TSA chief John Pistole is Full of…

From the Associated Press this morning:

Facing protests from travelers and pressure from the White House, TSA head John Pistole said in a statement Sunday that, as in all nationwide security programs, “there is a continual process of refinement and adjustment to ensure that best practices are applied.”
Still, he pointed to the alleged attempt by a Nigerian with explosives in his underwear to try to bring down an Amsterdam-to-Detroit flight last Christmas. “We all wish we lived in a world where security procedures at airports weren’t necessary,” Pistole said, “but that just isn’t the case.”
The statement came just hours after Pistole, in a TV interview, said that while the full-body scans and pat-downs could be intrusive and uncomfortable, the high threat level required their use.

John Pistole, you’re so full of the brown stuff, I can smell the stench from my ‘puter.
If “security” against terrorists is really the TSA and the Obama administration’s concern, Muslims wouldn’t be exempted from those full-body porn scanners and “enhanced” pat-downs gropes.

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the whole point here-these should be for muslims. How many Americans have tried to blow up airplanes?? The left and these terrorists are one in the same. This guy talks like we live in Russia. Not yet ass*&^! It is time Common Sense and the truth are used in America. I imagine “The Fraud” is enjoying watching this immensly.

Patriot Angel
Patriot Angel

He really IS full of stinky brown stuff. They need to start “profiling”. Until this stops, I won’t fly!


Also,remember this right now is a huge distraction for the American people right now,try to watch them with both hands and eyes.


How Taiwanese TV sees all this (via that wonderful computer animation that they made such sport of Al Gore with)…


Impeach Obama then fire, arrest, and prosecute them all.
No joke.
Our time is up.

Noonien_Soong aka Michael

How is it that a subservient public would allow this to happen? Answer, The government will do what it takes to herd complacency ever so stealthily to achieve their goals. This is the work of Cass Sunstein [chief nudger] using variants of Alinsky rules.