Jumping Jehoshaphat. What Happened to Hillary?

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Remember Hillary Clinton’s polished look in the 2008 Presidential Primaries?

Contrast 2008 with what Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wore for Obama’s UK visit this week:
1. A bulky, busy-looking, double-breasted coat that adds pounds to her already pudgy figure:

2. Baggy pants and grey kitten-heel shoes that are just so wrong with pants:

[Source: Daily Mail]
Do Hillary and Michelle have the same personal shopper?

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0 responses to “Jumping Jehoshaphat. What Happened to Hillary?

  1. Well, at least she is covered. That’s more than I can say for MOO!

  2. Mad Angel is on FB

    She still did better than Michele

  3. Is she ill? That’s a pretty remarkable change for only two years.

  4. What’s up w/Hillary’s right foot in the last picture? Looks like a stuffed sausage 🙂


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