Jon Stewart conceals his wealth under pets' names

Jon Stewart mocks Christians with his “vagina manger

John Nolte writes for that the left-wing star of the low-rated cable Daily Show, Jon “I’m-not-a-liberal” Stewart, is a big hypocrite.
Stewart (born Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz) uses his TV show as a Super PAC platform to carry water for Obama by attacking Mitt Romney’s wealth and the extravagance of the “one-percenters.” But Stewart himself is a 1% multi-millionaire who makes more than 300 times the median American salary and owns three luxury homes that he hides under fake names!
You see, Jon Stewart doesn’t technically own those homes. Using a trick mastered by countless one-percenters, the properties were purchased by private trusts named after his pets. The super-wealthy often make big-ticket purchases through trusts in order to protect their other assets from lawsuits, diminish estate tax liability, and avoid public scrutiny.
Stewart also sometimes doesn’t pay his taxes.
The state of New York issued its first “state tax warrant” for Stewart’s failure to pay $476.03, sending the notice to the address of the KLS Professional Advisors Group, the financial firm that manages Stewart’s money. In September 2008, New York issued a second lien, this time a $3,225.63 demand to Stewart’s wife Tracy, which was sent to the address of the Stewarts’ trusts.
The Daily Caller has done some excellent reporting on this. You’ll want to read the full report.
Stewart, age 49, is worth an estimated $80 million. At his current earning rate, Stewart’s net worth will be $320 million (not including increases in property value or other assets) by the time he turns 65 — Mitt Romney’s current age. In other words, for all his attacks on Romney’s wealth, Stewart is on pace to be richer than Romney.

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What a mega hypocrite! Pot, meet kettle…$320 million? I sure hope his house is on the OWS map.


Typical lib hypocrite!


I’ll wait for a legitimate news source to cover this story before I believe it. Maybe The Advocate or Queerty… Heck, I’ll even settle for the Wall Street Journal, as long as it isn’t a WSJ editorial.


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What a low blow for humanity – no morality in this crowd.