Joseph Ametrano and Sandy Hook – Vimeo and Twitter

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 Someone named Joseph Ametrano  posted a Sandy Hook Elementary memorial video and tweeted about on November 10, 2012 — weeks before the actual shooting took place on December 14, 2012. 

 Logic Before Authority joined the Youtube Community on January 1, 2013.  He has uploaded a most comprehensive collection of videos documenting Sandy Hook anomalies.  “Twisted Minds of Evil”  is the title of  a June 2012 Joseph Ametrano video about mass murderers that includes photos of the alleged Aurora Colorado shooter, James Holmes and the alleged Sandy Hook shooter, Adam Lanza months before the events actually happened!
Twisted Minds of Evil-James Holmes Twisted Minds of Evil-Adam Lanza

Below is Logic Before Authority’s explanatory video of the June 20, 2012 “Twisted Minds of Evil” video uploaded by Joseph Ametrano,

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0 responses to “Joseph Ametrano and Sandy Hook – Vimeo and Twitter

  1. Timestamps are B.S. and the music OK…At best.

  2. I recognized some of them, but not all. Does anyone know the names of all of the people shown in this video?

  3. I’ve just been reading here – – that a Vimeo user can replace one of his uploaded vids and it will keep the old time stamp.
    So some are saying this was deliberately set up as a trap to debunk conspiracy theorists. But I’m not sure about that as it appears the video has been removed. I.e., if it was such a good trap, why remove it?

  4. The white guy is Charles Whitman, the FIRST school shooter. University of Austin, back in the 60″s!

  5. I want desperately to put this down as nonsense. But I can’t… at least not yet.

  6. Though the video was dated 6/20, the picture of the Aurora shooter had not been taken yet – because it is a picture taken in court. So somehow the above poster was right that you can post later stuff and the original date stays the same.

  7. Tim, if I read your comment backward, will it make more sense? Just kidding… though I have to admit I really did not follow all that.
    In any case, regarding that Ametrano video, BY FAR the most likely explanations are summed up well by the administrator at
    “A) It was deliberately back-dated as a hoax,
    B) It was inadvertently back-dated as Ametrano did something like overwrite an old video to save space
    C) Some bug”
    Plenty more on that subject (with technical discussion somewhat reminiscent of the ALS/CMI controversy) here:

    • Do you know what an a priori is, Crustacean?
      An a priori is an assertion or truth claim that is presumed to be true, without it actually being supported by any evidence. Its function is to be the foundation for other derivative propositions or truth claims.
      An example of an a priori is “If all men are brothers.” Only by assuming the a priori is true, can we then have related propositions: “I and Jack are both men” and “Therefore, Jack is my brother.”
      So it is with your comment above. Your A, B, C, are “by far the most likely explanations” only because of your a priori: “Sandy Hook was not a hoax or false flag event.” By summarily ruling out Sandy Hook being a false flag, of course your are left with A, B, and C as “the most likely explanations”!
      Alas, like all a priori statements, yours is simply an assumption, with little supporting evidence.

  8. LogicBeforeAuthority was formerly known as IdahoPicker, that was until he missed his DUI hearing and skipped to Belize with his gf. He has a 10,000 dollar warrant still on him all these months later. He is a known scammer with a horrible history as a realtor. Search Daniel Alexander Cannon to verify what I am saying is the truth.


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