Just one little fact missing from this headline: Mexican dad detained after leaving sanctuary church to meet with immigration officials

Illegal alien Oliver-Bruno (r): Previously convicted of committing fraud/AP photo

What the NY Post article below fails to mention is that the “generous” and “kind” illegal alien was a convicted illegal caught trying to enter US with forged documents. From CBS News (their headline was just as misleading, at least they provided facts in the article):

“ICE said Oliver-Bruno, who has lived in North Carolina for two decades, had no legal basis to be in the U.S. and had exhausted his “extensive” appeals. Oliver-Bruno pleaded guilty in 2014 to using false documents to try to re-enter the U.S. in Texas after a trip outside the country, according to court documents.”

But run with the sympathetic undocumented immigrant narrative. It still won’t change the fact that this illegal alien committed fraud and church members were harboring a fugitive.

From NY Post: A Mexican father who hid out in a North Carolina church for close to a year to avoid deportation was detained when he attended an appointment with immigration officials.

Samuel Oliver-Bruno, 47, had a scheduled meeting Friday at a Raleigh-area immigration office to provide fingerprints and discuss a petition to delay his deportation, so that he could stay in the country with his wife and son, who is a US citizen, local outlets reported.

About 20 minutes after he walked into the office, plainclothes US Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers arrested him.

The CityWell United Methodist Church’s pastor, Cleve May, and more than two dozen other people who’d accompanied Oliver-Bruno to the appointment surrounded the car taking Oliver-Bruno away and were also arrested, CNN and the Effingham Daily News newspaper reported.

The pastor said church member feared the immigration appointment had been a trap set up by ICE to nab Oliver-Bruno — who came to Greenville NC., from Veracruz, Mexico more than 20 years ago.

Congressmen David Price and G.K. Butterfield, both North Carolina Democrats, said they were “extremely alarmed” by the detention.

“It appears ICE has acted in concert with officials at USCIS, who instructed Mr. Oliver-Bruno to appear at local USCIS offices to discuss his deferred deportation,” the lawmakers said in a statement.

During his 11 months hiding out in living quarters built for him inside the church, Oliver-Bruno attended English classes, played guitar and read during services. “He helped construct his living quarters. He’s remarkable. He’s very generous and kind,” May told CNN.

Oliver-Bruno will remain in US detention for the duration of his case.


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Just one little fact missing from this headline: Mexican dad detained after leaving sanctuary church to meet with immigration officials
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9 responses to “Just one little fact missing from this headline: Mexican dad detained after leaving sanctuary church to meet with immigration officials

  1. Had it been anyone other than an illegal alien hiding out in the church, these two Demoncrat congressmen would demand that the church be closed down and the pastor and congregation be charged and jailed. Demoncrats have never met an illegal alien they didn’t like.

    • That’s so true. “Right” is always so subjective with them. Why on earth would people like him expect that they would waive the law? He had all those years to try to sort it out.

      What does it say about someone who has so little regard for the laws of the country he claims to want to live in that he knowingly violates those and refuses to leave?

      I’m sure that most of us here know that this is all about Demonrat votes and doing their master’s bidding with regard to one-world government. If you ask me (and I know you didn’t), the Demonrats have turned themselves into an illegal terrorist entity. It should be dissolved and the leadership arrested.

      These antics are no longer just differences of opinion. Providing aid and assistance in furtherance of a crime is illegal. It doesn’t matter how one “FEELS” about it. They should all move to Communist China and start racking up “citizen demerits” under their system. You only get so many before the execution van rolls around.

  2. Kevin J Lankford

    Never fails how they insert the claim of the children of illegals are citizens, in this case, not claiming the wife is a citizen, clearly indicating that she, all so, is illegal. This, of course, for the purpose of attempting to legitimize the big “anchor baby” birth right citizenship lie.

  3. Not too bright, though.

  4. He and all others like him, plus their enablers have been warned by our President Donald J. Trump that this would happen. Period.

  5. I’m glad to see that “padre” & the supporters were also arrested.

  6. Most “Christian Churches” these days are FAKE run by degenerates Social & Moral. They are All Slaves of the Federal Government thanks to that Money Making 501 c3 Tax Exemption.

    • There are over 300,000 “Christian Churches” in America. How many have you visited to claim that “most” are run by degenerates?

      As for the “Money Making 501 (c)(3) Tax Exemption,” there’s a reason that it exists. Just ask Soros, Bloomberg, Steyer and the Clintons.

  7. We are a nation of laws that cannot function properly unless they are followed.


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