Just let the kids be kids!

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Swedish toy company bans photos of girls holding dolls from its catalogue pages

NY Daily News: Sweden’s largest toy chain said Friday that its toys are “gender neutral” after picturing boys holding baby dolls and banishing girls from the dolls pages of its Christmas catalogue.
“For several years, we have found that the gender debate has grown so strong in the Swedish market that we … have had to adjust,” Jan Nyberg, director of sales at Top Toy, franchise-holder for US toy chain Toys R Us, told the TT news agency Friday.
The country’s advertising watchdog reprimanded the company for gender discrimination three years ago following complaints over outdated gender roles in the 2008 Christmas catalogue, which featured boys dressed as superheroes and girls playing princess.
A comparison between this year’s Toys R Us catalogues in Sweden and Denmark, where Top Toy is also the franchisee, showed that a boy wielding a toy machine gun in the Danish edition had been replaced by a girl in Sweden.
Elsewhere, a girl was Photoshopped out of the “Hello Kitty” page, a girl holding a baby doll was replaced by a boy, and, in sister chain BR’s catalogue, a young girl’s pink T-shirt was turned light blue.
Top Toy, Sweden’s largest toy retailer by number of stores, said it had received “training and guidance” from the Swedish advertising watchdog, which is a self-regulatory agency. “We have produced the catalogues for both BR and Toys R Us in a completely different way this year,” Nyberg said. “With the new gender thinking, there is nothing that is right or wrong. It’s not a boy or a girl thing, it’s a toy for children.”
Why is it that having a boy play with a gun or a girl playing with a doll is now deemed “wrong”? Kids inherently play with the toys they want, and I don’t know many young girls that like to play guns.
I’m just surprised they haven’t banned all the “dangerous” toys from the catalog, as those will soon be labeled “wrong” no doubt.

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0 responses to “Just let the kids be kids!

  1. Insanity!

  2. Geez…I guess I was gender neutral when I played with guns and GI Joe’s back in the 60’s? What I don’t understand is this statement: “With the new gender thinking, there is nothing that is right or wrong. It’s not a boy or a girl
    thing, it’s a toy for children.” Then why is it wrong to show a girl playing with dolls and boys playing with guns, or a girl wearing pink.. Damn libtards!!! This is going to set up a new generation of kids with gender identity issues. Girls don’t play with dolls the way they used to..I think that is why so many moms are not prepared and do not want to be moms, and we have boys that are so femmy. I was a tomboy but I still liked the girlie things too.

  3. It won’t last long. In a few years, the most sought after toys for kids in Sweden will be toy bomb satchels, AK 47’s and checkered kefiyya. Oh, I forgot, muslims don’t celebrate Christmas, but they do have Eid.
    What we are witnessing here folks is a textbook example of how socialist societies commit cultural suicide. Blond Swedish girls dyeing their hair darker in record numbers (in Norway too) to avoid becomming rape victims, while record numbers of Jews are leaving the place, especially the city of Malmo. I heard from reliable sources that the Swedish Royal Family adopted a young adult Somali male, brought him into their home to demonstrate their devotion to “multiculturalism” only to have the muslim puke abscond with the Crown Jewels. A most embarrasing incident indeed.
    Now, if all this P/C, multiculti Swedish buffoonery is based upon “white guilt” for deeds Westerners did to others, i.e. exploiting the natives etc, then what the Hell do the Swedes have to feel guilty about?
    No Dr. E, it is MASS insanity.The average Swede is about as dumb as a mud fence in coastal Oregon.


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