Just One of the Girls

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Never trust a man who…

throws a ball like a girl…

Rides a girl’s bike…

Has manicured polished finger nails…

and never ever trust a man who crosses his legs like a girl!


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0 responses to “Just One of the Girls

  1. hahaha…heck even Whoopi looks more manly than him!

  2. DCG that’s exactly what I thought the instant I seen this! He is just so embarassing-the obvious one is when he tries to salute! and throwing a baseball,and and and……..

  3. DCG-you crack me up I can’t quit laughing! I think we could have a run-a-way with this one!!!!

  4. Ovomit’s aura is strongly feminine.
    My Proof: Crossed legs, eye contact, limp wrist, movements during athletics
    Maureen Dowd described the Kenyan as our “first woman president” based on exaggerated reactions / hypersensitivity to criticism.
    He thinks crossed arms, leering at women in public, and phony scowls make him a man.
    Rub a lamp, Mr. Obama. Even Aladdin can’t make butch out of a bitch.

    • Love your phrase, and this man is NO butch, that’s for sure. My gaydar went up with him long ago. Also, I feel sure MOO wears the pants in that family.

  5. DW, glad you like the way i use words. MOO is more of a man than her hubby.
    She is a cross dressing buck, like Rue Paul, without the looks.
    People quickly forget how manly and athletic George W was compared to Zero of Kenya. Hilary Clinton is more manly than he is!

  6. Joseph E Fasciani

    Not to put too fine a point on it, I named him ‘Obamamama’ before his sElection. He’s clearly the ‘Puppet of Choice’ for TPTB, and we suffer him until he’s ousted after four years, if not impeached, which would really be more beneficial re the Constitution.
    And yes, unfortunately, “Billary Clinton is more manly than he is!”
    I wish I were free to spill the beans on her and her completely corrupt husband. If you think of them as the “Toxic Two” you’ll come close to what they stand for: total greed and treason. As coffee, think Double Obamamama. Sorry.

  7. This is petty.

    • Ben,
      For what length of time have you been an Obama admirer?
      BHO is domestically challenged, gender impaired, and globally clueless. We are conservatives using our First Amendment rights; calling it as we see it. I believe we need gender appropriate, principled presidents with a firm grasp of business, international relations, manners, and politics.
      Margaret Thatcher & Ronald Reagan were successful and admired leaders because they had these qualities in spades. The USA prospered economically and politically with Ronald Reagan as our leader. We had pride in our country and were respected by foreign leaders. Today, we are depressed economically and politically; despised by the international community. How do you like your hope and change, Ben?

    • No. It is funny.
      That’s one thing about the Left: You have no sense of humor.
      Don’t take life so seriously. Remember we’ll all die in the end!
      Now, go with Joy — for today is the Lord’s Day. Alleluia!

      • Well, their sense of humor consists of blowing up kids in the name of conforming to Global Warming BS. And mocking Bush, Palin, O’Donnell, Bachmann, Rush, Beck, Hannity, etc. They can dish it out but can’t take it…

  8. Amen, Eowyn.

  9. Instead of mocking him because of physical characteristics or even Michelle’s behaviors and actions, I am much happier insulting and distrusting him due to his lies, lack of paperwork, and fraudulent actions.
    He is not my president he is only the illegal resident in the White House.

    • Umm, why must it be Either/Or? Why can’t we do both?
      Besides, making fun of him being one of the girls is FUNNY. Or have you also lost your sense of humor?

  10. You’re right. I have lost my sense of humor. I despair of ever seeing our country back on the path of righteousness, morality and truthfulness.
    I am as fearful of this election as I was in the last because I see the destruction of our values, our economy and our principles. If conservatives don’t take back some of the seats we are doomed. I am grateful to the all of the blogs since they reinforce that I am not alone.

    • Dear hrmfc,
      Like you, I also worry. But I refuse to despair. Despair is of the Devil — and we know who eventually wins!
      Be Joyous, my friend! All we can do is to fight the good fight, to the best of our abilities, and leave the rest to God.

  11. God’s will.
    Nothing more.
    Nothing less.
    Nothing else.

  12. The only thing missing is that insipid Mr. Rogers neighborhood song.


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