Joe Biden's Boy Beau Says Sheriffs Don't Have Authority to Arrest?

Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Joseph Robinette “Beau” Biden III is the Attorney General in the State of Delaware. 
On February 23, 2012, a State Solicitor working in the Delaware AG office sent a letter, AG Opinion  No. 12-   IIB3  to The Honorable Norman Wood, Sheriff of Kent County.   Beau Biden’s  office says that according to the Delaware State Constitution, county sheriffs do not have the legal authority to arrest lawbreakers!  The first two pages  indicate  that the Delaware State Constitution never specified the duties of the County Sheriffs other than designating them “conservators of the peace.” 
Page 3 of the letter offers this clarification:
‘”Chapter’ 19, Subchapter I of Title i 1 ofthe Delaware Code explains the authority to makearrests. That authority is said to belong to a “peace officer.” Section 1901(b) defìnes a “peace offìcer” as “any public officer authorized by law to make arrests in a criminal case.” This definition of a “peace officer” is the only one to be found in the Delaware Code and, in the context of the issue presented here, is circular: a peace officer is someone authorized to make arrests and he is authorized to make arrests because he is a peace officer.
So, what are the duties of the County Sheriffs of Delaware?  Not much, apparently.  In checking the Kent County, Delaware website, the Sheriff’s office is in charge of  Foreclosures and Sheriff Sales and that’s about it.  
I guess the county sheriffs of Delaware weren’t part of the 140 Sheriffs Meet to Take Back America in Las Vegas , their State Constitution won’t let them.   

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Dr. Eowyn

The nut didn’t fall far from the Joe Biden tree.


stop the insanity obama must go……

NorCal Libertarian
NorCal Libertarian

This proves it…..stupidity IS hereditary!!!!!

Frank Danner
Frank Danner

Yes Joe Biden is a moron, and Obama MUST go. I am from delaware and Bo Biden is correct, sheriffs in De. are process servers and conduct sheriff’s sales, they have no police powers.