Joey Needs Your Prayers

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This handsome little fella is Joey, the precious baby of FellowshipOfMinds member Muffin.
Yesterday, Joey became very ill with a high fever and green mucus in his eyes. Muffin took him to emergency clinic. He has a yeast infection in his chest and a virus-infected enlarged tonsil that will have to be surgically removed. Today, Joey is still running a high fever and is very lethargic.
Please say a prayer for Joey — and a prayer too for Muffin who is stricken with bronchitis.
Thank you, good people of FellowshipOfMinds!
God bless,

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8 responses to “Joey Needs Your Prayers

  1. Thoughts and prayers are with you both!! May y’all get better very soon!!!

  2. Wow when it rains it pours. Sorry to hear about this muffin. You know we are with you in spirit. Keep us up to date.

  3. The Angry White Woman

    Sending prayers and love your way Missy.

  4. Prayers for both of you that you get well soon!

  5. A healing prayer goes out to the both you muffin. Get well soon!
    Attero Tyrannus

  6. Thanks everyone for your prayers. Joey is still sick, but at least he’s eating and drinking. I’m getting better but still have trouble breathing. Doc gave me a rescue inhaler for emergencies. Will let you all know if things change. I’ll be back as soon as we get well! Love to you ALL!
    Vox Populi

    • Muffin,
      That you have trouble breathing is worrisome. You must have a case of really ACUTE bronchitis. I’ve had acute bronchitis before, but I never had trouble breathing — just terrible coughing.
      I trust you are on antibiotics, and not just an inhaler? If you don’t get better by tomorrow, I urge you to go back to your doc for different antibiotics.

  7. Muffin,
    I hope both you and Joey are doing better. Are you breathing better? When is Joey’s tonsil surgery?
    Still praying…. 🙂


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