Just go away PETA

No more “sea kittens” for you!

Growing up, my dad taught me to shoot and fish.  I even learned how to kill the fish (bashing its head on a log).  Always made dad clean the fish though as that was just too yucky for me 🙂 We’d then fry them up on the skillet and enjoy our dinner!  PETA insists that doing that is wrong and cruel.

PETA’s target in Seattle: The rod and reel set

From the Seattle PI: Lock up your kid’s Scooby Do fishing rod.  You could be raising a child who tortures gentile creatures of sea and brook.  So says PETA, which was on the Seattle waterfront on Tuesday morning to protest fishing and catching fish with hooks.

The animal-welfare group held signs with the slogan: “Don’t Let Kids Become Hookers.”  PETA picked Seattle because it says it’s a top urban fishing spot. And National Fish Amnesty Day — and you have yet to pick out a gift for your goldfish — is Saturday.
“Parents should get their kids hooked on compassion, not on maiming and killing fish,” Hayden Hamilton, a PETA campaigner, said in a statement. “Causing these gentle animals of the sea to suffocate to death or die slowly from infections caused by hooks is animal abuse, plain and simple.” (A quick bash of the head would solve that.)
Just how much pain fish feel, has been debated.  A report in Scientific American two years ago  note:  “New research, however, suggests that they (fish) may, revealing that their nervous system may be more complex than we thought—and our own awareness of pain may be much more evolutionarily ancient than suspected,” it said.
That research prompted a reply from Michael Agger, an editor at Slate and a fisherman. He noted that other research has come to different conclusions.  “Whenever one of these studies about fish pain appears, animal lovers start glaring at me and my fellow fishermen. If fish can experience pain, then angling must be a cruel sport, right up there with deer hunting, bear baiting, and eating hot dogs. Why can’t we just leave fish alone and do something else?” he wrote.
And that is PETA’s point. No hooks, no nets. And you can’t even fire up the barbecue should a chinook jump in your boat and expire.  “Billions of fish die every year in nets and on hooks. Some are destined for human consumption, many are tortured just for “sport,” and others are unintended victims who are maimed or killed simply because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time,” it says in its website.
PETA isn’t completely alone. Germany and Switzerland, for instance, have banned catch and release fishing, apparently on animal-cruelty grounds. 
PETA, however, doesn’t want you fish or eat fish.  After all, PETA has taken to calling fish “sea kittens” on the portion of it website for kids.  “People seem to be down on fish lately. That’s why we’re renaming them ‘sea kittens’ so that people will realize that fish are just as intelligent (not to mention adorable) as dogs and cats and that they feel pain, just as all animals do.”
PETA has an uphill battle in Washington, where nearly 770,000 fishing licenses were sold last year.
How about this PETA?  Why don’t you just let parents raise their children the way THEY see fit, teaching their children what THEY believe is best for them.  After all, we know you aren’t really all about protecting animals anyway.  Hypocrites.
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Dr. Eowyn
9 years ago

just move to Russia PETA,take cass sunstein with you,and every other Anti-American.

9 years ago

Dave has been a member of PETA his entire life.
That’s People for the Eating of Tasty Animals.
And I like my fish fried, sautéed, baked, steamed, poached, broiled, grilled, smoked, or stewed.
And I just love to slow smoke a nice thick bourbon-marinaded salmon fillet on indirect charcoal with fresh lemon slices all over it. 😀
Da’yem, Dave is getting hungry.

9 years ago

And so it is written IN AGENDA 21. All of these acronym agencies enforcing the wackiest rule’s you never heard of, due to the U.N. supporting these orginazations through grants as well as awards. I’ve been saying it for years, “The U.N. is the enemy.” I’ve been a member of Ted Nugent’s version of PETA for a good part of my life (see Dave’s post). Hunt em, skin em, gut em, butcher them then stoke the coals cause it’s BBQ time. I’ve been making hats for the PETA people. They are made from wild animal tails. I just know they… Read more »

9 years ago

I was going to ask if rod and reel were so horrible what were they going to do about the atrocities of human trafficking, but seeing their plans for a porn site answers that. Disgusting all the way around.

9 years ago

fresh walleye filleted and cooked in a skillet over a campfire along the shore and humans have been doing that for how long? 20,000 or 30,000 years maybe its time to cull the number of lawyers especially liberal lawyers require lawyers to wear orange vests and declare an open season in which hunters must purchase tags to cull the lawyers and once you have your tag you can go hunt your lawyer. no animals would be harmed in this endeavor and it would go along way for the improvement of the national health and well-being. this would work for career… Read more »

9 years ago

***Discovery of a new species of fish. *** It’s the ‘PosPeta’. They are a very rare breed. We need to catch and hook as many as possible before they multiply further; as they represent a catastrophic calamity to the general population of other fish and animal species. So please, when faced with the demon-fish, aka, PosPeta, let ’em have it with heavy duty 30lb test and a good yank-toss to the shore to insure their numbers do not increase.
Thank you for your cooperation……………………………………………..;)

6 years ago

I wish liberals cared as much about the brutality of abortion as they do these soulless animals.