Just the Tip of Stimulus Scandal Iceberg

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WASHINGTON, Sept. 15 (UPI) — The White House deflected criticism that it put pressure on officials to get major stimulus funding through for bankrupt solar panel maker Solyndra.
The FBI and officials from the U.S. Department of Energy last week raided Solyndra’s offices in San Francisco. The raid was apparently in connection with $535 million in loan guarantees from the U.S. Energy Department, though the FBI didn’t offer details about the raid.
Republican critics of U.S. President Barack Obama claim e-mail messages from 2009 suggest his administration used political pressure to get the loan through to showcase his commitment to a green economy, something Obama trumpeted in his State of the Union address in January.
White House spokesman Jay Carney, in statements to reports, said accelerating the process for Solyndra was part of an effort “to get an answer to make a scheduling decision.”
 He suggested much of the original process, meanwhile, was from policies left over from the administration of George W. Bush.
House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Rep. Fred Upton, R-Mich., during testimony on Capitol Hill, said he felt Solyndra might be just “the tip of the iceberg” regarding a series of stimulus funding decisions
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Solyndra employee: “Everyone knew the plant wouldn’t work”

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This is a must listen. While we were focused on the debate last Wednesday night, Mark Levin got a call from someone who worked at the Solyndra plant, who gave some revealing details about this Solyndra scandal.
This is one of the more interesting things the caller said:

While we were out there, while we were building it – cause it is a half a billion dollar plant – everyone already knew that China had developed a more inexpensive way to manufacture these solar panels. Everyone knew that the plant wouldn’t work. But they still did it. They still built it.

She then emphasized that she isn’t even that high on the totem pole and she knew this stuff. So there’s no doubt in her mind that Obama and the White House knew that it wasn’t feasible.
 Also worth note is that NBC did a pretty damning report this morning on the Solyndra scandal:

Half a billion dollars in stimulus funds to a boondoggle that was doomed to failure right from the start and then this dipshit says this: 

So what was the original stimulus funds used for Obama, what happened to all that money that was supposed to repair our infrastructure (roads, bridges and overpasses). Where did this money go, is it lining the pockets of your cronies, union bosses and special interests. We know what happened to it, you flushed OUR money down the toilet, you are a crook, a cheat and a con man. I can’t wait to see your sorry ass behind bars, impeachment is not enough, I want to see you breaking rocks in the hot sun for the rest of your pathetic life.
Tom in NC

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  1. Is this the scandal the anymous-source-who-might-be-Rahm-Emmanuel hinted might be coming? I doubt it. (Just one?) Seems like a whole, new unpexpected scandal.

  2. Also the Lightsquared scandal. MM’s got enough to write Culture of Corrupton v2 with this criminal in the WH.

  3. con man, crook, snake oil salesman, and no matter how you phrase it obama is still the media darling of the airwaves. he can blunder, he can steal, he lies and prevaricates, and the masses nod their heads in silent approval. minnesota and texas burn where is obama just blame bush doesn’t work anymore so now its the tea parties fault or the republicans for voting no. obama must go – to jail would be fine but overseas exiled back to kenya would be better.


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