every culture from ancient Europe to ancient South America and North American Native tribes…..etc etc. etc…. Anyone who thinks they are being “avant garde” and “progressive” by purchasing one of these golden penises….is a more than a couple of thousand-years “behind.”

  9. As I’m getting ready for work I’m thinking, hey why don’t they make earrings in the shape of part of me ? But then there ain’t enough gold in the world to do
    that…. and anyway what sort of zombies buy this stuff?

  10. Would these be worn by a female who is advertising? Would it be considered sexual harassment to ask her? Or, perhaps, by a male who is advertising? Or perhaps by a transsexual who is advertising? Whatever the case, it would probably be false advertising.


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