JON VOIGHT Cuts Video In Support of Netanyahu – Says “President Obama Does Not Love Israel”

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Voight Cuts Video for Netanyahu – Slams Obama
voight israel
Actor Jon Voight (front R) listens to U.S. President George W. Bush during his speech to the Knesset in Jerusalem May 15, 2008. (REUTERS/Larry Downing)
Popular actor Jon Voight cut a video today in support of Benjamin Netanyahu.
In the 63 second video released just two days before the election Voight also tells his Israeli friends, “Barack Obama does not love Israel.”

I love Israel. I want to see Israel survive and not be taken over by the madmen of this world. President Obama does not love Israel. His whole agenda is to control Israel. And this way he can be friends with all of Israel’s enemies. He doesn’t want Bibi Netanyahu to win this upcoming election. America has not been the same since his presidency.”
From American Thinker

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0 responses to “JON VOIGHT Cuts Video In Support of Netanyahu – Says “President Obama Does Not Love Israel”

  1. Hey-if a president (alleged or actual) can’t love his “home”(In Residence Only) Country,why would he love any OTHER Country?

  2. the obamanation of desolation spreads; funded by the USSA. too poor to pay attention the sheoples fund not only their slaughter/enslavement; but anyone who has desire to be free.

  3. John Voight has really ben standing up against the “progressives” these past few years!

    • Yes, he has for a good long time. Unfortunately, his daughter, Angelina Jolie, is just the opposite and even works for the United Nations…gag. They have never gotten along, and she’s missed out on a great father who she couldn’t forgive for leaving her mother.

  4. I noticed Chuck Norris put out a video in support of Bibi, too.
    Nice to be reminded from time to time that not everybody in Hollyweird is a flaming left-wing Israel hater.

  5. Mr. Voight has been a staunch crusader for years now. He speaks the truth and it is now hitting the left between the eyes. After awhile, it is very hard to deny what he says. Bless this man and all those that are fighting the war here on our own land.
    I was pleasantly surprised when I read a while back of all those in Gollywood that do lean right, it gives me hope.

  6. We love you too Jon Voight!

  7. Now we wait for the lapdog media’s demonization of Jon Voight, just as they had gone after former NY mayor Rudy Giuliani for saying Obama does not love America.


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