Joint Chiefs of Staff React to Obama's SOTU

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America is fighting two wars — in Afghanistan and supposedly winding down in Iraq. North Korea continues to be bellicose. China is a rising power with territorial ambitions in the East and South China Seas, holding $895.6 billion in U.S. treasury securities as of November 2010. Meanwhile, the Arabic world is in open rebellion — from Tunisia to Egypt, thousands are in the streets demanding regime change.
But Obama thinks this is precisely the right moment to play social engineering with the U.S. military.
Don’t you think that the Joint Chiefs of Staff know more about the military than this man-without-a-birth-certificate who has never served in the military, had never fought in a war, and who throws a ball like a girl?


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0 responses to “Joint Chiefs of Staff React to Obama's SOTU

  1. Eowyn:
    Obama throws like a constipated girl. Moochelle has hula hoop stamina.
    What role models they are (not)!

  2. Social engineering is all this commie organizer knows. Having never served in combat, he will NEVER understand the goal. Bringing “social issues” into the military is not the solution.
    Ya think the extremists in Egypt would have tried this under Bush/Cheney? Not a chance…

  3. “America is fighting in two wars”
    Oh, if it were only so.
    America is fighting in Colombia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Yemen, Boznia,Albania,The Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and most likely( if we include CIA/ Delta force, and whatever the name for deep cover black ops is, in Iran and Saudi Arabia.
    This is why we are going bankrupt, and will not be able to fund “entitlements” at home.
    DCG, as far as your comment regarding Egyptian “extremists” and Bush /Cheney; The uprising in Egypt has been years in the making because the Egyptian people are sick and tired of Rule by decree, grinding poverty, and no way out.Al jazerra and the internet have given the people a window on the world, and they want a better life.
    Pick up a copy of “American Raj” or visit “Eric” for the truth about the Muslim world and Arab street.
    As for Bush/Cheney, I’m glad that sideshow is in the dustbin of history.
    More damage under Pinkey and the Brain than any administration in modern times.
    As for gays in the military, more there than we can realize; and I think the only thing that would make the brass stand up and cheer is more money for bigger boom/ booms.They’ll work it out, I’m sure the opposition to black integration in the military was far worse.

    • I understand the history in Egypt and the years of rule they have been under. My extremist comment refers to the Muslim Brotherhood that helping to drive this. We really don’t know what is truly happening there. Current ruling class is not good nor would they be better under Muslim rule.
      “black integration” in the military? Good grief is race always an issue for libs? Blacks having been serving in the military for over 100 years. Gays as well I’m sure. Soldiers know how to works together to get the mission done. Colin Powell integrated very well…And just saw your post about him so guess that won’t matter…

  4. I feel the Joint Chiefs,Gates-have failed us miserably. They are empty suits that have been bought and paid for period. On DADT this was another move to weaken our military. Our brave men are over there fighting a war,dodging bullets for our safety and freedom,they don’t need this bull$$#! to worry about on top of everything else.

  5. Hi Steve,
    I don’t know what the statute of limitations for Bush / Cheney is, but rest assured they will not be prosecuted for any transgressions. The British Empire actually is to blame for most of the modern world’s problems due to their hand in drawing borders in Africa (Sudan in particular), the Levant ( Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Israel, etc.)India /Pakistan
    The sight of Colin Powell lying before the U.N general assembly still wants to makle me puke.
    As far as “you guys” shirking responsiblity for the economic mess goes, I ain’t in that club; I’m just a poor schmuck trying to get ahead in a world ruled and being ruined by the “Banksters” and their political puppets.The “sub prime mess is much more complicated than what you mentioned. Those “poor people” were sold mortgages, not given mortgages; and those who did the sellin’ made a bunch of money. All was just wonderful until the bubble burst; blame goes to everyone involved, bankers, pols, jaded consumers, hedgefunds, etc.It was a bloody “feeding frenzy”.
    They are banging everyone, left and right, and pitting us against each other;
    Classic divide and conquer, bada bing!
    It always seems to boil down to red team / blue team, and I’m quite sick of both.I ain’t a team player, I’m independent.
    Bush DID NOT keep us safe. It’s all BS. His administration made tons of money for the special people.
    As far as answering the rest of your questions goes, the Muslim Brotherhood may indeed gain a win in Egypt, then again they may not.
    Egypt’s youth sees the world through the internet and Al Jazeera ( and Bollywood). they crave change.
    Black Ops teams running all over the world is part of Bush’s “war on terror”, so it is a war, not just “good old revenge”, and blow back happens.
    I don’t give a flyin’ fudgsicle about Israel, that ain’t my problem.
    As far as I’m concerned, they can all go back to where they came from , especially the radical American Jews. I don’t want the whole world in flames over Israel, a nation the size of New Jersey.I care about America, NOT friggin’ Israel.I’m tired of supporting Israel, don’t see the point.
    Under Israeli law, a woman can get an abortion, and they have socialized medicine paid for by the US.Kinda funky, ain’t it?
    $7 per gas would suck, how many people should “we “murder to keep gas prices affordable? Our major oil suppliers, according to “global Post” are (in order) Canada, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Nigeria, Angolia, and Iraq.
    Gas prices are the least of our worries, we get fertilizers and fuels for ag from petroleum; no oil, no food. How did we let things get this far?
    Actually “Democratic” is the will of the people, but not always the will of America.
    What would Steve do?

  6. Hey Steve,
    About 18 yrs ago, I worked as a sub contractor out at Disney who LOVED Rush. The Bastard ripped me off for about $35,000, then filed bankrupsy.
    Kinda cured me of “ditto heads”.I was cutting off piles all day underwater while he farted around and smoked cigars. Oh, the humanity!!
    I tried listening to Beck, but his chalkboard antics reminded me of a creepy Amway sales dude.
    I’ll stick with the web, surfing from Bangalore to Zaire, and the planet remulac, infinity and beyond….
    Let’s do lunch sometime!

  7. OOPS!, worked FOR a contractor.


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