Jon Stewart's Vagina Manger

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Jon Stewart, whose birth name is Jonathan Leibowitz, is a non-religious Jew who said he was subjected to anti-Semitic bullying as a child. He describes himself in high school as “very into Eugene Debs and a bit of a leftist,” but says his political affiliation is “more socialist or independent” than Democratic. Eugene Debs was an American union leader and ran several times for the U.S. presidency as the candidate of the Socialist Party of America.
Nevertheless, Stewart insists he’s not liberal; nor is he a “partisan ideological activist.” He makes $15 million in salary a year; has an estimated net worth of $80 million; owns a duplex penthouse in lower Manhattan’s tony TriBeCa neighborhood, a water front home in the Bay Point area of Sag Harbor, New York and, his most recent purchase, a water front home in Red Bank, New Jersey. What a “socialist” that Jon Stewart is!
On April 16, 2012, on “The Daily Show” increasingly the source of news for young Americans Stewart ripped the Fox News Network for giving air to the “war on women” issue. He then ridiculed Fox’s “war on Christmas,” asking, “What can women do to generate the same sense of outrage from Fox as the removal of decorative slightly poisonous holiday plants? Perhaps they could play into the theme?”
At this point, Stewart showed a picture of a naked woman with her legs spread apart with a nativity scene ornament in between.

Imagine if Stewart had done that with an image of Mohammad.
Stewart said, “Maybe women could protect their reproductive organs from unwanted medical intrusions with vagina mangers.”
We heard ad nauseum about Rush Limbaugh’s “slut” remark about the unmarried Georgetown U. student Sandra Fluke who said the federal government taxpayers should pay for her contraceptives.
But did you hear about Stewart’s vagina manger?
No? Why is that?
Did you know that it was the Catholic League who went after Stewart for that blasphemous offensive “vagina manger” image, and insisted that the non-liberal [snark] Stewart apologize or the League would coordinate a boycott of businesses that air commercials on The Daily Show?
Well, Stewart did not apologize.
On May 7, 2012, it was reported that as a result of Catholic League’s campaign, Delta Airlines pulled its ads from The Daily Show.
Delta spokeswoman Leslie Parker said that “We are constantly evaluating our advertising strategy and at this time no longer advertise during The Daily Show,” but denied that the decision had anything to do with “any opinions expressed” by the show.
Yeah, right.
Catholic League’s pugnacious president, Bill Donohue, pledges in a press release to continue his campaign, with Kellogg’s as the next target: “All the top management at Kellogg’s will receive a color photo of a naked woman with her legs spread and a nativity scene ornament in between. Let’s see if that jars them. Over 700 photos have been sent to leaders in Battle Creek, Michigan.”

A Kellogg’s representative didn’t immediately comment on whether anyone at Kellogg’s had received the photos. A spokesperson for the Daily Show didn’t respond to an inquiry from BuzzFeed.

Founded in 1973, Catholic League is America’s largest Catholic civil rights organization. The League defends the right of Catholics – lay and clergy alike – to participate in American public life without defamation or discrimination. Motivated by the letter and the spirit of the First Amendment, the Catholic League works to safeguard both the religious freedom rights and the free speech rights of Catholics whenever and wherever they are threatened.
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0 responses to “Jon Stewart's Vagina Manger

  1. Left/libtards don’t care about principle, just tearing down people they don’t like (which seems to be everybody but themselves– except for muslims, whom they suck-up to because they’re afraid of ’em).

  2. Thank you, Dr. Eowyn, for this most interesting post! Bravo to the Catholic League for defending the Gospel against such sacriligous and offensive behavior! Delta Airlines as an advertiser should also be applauded for removing their ads from him, though they do not admit why they have done so, we are not stupid and can put two and two together! And yes, this type of behavior if it were against Islam, would be all over the major media networks. We live in times of persecution, especially against Catholics! The HHS mandate proves this – what is the king going to do now that the Catholic Church has made it clear that “WE WILL NOT COMPLY!”

  3. Could this guy get any more sleezy? He’s vieing for #1 position with Bill Mahr

  4. Sick.

  5. This guy is a JINO, plain and simple. He is one who an accident should happen to. He is in many ways cut from teh same cloth as another horrid JINO. gerge soros. NO ONE should be surprised the low that these scums will slime to.

  6. i do not watch the simpering moron or any of his braindead cohorts.

  7. This world gets sicker every day. Had not seen or heard about this picture. Hopefully I’ll be able to get it out of my mind.

  8. That;s Jewish attitudes towards Christianity and the WEst in general.
    See Kevin MacDonalds’s book Culture of Critique.
    Follow the white rabbit people and wake up.
    White rabbit radio……………. FTWR

  9. So I guess freedom of speech only applies to Catholics and conservatives…

    • Freedom of speech applies to all.
      Class doesn’t apply to libs, it’s defined as “comedy”.
      And hate speech is only appropriate for libs that bash Coulter, Malkin, Romney, Bachman, etc.
      Spare me the standards libs preach yet do not practice.

    • But, but, what about the war on women?
      Freakin double “comedy” free speech standards.

    • Gosh, did you say that when they were/are boycotting the sponsors of Rush Limbaugh?

  10. Hooray for the Catholic League–they not only speak for Catholics but for most Christians. Thank goodness for those that will not sit back and tolerate these sick attacks on Christianity!

  11. Strange that the writer feels that there would have been a wider reaction had the image been about Islam.
    Maybe Muslims will cry foul, but certainly not the mainstream western media (which by way is the source of the prevailing Arab/Muslim negative stereotypes). But the end of the world (for the media) would be if the image was of Judaism or Jews. Oh! I forgot; that’s not even allowed in the first place.

  12. I shall pray for him since he seems to be a very soul-tormented, albeit RICH,entertainer. When a comedian is no longer funny, he should “seek other avenues.” The picture offends not only Christians but all people of good will. There are scads of fanatics and fools to satirize. Jon Stewart should retreat to one of his mansions and spend some time in thoughtful meditation. His team of writers could do guard duty.
    Disappointed Long-time Viewer

  13. Josephine Nevanpera

    Jon Stewart has gone way over the line. This is offensive to not only Christians, but to the viewing public in general. Christians, and Catholics in particular, seem to be the butt of television humor. Let’s boycott these shows and stop using merchandise that sponsor these shows. Hitting these people in their pockets seem to be the only effective solution.

  14. Jesus wanted us to love everyone – not just the people you agree with. The Catholic League should be ashamed. I am Catholic, and will certainly put an extra box of Frosted Flakes in my grocery cart next time I am at the store.

    • Hey, Ashamed,
      Why would you think The Catholic League doesn’t love Jon Stewart? The greatest love is to tell people the truth. You are confusing “love” with “indulgence” and not having a moral compass about right vs. wrong.
      And if you are Catholic, then I am the King of Siam. No Catholic would tolerate, even less encourage, anyone insulting and mocking the birth of Jesus and His mother. Shame on you! There, see how much I love you because I’m telling you the truth about yourself?

      • Bravo Dr. Eowyn and Ditto from me! As Edith Stein said, who is known as St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, “Love is Truth and Truth is Love!”


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