Just for the Obamabots!

Deep Fried Kool Aid! Photo AP

Fattening Fried Kool-Aid Debuts in San Diego

Just what the Obamabots dream of — deep fried Kool-Aid!  “Oh, the moment of truth,” said Joe Cocoba, a 31-year-old nursing student before biting into the glistening brown dough ball with a pink fluffy interior. “I can taste it (the Kool-Aid)! It’s good.”

San Diego County fair goers can’t seem to get enough of the newest, oily treat that debuted at “Chicken Charlie’s” food stand about two weeks ago when the annual event kicked off at the Del Mar horse race track and fairgrounds.

Charlie Boghosian — aka “Chicken Charlie” — is the 300-pound man behind the creations. The 42-year-old Boghosian has spent two decades testing the limits of what can be cooked in grease and still taste good. Each year, he adds new, unusual items to his popular, bright-yellow and red food stand.

Boghosian said he has sold 100,000 fried Klondike bars last year and two million fried Oreo cookies over the past decade. But the $5.95 fried Kool-Aid is quickly becoming his top seller. He says he has fried up 500 pounds of Kool-Aid powder so far. “It’s been huge,” he said. “People are loving it.”

I doubt Michelle Obama will be pleased with this.  Certainly doesn’t fit in to her “dinner plate“!


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Hey, Kool Aid!


I knew they deep fried almost everything, but I have to admit that this one surprised me, and made me laugh because why should I be surprised.

Dr. Eowyn

We know where Michelle’s Food Police will strike next! San Diego, here they come!


rev jim jones special kool aid additive would be the perfect obama campaign 2012 party surprise.