Judas Stupak Quits

To avoid being kicked out by voters on Nov. 2, Stupak quits

Today started on a good note:
The AP reports that Demonrat Congressman Bart Stupak (D-Michigan) announced that he will not seek reëlection to the House this November. 
Stupak and his cabal of Demonrat hypocrites, known collectively as the Stupak 11, dithered on how they would vote on the ObamaCare bill, pretending that they were pro-life men of moral principles. At the 11th hour, led by Stupak, who calls himself Catholic, they caved in, supposedly because they were reassured by the Punk that he would sign an executive order banning ObamaCare funding for abortion. That is a mirage because we all know a president’s executive order does not and cannot override/negate a law passed by Congress, the legislative branch of our government. Later, we found out that Stupak and his cabal sold out the lives of unborn for $4.7 billion in earmarks bribes.
Of course Stupak, like every single lying politician, will not admit he’s quitting because he knows he can’t win the votes to be reëlected. He gave the usual phony reason of wanting “to spend more time with my family.” “The Tea Party did not run me out,” he said in a telephone interview. “If you know me and my personality, I would welcome the challenge.” Blah, blah, blah….
This lying POS even managed to thumb his brown nose, which must be covered with the Punk’s excrement, at his critics. He said he had considered retirement for years but was persuaded to stay in Congress because of the prospect of serving with a Democratic majority and helping win approval of the health care overhaul, which he described as his top legislative priority. “I’ve fought my whole career for health care and thanks to Barack Obama and my colleagues, we’ve gotten it done.” 
Stupak’s fawning over Obama reminds me of a comment a very smart FellowshipOfMinds reader wrote (sorry, I forgot who), that Stupak must have cut another deal with the Punk-in-chief for a post-“retirement” position in some bureaucracy in the executive branch.
In the meantime, we still need to keep our eyes on this POS because there are still five months to go before he “retires” — which means he has five months to do more mischief, as in voting “yes” on Cap ‘n Trade and on amnesty for illegals.
Stupak, now that you’ll have more time “to spend with your family,” you also have the time to do something even more important: GO TO CONFESSION and beg for God’s forgiveness!

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Even though the damage been done at least he is gone but I wonder how much one man can last on 30 pieces of silver?


another one down! way more to go!


Here is what I posted about Bart “Benedict Arnold” Stupak over on my blog: The man who’s stupidity and treachery helped the Kenyan commie to end freedom as we once knew it in America, has decided to retire rather than seek reelection. […] Too bad, really, as I was rather looking forward to (hopefully) watching this treasonous commie bastard’s constituents vote his freedom and liberty destroying ass out come November. Oh, well. There will be plenty more to watch having their heads handed to them. Sometime in the distant future the historians of the day are going to start digging… Read more »


Did anyone see that yellow stripe down his back when he turned around?
Vox Populi


No, because Obama’s back was blocking the view.
LOL – No, I DID NOT just post that.
Oh yes I did. 🙂