Judge Jeanine: Banning guns doesn't work

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0 responses to “Judge Jeanine: Banning guns doesn't work

  1. Amen sister!

  2. So much common sense in her video, but gun control is not about common sense. It’s the argument of the collective, if one person is shown to be dangerous with a gun then we are all considered dangerous for the purposes of the elite.
    The dominant minority have always been scared of the silent majority, scared of having their illegal wealth and possessions taken away from them, scared about the uprising of the slaves against their masters – that’s the real reason for gun control. Criminals are controlled by other criminals, they have their hierarchy and their own code of behaviour, and their respect for power even when they try to take power for themselves. The free-thinking, honest and independent people are the dangerous ones who can destroy that power structure.
    We have been deluded into thinking we were free, now the green curtain is being lifted and we see how things really work. The unthinking and unengaged citizens need to realise that before it’s too late, so we need more people to speak out and show the lunacy of what is being proposed.

  3. i love judge jeanine,shes got attitude,she tells it like it is.she puts all liberals to shame.right on judge! i wish she was president.

  4. K.
    Dave is in love.
    Oink. 😀


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