Joe Biden: ‘If you elect me, your taxes are gonna be raised, not cut!’

It’s déjà vu all over again.

In 2016, the Democratic National Committee deliberately sabotaged Bernie Sanders in favor of Hillary Clinton. Reportedly, Sanders was threatened with loss of Senate committee position if he didn’t endorse Hillary. The Democratic National Convention even called in a SWAT team on Bernie supporters who peacefully protested in the convention hall with a sit-in, their mouths taped shut.

Of course, for endorsing Hillary, ol’ Bernie was richly rewarded bribed with a third home — a $600,000 lakefront summer home in North Hero, Vermont, which he purchased a mere 5 days after the conclusion of the Convention.

With the abrupt dropping-out of Pete Buttigieg and Amy Kobluchar from the  2020 presidential race, who both then endorsed pedo-Joe Biden, it looks like the Democrat Party, once again, is hell-bent on preventing Bernie Sanders from being their nominee.

With everything that is wrong and deeply disturbing about Joe Biden (see the links below), we can add this one:

Like Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden promises he will raise your taxes!

At a recent campaign appearance, he said to a Biden-supporter in the audience who said he got a Trump tax cut:

“That’s good. You know what, I’m proud to see you doing well already. Guess what. If you elect me, your taxes are gonna be raised, not cut!


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10 months ago

Raising taxes…that’s one promise that a demorat will keep, guaranteed!

Carl R Hassell
Carl R Hassell
10 months ago

I think old Joe is going senile, or has Alzheimer’s. He’s gonna start hallucinating soon. He needs to retire from the political stage.

Steven Broiles
10 months ago

It’s obvious to almost everyone that Biden is demented. Yet he can still be, and is, evil. Yet he is the victim of elder abuse: WHO is compelling him to such a terrible form of self-debasement by continuing his campaign??? Yet he keeps spewing the same communistic platitudes and empty promises. Joe Biden will NOT become President. In fact, he is deteriorating before our very eyes. Don’t be surprised if he does not survive the year. I only hope he gets the last rites of Holy Mother Church before he dies. And so the next freak who’s waiting in the… Read more »

10 months ago

People should go to Biden rallies wearing Depends on the outsides of their clothing. Maybe write with a magic marker “Dependent on Joe” or “I give a crap about Joe” on them too.