Just Cleaning House

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We are honored that Fellowship member Ron has given us another poem! 😀

Just Cleaning House

Our House is full of vampire bats
Our Senate full of rabid rats
There’s Barney Frank the scummy slob
Disgusting Massachusetts blob
His girly man at Fannie Mae
Made millions with him in the hay.
Pelosi shrugged and played it dumb
Her answers prove her brain is numb.
Now Specter made his two faced move
He has no honor he can prove.
The White House full of acrid slime
Will be deloused at voting time.
Do not despair for future pain
It all comes clean with one good rain.

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0 responses to “Just Cleaning House

  1. Excellent poem. Though I would never look at garters and pantyhoses in the same light again. That was some good rhyming! 🙂

  2. Thank you Will–Poets are always looking for a compliment–It’s almost impossible to publish poetry any more. And thank you EO for posting it.

  3. Enjoyed this very much–made me smile!!!

  4. Wonderful poem! I loved it! Very clever!


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