Join a Class Action Lawsuit Against Obamacare!

Make his day by joining the Obamacare Class Action lawsuit!

Americans are frustrated with the courts not forcing the Federal government to follow the Constitution. Here’s a way for us to “march on the court” and demand that the court enforce the Constitution.
An attorney in Tennessee named Van Irion has organized a class action lawsuit against Obamacare which any American can join.
More than 28,536 Americans have joined the lawsuit. The Obamacare lawsuit is awaiting a hearing date; its case number is 1:10-CV-71; the court’s number is (423) 752-5200. 
Since there is power in numbers, Mr. Irion is appealing for more Americans to join the lawsuit and is aiming for 100,000 plaintiffs. Becoming a plaintiff is simple and easy. All that’s required are the following: 

  • Sign a petition at the Liberty Legal Foundation (LLF) website. LLF’s website is HERE; the petition is HERE
  • But before you sign the petition, you are asked to donate $1 to the LLF because the Foundation is using PayPal to verify your identity (so as to prevent frivolous joiners) and get your electronic signature. Here’s the PayPal link.

Joining the Obamacare Class Action lawsuit does not require you to participate in any other way, although plaintiffs are welcome to come to court with Mr. Irion, but aren’t required to. 
So for just $1, you become part of something historic. Never before have tens of thousands of Americans joined together in this way to fight a Constitutional lawsuit in Federal court! E-mail this to your family and friends, and ask them to join the lawsuit as well! I joined months ago.  😉

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