John Podesta sent an assassination email 3 days before suspicious death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia

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Since Scalia’s body was cremated 24 hours after death, what was in the coffin?

It is more than three years since the suspicious death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

We are told that on February 13, 2016, Scalia suddenly died in his sleep in his room in Cibolo Creek Ranch, a 1,700-acre ranch and luxury hotel in west Texas, only 15 miles from the US-Mexico border. To this day, Scalia’s death is shrouded in mystery. The things “that don’t fit together” include the following:

Adding to the mystery surrounding Scalia’s death is an email by John Podesta, the longtime Democrat operative who was the chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. Dated just three days before Scalia’s death, the email made mention of “wet work” — a slang term of spooks which means assassination of a public figure.

From True Pundit:

True Pundit personnel, who have served in varying intelligence capacities and agencies for the United States, were floored this morning when combing the Wikileaks database of John Podesta emails.

Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, in a Feb. 9, 2016 email makes reference to an assassination. Using the term “wet work,” Podesta sent a cryptic email to Democratic strategist and heavyweight consultant Steve Elmendorf. The term wet work is an intelligence slang term with Russian roots. Defined it means to assassinate a public figure, diplomat or someone of political note.

Elmendorf replied to Podesta’s mysterious reference: “I am all in Sounds like it will be a bad nite, we all need to buckle up and double down”

We do not want to go down the conspiracy rabbit hole here based on one or two comments. However, Podesta’s email was sent on a Tuesday. By Friday, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Antonin Scalia was found dead at a remote Texas resort. To say Scalia’s death was suspicious is putting it mildly.

  • No autopsy
  • No medical examiner on site to decipher cause of death
  • No U.S. Marshal protection detail accompanying Scalia
  • No functioning CCTV cameras on day of death
  • Scalia found clothed on bed with pillow over face
  • Scalia’s body mysteriously cremated before it could be examined
  • Resort owner large Obama contributor
  • And the list goes on and on

We are not alleging Podesta or Elmendorf played a role in Scalia’s death. That is a large leap and making such a leap is how news sites get a reputation for spreading conspiracy theories. But neither are doing themselves any favors by discussing the topic via email either. And the timing cannot be ignored, even by partisan detectives. Simply put: The optics look very bad.

When public officials and Beltway insiders, especially those working for Hillary Clinton, start and correspond to an assassination-themed email thread, they open themselves up wide for criticisms. Likewise this is the definition of poor judgment by both parties, discussing anything related, jokingly or not, to assassination. Podesta, after all, is running a campaign for the presidency of the United States and therefore his communications are held to a higher standard. And in a functioning Republic where law and order prevail, the FBI would want some answers too to the questions were are posing here. Any competent investigator would, based on the troubling timing alone. But, not Director James Comey’s FBI. Not this FBI.

Here’s the link to the Podesta email on Wikileaks. Below is a screenshot I took of the email:

H/t Big Lug

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24 responses to “John Podesta sent an assassination email 3 days before suspicious death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia

  1. Great research and some I had never encountered before! (((Looks like Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut was based on facts)))
    Mention was made of General Franco who was allowed to stay in power after Masonic WWII was completed even though he had Nationalist Socialist & Fascist Italian aid against the Communists.
    I was told by my elders that the Spanish Civil War was a Hegelian Dialectical conflict as a playing field for National Socialism vs International Socialism aka “Communism”.

    • In a radio talk broadcast years ago on New York’s hard left WBAI, of Pacifica Radio, an old veteran of the Brooklyn-Jewish Abraham Lincoln Brigade, who fought with the communists in Spain, responded to a caller by admitting that killing and commiting atrocities against Catholic clergy, including nuns, was great fun and one of the main reasons they went.

      • Dan . . . How extremely ghoulish of this man to admit “killing and committing atrocities against Catholic clergy, including nuns, was great fun and one of the main reasons they went . . .” I felt as though I had been kicked in the stomach when I first read that. The only thing that helped to vanquish that anxiety attack was to think that one day this man, and the other’s who committed these atrocities with such abandon will stand before the Judgement Bar and all will be revealed. Their actions, although not answered with Justice here on the Earth–still await them when they step into Eternity.

      • Thanks for the added info Dan. The Communist murdering jews from the US, called themselves the Abraham Lincoln Brigade because they knew that Lincoln & the ‘American Civil War’ was the first successful marxist revolution. Its too bad General O’Duffy and his Blueshirts, or some other patriot forces were not able to liquidate the whole lot of eastside communist terrorist/war criminals. Same place where Trotsky & 200 or some odd terrorist revolutionary Bolsheviks were launched to destroy Orthodox Christian Tsarist Russia and mass murder over 60 million Christians

  2. Fyi all the images are gone at the “devil images” link article.

  3. The Obama admin used Clinton’s “Wet Work Team” responsible for over a hundred murders of any person in their way. This is a Coup that President Trump saved America from. Now we must prosecute the treasonous members and set an example of them.

  4. The same people killed Andrew Breitbart too.

    • Duke . . . . Thank you for reminding us of that fact. I have NO doubt that the Clinton’s and their cabal were responsible for Breitbart’s death. At the time, I felt such a supreme sorrow . . . for the senseless ending of his life. I believe that he was truly one who had dedicated to routing out the truth of various nefarious activities, which was exactly why he was gotten rid of.

  5. Show me from MO

    Optics were really bad here, and weren’t good during the Presidential campaign when he talked about leakers.

  6. We’ve got nothing but we’ll assume something.

    Corsi’s charge is ridiculous. A 13 year-old boy murdered Scalia in such a way that a coroner couldn’t tell from visual inspection? Or is the county coroner in on the murder”?

    • I don’t know about the boy, but the coroner was not the one who would normally have taken charge of the death. The whole thing is suspicious and, who knows, it wouldn’t be the first time a coroner was in on a murder. I can think of two well-known ones without even trying.

    • Extraordinary claims on the level of alien abduction obviously require extraordinary proof. Because Corsi is an academic and knows the rules, the the only explanation worth considering is that his claim is outlandish bullshit poisoning the well of the truth movement’s discoveries on more important matters.

      Also, since Scalia was an advocate of neutral law theory—meaning more or less that the manufactured “will of the people” trumps Christian morals and even the so-called natural law—, why in the world would the Left or Dems whack him instead of keeping him propped up brain dead like RBG?

      • You are, of course, free to hold your own views. I hardly consider this to be “on the level of alien abduction”. In fact, I consider the handling of this to be VERY unusual in and of itself.

        I haven’t even spoken as to motive. I have read various people’s contentions about Scalia’s beliefs that are polar opposites. Obviously, they can’t all be correct. I have not even said that this has anything to do with that.

        All I could do in the absence of more information would be to make a “guess”. If I were to do that it seems to me that something “embarrassing” is more likely than some sort of “hit”. Most “hit men” don’t take their target to isolated locations where it is easy to trace how and with whom they got there.

        Now, I also have no idea if Scalia had a fondness for “oily adolescent boys” or randy Latina women. Who knows? He was in his seventies and maybe the old ticker just couldn’t handle the stress.

        All that said, I still say it was DEFINITELY suspicious.

    • A: “We’ve got nothing but we’ll assume something.”

      B: “Corsi’s charge is ridiculous.”

      Are you exempt from your own dictum?
      You really should apply your own Assertion A to Assertion B.

  7. At a minimum there is no way anyone can legitimately say this isn’t suspicious. I remember researching it when it happened. No autopsy? Why? Why the speedy cremation? No cameras.

    The jurisdiction was wrong too. They didn’t trust the locals to do their dirty work. Worse, virtually nothing was said about it during the Obongo times. The message was clear. They could take out a Supreme Court Justice any time they liked.

    I have noticed how quickly something like this can be “forgotten”. Look at the shooting hoaxes. If they want them remembered they turn them on. If not, “poof” they’re gone. Just think about all those alleged shooters, victims, etc..

    We’re still talking about the “Hindenburg Disaster”. How many do they claim were shot in Las Vegas? Just another day at the propaganda mill.

    To me Scalia felt well enough to hunt. Beyond that I know nothing of his vices or failings. I know that he wasn’t loved by Socialists as a judge. It is clear that they do not want us to know anymore than we do.

  8. Suspicion arose from the very beginning. Judge Scalia is just another number in the long list of characters that had to be disposed off. He was murdered and the others are alive and guilty.

  9. Steven Broiles

    For the life of me, I cannot understand why the Podesta Brothers have not been locked up in Gitmo, or anywhere else, for that matter. As the presidential candidate, Donald Trump led chants of “Drain the Swamp” and “Lock Her Up!”

    Have we been CUCKED AGAIN??? It sure seems so. Of all the criticism I’ve heard of President Trump, the ONLY MAN I’ve read who has criticized President Trump—other than here at FOTM—has been Dr. Henry Makow. This is because I’ve been reading Dr. Makow for ten years now, and he’s been 100% honest on everything else. (This is not to imply that I agree with everything he says or posts—I don’t.)

    But here we have, in the death of a Supreme Court Justice is another hastily done deal to dispense with something that should have been explored and inspected with the zeal of a Robert Mueller. Instead, it was business as usual, “Nothing to see here, Folks,” and—HE’S GONE!

    It seems to me that John & Tony Podesta have been functioning as relay men or signalmen, and possibly gate-keepers. Why haven’t they been investigated? Or, if they have been, why hasn’t that been reported? And why is it that President Trump is appearing to cave on the Free Speech and Lock-Her-Up issues? Is President Trump just controlled opposition of some sort after all?

    Will the wicked go free? Will the wicked, once again, prosper, and the good continue to suffer? It sure seems like it right now. BUT AT THE SAME TIME, we conservatives have to understand that we have to FIGHT BACK AND STOP BEING CUCKED: Trump CANNOT save us; Only GOD can Save us. WE have to “light a fire” under ourselves—certainly no one else will!!!

  10. When you have such corruption at the highest levels, these things take time. Who does Trump trust in DC? He knows their criminality…it is all starting to come out with Page’s testimony, Judicial Watch and their never ending subpoena’s for information from the DOJ. I think it will be blown sky high right before 2020 election when Trump, DOJ will do a reveal and indictments will be handed down.

  11. I really believe that the offing of Scalia would open the way for Loretta Lynch to be appointed to the SCOTUS when Hillary got elected. That was what was likely discussed during the tarmac meeting between Bill Clinton & Lynch three months later.

    Lynch would put a halt into the FBI’s investigation into HIllary’s email in exchange for a Justice position. But in order for that to happen, there had to be a seat to fill, so killing Scalia was the way to achieve that. If it worked, it was a great deal for all of them… except Scallia. Liberal Lynch would get her position and replace a very conservative Justice, Hillary would be President and Bill could be 1st ‘lady’… because they never thought she would lose.

    If you are a Q follower, as I am, the title of post #1161 is “John Brennan Killed Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia”. I have no insight as to why Q said that, but it’s curious, for sure. Brennan easily could have done it, or had it done… he’s that kind of guy.

    • Interesting hypothesis! — especially given the timing. Scalia was offed in February 2016, and 2016 was a presidential campaign year. Hillary knew she would be the Demonrat nominee: She had the Democratic National Committee (under Donna Brazile) sabotage Bernie Sanders in the Dem primaries. Then Bernie was bought off with a $600,000 lakefront house — his 3rd home, quite a feat for a socialist millionaire! — to enthusiastically endorse Hillary at her “coronation” in the 2016 Demonrat National Convention.

  12. It has been a long time since I read about a more suspicious death. A man of questionable health, lured, because of his love of hunting, to a place in the boonies far from help, to hunt with people he normally didn’t hunt with. Little news coverage considering his stature and declared dead over a phone call. No autopsy, and silence from the family, nope, nothing suspicious here.
    As for the Podestas, why hasn’t Portugal arrested or at least investigate them more thoroughly. They reek of guilt.



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