Joshua Green's tragic profile photo

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Joshua Green is a senior national correspondent at Bloomberg Businessweek and a weekly columnist for the Boston Globe.
On May 26, 2011, while he was still an editor at The Atlantic, Green wrote an article with this title:

Rick Santorum’s Tragic Yearbook Photo

Green wrote with sneering superiority:
“Lots of candidates have embarrassing things in their past that they’d hate to have flare up in the middle of a presidential campaign. I think we can safely conclude that we have found Rick Santorum’s! At the right, cast your eyes upon the tragedy that is Santorum’s high school year book photo–specifically, Carmel High School in Mundelein, Illinois, in 1976. […] A quick office straw poll here at The Atlantic, conducted amidst uproarious laughter, confirms that this is, in fact, the single worst year book photo that most of us have ever seen. An outright disaster. […] I have yet to meet the political consultant talented enough to spin this one. My condolences to Santorum. Brave of him to have struggled through this and made something of this life.”
Born in 1958, Santorum was 18 years old in his high school yearbook photo:

I think Rick looked kinda cute, don’t you? Unlike 18-year-olds today, Rick actually looked innocent, instead of hard.
I’d like to see Joshua Green’s high school year book photo. Judging by what he looks like today, I dread to imagine how nebbish Green must have been at 18. Here’s his profile photo on The Atlantic. Bear in mind this is his best (therefore, profile) picture! The pic is fuzzy because I had to enlarge it by 400%:

Joshua Green, 2011

Tssk, tssk.
Tragic. Just tragic….

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  1. Joshua,another mentally twisted liberal thinking he was going to get somewhere with this attack.

  2. Mr. Green has the look of a psychopath….I can’t explain it,
    I just know it when I see it.


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