John McCain is a POS

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RINO Sen. John McCain was one of the sponsors of the National Defense Authorization Act that gives “authority” to the president and military to arrest and indefinitely detain U.S. citizens without charge or trial.
So it really shouldn’t surprise us that he favors capitulation on raising our national debt ceiling — yet again — and is bawling about conservatives Republicans “pushing too far.”
McCainThe Associated Press reports, May 23, 2013:

Tactics for dealing with the government’s budget and debt became the latest quarrel In a string of them between McCain —sometimes joined by other traditionalist Republicans —and Tea Party champions such as Ted Cruz of Texas, Rand Paul of Kentucky, Mike Lee of Utah and Marco Rubio of Florida.
Those four won Senate seats by defying the party establishment, and are shaking up the tradition-bound Senate with no-compromise, no-apology stands on key issues like debt and deficits, government spending and the use of drones in the war on terrorism.
McCain himself has defied Republican orthodoxy at times. But he was the party’s 2008 presidential nominee, and he now is among those who say a minority party will accomplish little in the Senate if it can’t find ways to cut deals with the majority.
Cruz, who like Paul is weighing a 2016 presidential bid, renewed his taunts of the party establishment in a speech Thursday on the Senate floor. The more accommodating Republicans, he said, are in cahoots with Democrats to raise the government’s borrowing limit by disabling the GOP’s ability to mount a filibuster threat that could be used to extract spending cuts from Democrats and the White House
[…] Earlier in the day, Lee angered McCain with similar remarks. Lee said Republicans should block a House-Senate conference designed to resolve budget differences because it might ease the Democrats’ effort to raise the government’s borrowing limit. That rankled the sometimes cantankerous McCain, of Arizona. He said the Tea Partyers’ tactics could embolden Democrats who are threatening to change Senate rules that now allow the minority party — or even just one senator— to block various actions.
“That would be the most disastrous outcome that I could ever imagine,” McCain said.
For months, Democrats have complained about Republicans blocking or delaying confirmation of top White House nominees, including some federal judges. Democrats say the impasse over a budget conference is further evidence of a small group of senators in the minority abusing their powers to block actions that in the past would have gone forward after a few speeches.
Supporters of the Tea Party-backed lawmakers say the ongoing IRS and Benghazi controversies have vindicated their sharply partisan, uncompromising views. Republicans cite the controversies as examples of Democratic overreach and obfuscation.
This week’s budget quarrel follows a high-profile split between Tea Partyers and champions of a big defense program over drone attacks, and an intra-GOP disagreement over gun control tactics. It involves an obscure procedural battle and arcane rules governing the congressional budget process. Democrats want to set up an official House-Senate negotiating committee to iron out the gaping differences between the budget plans passed by the Democratic-controlled Senate and the Republican-controlled House.
Cruz, Lee and others say they fear House and Senate leaders will use the budget measure to engineer a scenario in which an increase in the government’s borrowing cap could pass the 100-member Senate by a simple majority instead of the 60 votes typically need to overpower the minority on an issue.
McCain and others, like Budget Committee Chairman Patty Murray, D-Wash., note that House Republicans can block any move by Democratic negotiators to engineer a filibuster-free debt limit increase.
“Isn’t it a little bizarre,” McCain said Wednesday. “Basically what we are saying here on this (Republican) side of the aisle is that we don’t trust our colleagues on the other side of the Capitol who are in the majority, Republicans.”
“Let me be clear. I don’t trust the Republicans,” Cruz responded. “And I don’t trust the Democrats. I think a whole lot of Americans likewise don’t trust the Republicans and the Democrats, because it is leadership in both parties that has gotten us in this mess.”
At a Tea Party rally last month in Texas, Cruz taunted fellow Republicans after the Senate rejected a call for background checks on virtually all prospective gun buyers.
Cruz and other Tea Partyers had threatened to filibuster the gun legislation and keep it from coming to the Senate floor for votes. Other Republicans said the smarter political move — which eventually prevailed — was to let the votes take place, and have a few Democrats join Republicans in rejecting the wider background checks. Cruz suggested that Republicans who favored proceeding with the votes were “a bunch of squishes.”
That earned Cruz a rebuke from the conservative Wall Street Journal editorial page — gleefully retweeted by McCain. “Would it have been right for us to not even debate in light of the Newtown massacre?” McCain said.
[…] Democrats say the debt ceiling must be raised to pay for expenses already incurred by Congress. Failing to raise the ceiling, they say, would trigger a catastrophic default on U.S. obligations.
McCain scuffled with the tea party senators in March after Paul launched a filibuster to warn of the threat of unmanned drone attacks against U.S. citizens on American soil. McCain referred to newcomers like Paul and Cruz as “wacko birds” and said their fears of drone strikes against Americans were “ridiculous.”
“It has been suggested that we are ‘wacko birds,’” Cruz said Thursday. “I will suggest to my friend from Arizona there may be more wacko birds in the Senate than is suspected.”
The split between McCain, 76, and next-generation, 40-something potential 2016 candidates like Paul, Cruz and Rubio also illustrates the broader GOP drift toward the right. McCain has spent decades in the Senate, mixing a penchant for confrontation with a capacity for bipartisan relationships and legislation; the new generation is feistier and more wary of compromise.
H/t FOTM’s tina!

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0 responses to “John McCain is a POS

  1. I do believe we are way past that threshold of removing McCain. He has shown his willingness time and again to stab us in the back and half those attacks was in public. Arizona need to send this clown out to pasture.

  2. I have always been a believer in “older and wiser” but not in this case. Not when one such as John McCain has capitulated over and over again. There is a difference between reaching across the isles and handing the enemy ammo to use against us.

  3. McCain labors under the delusion that a compromise with Demo-rats accomplishes more than giving said Demo-rats part of what they want.

  4. Republicans and Democrats are the same. The sooner you learn it the better.

  5. i sometimes think Mccain just argues to get his name in the press. If he is mentioned by anyone, for anything it makes him relevant. Sad for him but he needs to realize it might be time to let the “wacko birds” have their chance to fix some of the mess that his compromises have created!

  6. I wanted to think it was one of McCain’s staff that threw Sarah Palin under the bus, and not McCain himself. However, everything we’ve observed since then points to McCain.
    I actually think he was jealous of her popularity.

  7. Rick in Corrupticut

    As I’ve said for years, Democrats & Republicans are two sides of a COUNTERFEIT COIN.

  8. this guy’s voting record proves he is a “yellow belly,sap sucking “Treasonous” traitor. He is dangerous,the majority of the senate we have need trials. Don’t worry you bunch of communist germs, we will make sure the trials are fast,fair and speedy!!!

  9. Since McCain and Graham co-sponsored the Articles 1020 and 1021 of the Patriot Act enabling our ( Or ANY MILITARY ) to suspend the Posse Commitas Law, a law preventing the govt from MURDERING AMERICAN CITIZENS and HOLDING THEM INDEFINITELY WITHOUT THE BENEFIT OF HABEUS CORPUS, IT WAS CONFIRMED THAT GRAHAM AND MCCAIN ARE NOT ON OUR SIDE….. THEY ARE RINO’S WHO ARE ALSO SOCIALISTS…

  10. Amazing man at the Hanoi Hilton.
    Now, not so much..wonder what happened to that guy?

    • McCain’s stay at the Hanoi Hilton is the reason I’ve held out hope for him. He paid an awful price, and I will never take that away from him.
      But what could he possibly be thinking on this subject?!

    • That was a l-o-n-g time ago. McCain was shot down in 1967 when he was 31 yo. He was a POW for 6 years until 1973, when he was 37 yo.
      Nearly 40 years later, McCain is now 76 yo. (Source: Wiki)
      We still cling to that heroic stoic image of him at 31. People change. Some get corrupted.

    • He’s older! Amazing what we can endure in our prime. Age has a way of diminishing many things, unfortunately. Being there myself, I can understand. For some reason I can’t let go of the respect I’ve always felt for Mr. McCain.

    • Dressage Rider

      I wonder about that one too, Steve. What kind of brainwashing did the Communists perform on our RINO pal?

      • Dressage, I don’t think it was the Hanoi. I think your first quote about
        “Absolute Power” is the answer.

        • Dressage Rider

          Well then, Steve the absolute power aphrodisiac has affected the entire lot of those who are at the upper echelons of power. They go to Washington with high ideals only to be corrupted by whatever exists, oozes affecting their brain cells.

          • DR. Agreed it has affected them all. Both sides. I think it is so corrupt either you learn to play their rules or they make you go bye bye.

            • Dressage Rider

              Like Beck has said, we have no statesmen. “The statesman is one who divines the long future, foresees the place of his class and nation in it, labors intelligently to prepare his countrymen for their fate, combines courage with discretion, takes risks, exercises caution when it is necessary, and goes off the stage with a reasonable degree of respectability.”

  11. Cruz and Rubio are not natural born citizens. Neither of their fathers were American citizens at the time of their birth. They are eligible to serve in the house and senate but are not eligible for the vice presidency or presidency. We must follow the Constitution!

    • hrmfc, Don’t get me started there. They better not try and run those guys.
      as it is Rubio has lost me. Even when I liked him I saw him being set up for it.
      I Spoke with Dr Eowyn about it and we were both like no way.Even if skippy got away with it. What would that make us if we don’t follow the Constitution?

      • I know Rubio PERSONALLY, while he was speaker of the House, and he is a liar and cannot be trusted….. PERIOD…

        • Roy, while I don’t know you I will take your word for it.

          • If he runs, You will see my name everywhere his is…. I can and will document everything I have to say….

            • Roy, I think I believe you. Sounds personal. 😆 I like to see a man fight for the truth.
              I can guarantee you if he runs we will be fighting him also.
              .He is not eligible. Article 2 section 1. get’s no clearer than that.
              If we don’t fight to uphold the Constitution, than we are no better than them.

              • Thanks… The level of Corruption in today’s parties has shown me anything is possible… And the Repubs are so desperate there is No telling what lows they would stoop to…

                • Roy, we’ve seen this coming for a while. Oh yea they are setting him up for a run and will try and use skippy as precedent. If he could then why not Rubio? Not gonna fly here.


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