Just How Bad Is ObamaCare Website? Well Let Me Tell You. It's Unfixable According To Some Experts.

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Why? Because it is a big fat bloated pig with 500 Million Lines of code.

Ok I’m no techno weenie so just how big is 500 million lines of code? Keep reading and you will find out. 

Opp's there goes another one.

Opp’s there goes another one.

(Hey Boss I need to requisition a new laptop. Umm, my dog ate it.)  

OK, the dog did not eat it.

OK, the dog did not eat it.

NEW YORK (CNNMoney    First Published: October 23, 2013: 7:04 AM ET

Experts say the major problems with the Obamacare website can’t reasonably be solved before the end of 2013, and the best fix would be to start over from scratch.

Yeah, what he said. Uh Huh!

Yeah, what he said. Uh Huh!

After assessing the website, Dave Kennedy, the CEO of information-security companyTrusted Sec, estimates that about 20% of Healthcare.gov needs to be rewritten. With a whopping 500 million lines of code, according to a recent New York Times report, Kennedy believes fixing the site would probably take six months to a year.
But would-be Obamacare enrollees only have until Dec. 15 to sign up for coverage starting at the beginning of 2014. Nish Bhalla, CEO of information-security firm Security Compass, said it “does not sound realistic at all” that Healthcare.gov will be fully operational before that point.
“We don’t even know where all of the problems lie, so how can we solve them?” Bhalla said. “It’s like a drive-by shooting: You’re going fast and you might hit it, you might miss it. But you can’t fix what you can’t identify.”
Several computer engineers said it would likely be easier to rebuild Healthcare.gov than to fix the issues in the current system. But it’s unlikely that the government would toss out more than $300 million worth of work.
The sheer size of Healthcare.gov is indicative of a major rush job. Rolling the site out too quickly likely increased the number of errors, and that makes the fixes more difficult to implement.
“Projects that are done rapidly
( May I ask didn’t they have like 3 years to build this?)
usually have a lot of [repetitive] code,” said Arron Kallenberg, a software engineer and tech entrepreneur. “So when you have a problem, instead of debugging something in a single location, you’re tracking it down all through the code base.”
To put 500 million lines of code into perspective, it took just 500,000 lines of code to send the Curiosity rover to Mars. Microsoft’s
(MSFTFortune 500)
 Windows 8 operating system reportedly has about 80 million lines of code.
And an online banking system might feature between 75 million and 100 million lines.
A “more normal range” for a project like Healthcare.gov is about 25 million to 50 million lines of code, Kennedy said.
“The [500 million lines of code] says right off the bat that something is egregiously wrong,” said Kennedy. “I jumped back when I read that figure. It’s just so excessive.”
Applicants might be able to at least register for Obamacare sooner than that, even if the site isn’t 100% perfect. The New York Times report said five million lines of code need to be replaced just so the site can run properly.
But the Obamacare website has bigger problems than simply getting people registered for health care. The code is also riddled with security holes, according to Kennedy, who outlined his cybersecurity concerns on Trusted Sec’s company blog.
“If someone can’t register, that’s obviously bad –– but if the information gets hacked, you’re talking about one of the biggest breaches in American history,” Kennedy said. “I think security is an afterthought at this point.”
( The security and hacking is a story unto itself. It is very bad. I’ll do a follow up tomorrow)
That might not be a major issue now, as people are still having trouble logging onto the site. But once it’s up and running, that code had better be made more secure.
“At this point, the car isn’t even moving,” Bhalla said. “But once we’re speeding down the road, you’re going to want that seatbelt to work.” To top of page
Here is a graph to help you understand how much code is in things. The more code, the more things go wrong. KISS. Keep It Simple Stupid.

1276_lines_of_code5500 million


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0 responses to “Just How Bad Is ObamaCare Website? Well Let Me Tell You. It's Unfixable According To Some Experts.

  1. The website failing is a secondary issue..repeal it entirely its a total failure just like it’s namesake.

    • Dave you’re right. I copied the article and those are his words. I just wanted to show what a pig it as and as usual what a bungling mess they have made again.
      I agree repeal the whole thing!!

  2. I suppose lamenting the inadequacy of the site may be worthwhile, but it is the act itself that needs attention. Obamacare is the problem, fixing the site doesn’t address that.
    I see Dave beat me to it. mumble mumble mumble…

  3. The failed website is a diversion. It’s intended to be the focus of our disdain, but why? I believe the website’s “failure” is intentional to hide the fact that there’s NO market or demand to justify the ACA in the first place – during this initial period at least – UNTIL millions of us lose our plans and are in need and out shopping. This is the real scandal that is the ACA. You WILL lose your coverage by design but were assured you wouldn’t so it could be passes. This is why our leaders have stonewalled when questioned about the number of sign ups. The website can be blamed when the truth is there’s currently no market and no justification for such a massive intrusion into our healthcare. Had the site “worked” this fact would be borne-out.
    Think about it – Who’s in the market to buy the insurance NOW? Who can suddenly afford premiums that they couldn’t before, just because the ACA is “the law of the land?” All the indigent Obama supporters aren’t even capable of getting an I.D. to use when they vote and It’s racist to even suggest they should. Right? Yet, they’re sophisticated enough to log onto and navigate through a website and buy a product where they’re REQUIRED to verify their identity?
    The ACA was sold on a series of lies. None of what we’re witnessing makes any sense unless you believe the very worst about those administering this law.


  5. Um, but high school kids can make better websites over a weekend…

  6. All the money to set up this bogus web site was stolen from Medicare and our seniors. Money of which they were forced to pay for their future medical needs during retirement but this pos stole it. There is no money to support lucifercare. This is why the demorats want to raise taxes. They have to keep their voting slaves happy with medicaid freebies. They think the people will just roll over to higher taxes and their spending on these socialist programs while they rob the hard working people to support their socialist welfare rats.

  7. your right its not just the web site problem,the whole thing is a can of worms

  8. Our biggest fear should be when the website begins to work. In order to make healthcare more affordable the government would have to make it more efficient. The website issue only manifests what we already knew about government efficiency relative to the market.

  9. Code 9

  10. Geeez…liberalfanfare——hear ya loud and clear!! Sometimes we should just hope for/allow the WHEELS to fall OFF and be happy with the chance to forget about it or start over. Do ya think we have A chance at that??

  11. That’s why I have a foam ‘brick’ to throw at my TV and computer…

  12. dont get me wrong when i say the idea of universal heath is a good idea for america….the way its been implemented into a law is straight up wrong obama had 3 years to plan for this better and then just says ok im gonna roll out this buggy effed up website overnight and all you sheep are required to sign up with in the next month and a half or else you will pay a fine…well let me tell you it will be a cold day in hell before you force me to pay for something i dont want…unfortunately i have a pre existing condition that has no cure and no magic pill to take to treat it, everyday is full of pain and trouble sleeping i work 6 days a week and have trouble paying pills every month adding another payment for insurance that i probably wont use is not a priority for me so too obama and his staff and every freaking obama supporter i say to you when the shit hits the fan dont blame the people who said i told you

  13. What do you expect from a president who was nothing more than a community organizer in his former life? He has an agenda for socialist reform in this country and is dead set on getting it pushed through at any costs. The administration knew well in advance that many people would lose their current healthcare policies and doctors and that the site was nowhere near ready for publishing. But the developer’s schedule did not fit Obama’s.
    Also anyone with half a brain could also foresee that because of Obamacare, healthcare costs would rise for everyone to supplement those first timers. Now we see that many of the people who the program is meant to help will be losing their jobs (see Cleveland Clinic reports that they are reducing overhead and laying off workers Reuters news agency Sept. 18, 2013 and the Daily Caller website Nov. 25, 2013.)
    Moreover, he said, shortly after the site went public, that one of his next projects was to push through immigration reform. I’m surprised that he didn’t say regarding that subject something to the effect “If you like your current immigration status, you can keep it!” He’ll probably say something to the effect “If you love Obamacare, you’ll love my immigration policies.” That’ll get them pushed through in record time!
    Now we are being told that the nuclear deal with Iran is a good deal for this country. Funny, many within his own party as well as many of our foreign allies are taking just the opposite view. Common consensus going around the country is that this was also pushed through hastily to detract from the negative press on the ill fated ACA website.
    Bottom line: his methods for establishing legislation in this country are based on getting his agenda pushed through regardless of the consequences for his own edification.
    How’s that working our for you “Change we can live with” supporters?

  14. Thank you Steve for continuing to expose this absolute nightmare!


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