June 06, 1944

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Sixty-eight years ago today, the largest amphibious invasion force the world has ever seen assaulted Adolf Hitler’s version of Fortress Europe. The first allied boots that actually landed on French soil hit the ground many agonizing hours before the waiting Germans even saw the first inkling of the masses of landing and assault craft coming at them over the Channel horizon.
By the end of the day, approximately 5,500 Allied soldiers, including around 2,500 Americans, would be dead. Five American soldiers would be in line for a Congressional Medal of Honor, one of which was the son of a former president and the highest ranking American soldier to land on the beaches of Normandy on that historic day.
By midnight, the German beach defenses had been breached, the Allies were moving swiftly inland, the Soviet Red Army was driving on Germany from the east, and Hitler’s vaunted Thousand Year Reich had just under eleven months remaining.
Cornelius Ryan, in his excellent written account of D-Day, named it The Longest Day. For those who participated in it on either side, it most assuredly was.
An excellent video concerning D-Day:

From the German perspective:

Eisenhower’s pre-invasion speech to the troops:

FDR’s D-Day address to the nation:

Note: The above is an updated adaptation of a post I put together three years ago.

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  1. Brave men they were, our soldiers and allies. Thank God they were able to destroy evil forces.

  2. I was a child during World War II, but I will never forget D-Day. What I didn’t know at the time was that my father was at Omaha Beach. I recently found a letter that my father wrote to my mother the night before he left for Normandy. I also have a piece of the parachute from one of the first men on the ground in France during the invasion. My father sent it home to us. People forget the sacrifices of all Americans during those years. I remember all the men going to war, my father, my two brothers, my two uncles – one of my brothers did not come home. These men gave America all they had. They were willing to shed their life’s blood so that we could be free. What we are as a nation today we owe to them. But today, so many, even the President of the United States, do not honor their sacrifices.

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