Judge Jeanine on Benghazigate: Obama lied and left Americans to die

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0 responses to “Judge Jeanine on Benghazigate: Obama lied and left Americans to die

  1. In all respect to the Judge Jeanine. Really? My dreams have been shattered since Nov. 1963. Every story out of DC has spins. One should analyze each spin to see which might one rings true, if any. Don’t waste ur time change is not on the way.

  2. Saw this on Saturday night, and she hit the nail on the head. Really surprised Fox allowed this.

  3. Doesn’t this great looking Judge know that Obummer wanted the ‘HIT’- The Muslim terrorist President has most of the true Patriots either in Jail, strung-out on Opium, or sent to Foreign Outposts to be the ‘first dead’ and farthermost from America while the rest of the Country is ‘forced’ into slavery, and Marks-ism by the Illuminati and their Jesuits- I wonder if the Judge knows that they use the HAARP and CHEM-trails to murder all of the Earth’s Life and they use the Star Wars Space Defense System to annihilate the enemies of the NWO with Plasma Blasts and other High Focus Energy Sources— I would explain it all to her if I could- ‘CHEERS’

    • Sorry Wesley,
      I just can’t go there with you. There are plenty of things to deal with in the real world, without becoming a member of the Keepers Of Odd Knowledge (KOOK).
      It isn’t the possibility of the things you assert that troubles me. It’s your certainty. The old statement, “Check your sources,” is important here. If you’re getting most of your info from the internet, you could be listening to a 15 year old with a comic book collection, and taking it it like it was written by the finger of God.

  4. Obama need a vacation in S FRANCISCO …. in ALCATRAZ forever .

  5. Thatls a great video! I wonder if there was “more to gain” than the nominal president winning another presidential election? What was in that re election process and result that made it necessary to sacrifice these men?
    It is certainly generally known that the Al Qaeda was a brain child of those who are interested in perpetual wars and that defeating Al Qaeda or the branch of that militancy that is involved in whatever scandalous activity is currently on our lips, is part of that overall agenda. Since the US has one remaining booming industry, which is the manufacture of weapons and heavy vehicles to be used for warfare, it stands to reason that the Congress that has allowed for nearly all US industrial production to grind to a halt yet keeps the weaponry sector going is working with those whose power depends on perpetual wars. Benghazigate is a nightmare to be sure, it would be amazing if action was taken, and those in leadership who misled the US citizens deliberately were removed from office and made to pay the price for this. Meanwhile, the weapons looted after the war in Libya ended with the ouster of Qadaffi, are being exported most likely to militants who are now fighting in Syria against Assad. Many of these militants are the same as those who worked alongside NATO to topple Qadaffi. They also were connected to the Brigade of guards who were hired by the State Dept. to watch over Ambassador Stevens et al. It was generally known that the “consulate” was not protected the way it should have been because it was not officially a “consulate” it was a CIA outpost, and the guards were known to be close with Al Qaeda yet the whole thing got burned up and the Ambassador and the brave men who were there with him and who made the heroic attempt to hold the fort were allowed to be there under hopelessly inadequate conditions on a day well known for it’s terroristic implications, and to be murdered and that all attempts to get help to them were either turned down or crushed and it was made perfectly clear by Susan Rice that this wasn’t going to stop the official story being that the video that was causing a rumpus in Egypt caused this attack to occur spontaneously.
    The people who tesitified last week before the committee chaired by
    Darrell Issa were all part of the problem, in as much as they knew that the mission in Benghazi was not protected properly and that the terrorists/militants who toppled Qadaffi alongside NATO forces are still working with the CIA and the nations that are funding and supplying arms and money too are allies of NATO and now Israel is bombing Syria in violation of all international laws that govern attacks against a legitimate governments’ nation.
    These things are so serious it is no wonder that Benghazigate happened it is just another incident along the long list of horror stories such as the collapse of the World Trade Center in NYC, the Oklahoma bombing,
    the war against Iraq the war in Afganistn, and the drone killings of anyone and everyone that is on the Administrations hit list. Whoever wanted the nominal president reelected is someone who wants a lot of people dead and will go to any lengths to achieve that aim. Unemployment, bank bailouts and bailins, quantative easing, austerity, Obamacare, you name it, the power of the US presidency and the money that is being poured into keeping these policies going and adding to them daily, the Sandy Hook massacre, the Boston Marathon massacre, the gay agenda etc etc are all things that are wrecking civilization as we thought we knew it, NASA is now being forced to work on an electric solarpowered device to send to Mars, and this is part of the green agenda which will help us as a race to devolve, for our species to revert to cave dwellers almost that is if there are any caves to rush into if a thermonuclear war breaks out.
    We need God’s intervention in the whole world.

    • Laura Johnson

      Well, you threw in everything except the Illuminati in your message! (This is not a criticism, just a comment.) It seems to me that the power of the military/industrial/congressional complex is what is at work here…make weapons of war and make war, wherever you can find an opening! The fact that Congress spends all this time focusing on investigating Benghazi and NOT on investigating the mortgage fraudsters, the financial fraudsters, the insider trading, the financial moves that destroyed the economy, and they failed to re-install the Glass-Steagal Act, well that tells us everything. Instead of promoting jobs thru programs to rebuild our failing infrastructure, they spend time investigating Benghazi! Where were the investigations when 12 US consulates/embassies were attacked and 52 people died during the Bush Administration? Why was not the third building of the WTC part of the investigation and report of the 9/11 commission…the building that no airplane hit and yet collapsed in accordance with CONTROLLED DEMOLITION practices??? Many questions, few answers and lots of political grandstanding to take attention away from areas we should be watching.


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