Jimmy Kimmel & Alyssa Milano lead vicious attack on triple-amputee veteran Brian Kolfage of border-wall GoFundMe

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Brian Kolfage is a triple-amputee Iraq War veteran.

On December 16, 2018, Kolfage created a GoFundMe to raise funds for the US-Mexico border wall. In just a week, he’s raised a phenomenal $16½ million toward the stated goal of $1 billion.

Kolfage and his family are getting vicious hate mail and death threats from leftists. The leaders of the jackals are ABC latenight talkshow host Jimmy Kimmel, has-been actress Alyssa Milano, and the Daily Beast.

Yesterday, Kolfage posted this update on the border wall GoFundMe page:

Attacks on my family-

Just want to let you guys know everything is ok with us. After Jimmy Kimmel and Alyssa Milano came after me personally it triggered an outpouring of attacks. People have been calling for the death of my wife and children; it will not be tolerated. Please do your best to report anything you see like this to the proper authorities.


Cassandra Fairbanks reports for Gateway Pundit, Dec. 23, 2018:

Deranged leftists have been sending triple-amputee veteran Brian Kolfage mountains of abuse after he was trashed by the Daily Beast, Jimmy Kimmel, Alyssa Milano and other high-profile liberals.

The hate mail provided to the Gateway Pundit contains appalling statements such as people asking if his brain was “amputated too,” calling him a “handicapped bitch,” telling him to commit suicide, wishing harm upon his children and mocking him for having lost his limbs while fighting for this nation….

On Thursday, Kimmel used his show to trash the nearly 260,000 people who have donated nearly $16 million to the GoFundMe in less than a week, calling them “dopey people” and saying that they are “dipping into their meth money.”

Dozens of examples of the vitriol and threats were provided to the Gateway Pundit, some of which we are now publishing — unedited.

Below is a sample of the hate mail sent to Kolfage (source: Gateway Pundit):

  • Ralph Cramden <RalphCramden@protonmail.com>: “Really dude? So you’re a far right wing ahole who pushed fake news? WTF is wrong with you? Was your brain amputated too? I don’t know how that blonde c*nt you’re married to stays with you?! A hot piece of ass like that should be screwing a real man.”
  • Walter Ancarrow: “Hi, was one of the limbs you had amputated your brain?”




  • Peter Lopez <peter2rosie@yahoo.com>: “What’s up handicapped bitch just wanted to say I’m happy to see you in that wheel chair and I’m happy to know you get no pussy why do you make it look like your standing up in your photo you dumb fuck you got no legs I LMAO LOOKING LIKE DARTH VADER AND SHIT WELL AT LEAST I CAN HAVE IN MIND YOUR A CRIPPLED BICTH WITH NO LEGS OR ARMS HAHAHAHAHAH”
  • Carlos Lopez <carloslopezmrc@gmail.com>: “All I can say is you are a CLOWN. The loss of your limbs was pre-karma. God knew your were a troll before hand. No pun intended. You are no patirot. Make me upset that your troll a$$ was even accepted in the Military.”
  • Cathy Garcia Cruz <cathysdiary@gmail.com>, Muleshoe, Texas:”You sick n pathetic! No wonder u lost ur limbs in Iraq. Setting up the gofundme for the wall?? I hope someone sets one up to blow the wall up!”


  • Janet Trejo: “Piece of shit that’s why you have no legs mothafucker”
  • Jacob Riley: “i hope u lose both of your arms as well.”



  • Josh Cobean, St. Petersburg, FL: “You’re a disgrace to this country. Delete the GoFundMe and kill yourself. That’s the best way to serve your country at this point.”



  • Mike <oih234kn235n32@protonmail.com>: “Are you really this fucking dumb? Holy shit that’s fucking embarrassing. Kill yourself you worthless pile of shit.”
  • Alec Giusti: “go fuck yourself and die”
  • Abelitro Cruz: “eat a dick pussy ass white trash / hope you and your family dies a slow and painful death”



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30 responses to “Jimmy Kimmel & Alyssa Milano lead vicious attack on triple-amputee veteran Brian Kolfage of border-wall GoFundMe

  1. They are all demon possessed.

  2. It is beyond anything fathomable that people would react in such a vile manner. No doubt, this is just a sampling of what the left thinks. There can be no doubt but what these people belong to the legions that Satan has under his control.

    When I look at the pictures of Brian Kolfage, I see someone with an aura of light surrounding him. We certainly do not associate “light” with the Father of Darkness.

    There is little doubt that among people who would act in such a vile manner, we have our work cut out in counteracting their behavior, and beliefs.

    • “It is beyond anything fathomable that people would react in such a vile manner.”

      You should see Dana Loesch’s (NRA spokesman) twitter timeline. She gets death threats and vile comments everyday and Twitter rarely punishes any of the proggies.

      Kimmel, Milano and the left are so full of hatred. They cannot reasonable persuade with their arguments so they lead with their Alinsky tactics. Sucks to be them.

      • These mutts do that because they are paid to. If they don’t compete with each other to be the most hateful their owners might take away all that they’ve given them.

        That’s why they’re there in the first place. They are there to shape the sheep. The stupid eagerly go along because they think it allows them to live vicariously through their idols.

    • Right you are, Auntie Lulu. These people really are vile. They’ve already lost, and they just don’t know it—yet.

      • Steven: There are many instances when private citizens have financed, through personal funds, infrastructure projects, not only for the state but for Federal government also. Public/private funds go to housing projects (HUD) to modernize and update living quarters. The same goes for private donations to improve defense projects, expand schools and invest in prisons. So, why not the wall? Isn’t that considered an infrastructure to protect America? Leeann

        • Common sense-wise, Leeann, I would agree. But the wall is such a politically-charged topic, I believe Schumer & Pelosi would cut it down in a heartbeat, traitors that they are. If the money raised were to be donated to Congress, I am sure they and others would block the issue quick. Let’s see what Pres. Trump does in the matter….

  3. And there will be no banishment from Twitter for these vile, hate filled comments we can be sure.

    • Of course not. The “social media” is there to do their function just like “Hollywood” does theirs. It’s all a giant ad campaign/mindf*&k combination. They hit out from all directions hoping to create an atmosphere in which any deviation from The Odor will not be tolerated.

  4. I completely missed this one, thanks, I’m going to take it to my side. Milano is a whore and Kimmel and untalented fool with no redeeming qualities.

    My suggestion But Kimmel in front of a 50 cal machine gun the end result would be his death, which is a good thing for this special little loser.

  5. It is certainly mind-boggling how so many can be so dead set against defending the sovereignty and security of this nation. Especially elected officials whose oath of office is to do just that.

    Clearly an indication of the massive infiltration of foreign interests and allegiances infesting our political bureaucracies,…since,…..well,….even legal immigration.

  6. They are making it impossible for us not to know our enemy. We have haters of our country, foreign and domestic, although, to be fair, some hatred is caused by a great lack of understanding of reality. Without the support of the puppet masters, many would be seeking minimum wage employment.

  7. Time for Jimmy to be served a “Big ol’ plate of panty”. You degenerate!

  8. These Haters SHOULD be thanking GOD and the US Constitution they live in a Country where they can make open death threats against TRUE Patriots (I noticed one Hater couldn’t even SPELL Patriot while telling us Brian ISN’T one.) without being hunted down and killed themselves.

  9. Karma has a tendency to provide return results to people who are truly in need of a tragedy…Everything vitriolic said by the loony lefties, will be returned ten fold…They have no rational argument, so they resort to hate speech…Why aren’t the various law enforcement agencies looking into prosecuting these slime balls???

  10. Someone should collect all the stories written about the stupid these two are, book it up and send the books to their children when the get a little older. They both are scum filled hate mongers and their kids should know who they really are so they can get as far away as possible.

  11. Why is there not some type of boycott against Killmill’s Tv sponsor’s? I wouldn’t think they would be very happy with him.

  12. There will be a day when they seriously regret the hing’s they said, and that day is not but a few months away if not sooner.

  13. It’s tempting to wish some really hateful stuff on Jimmy Kimmel’s kid in response – and MAYBE THEN Jimmy MIGHT understand why he should leave some things alone; the kid that nearly died soon after birth, and the circumstances that made Jimmy a whimpering, blubbering fool in begging Trump & the GOP not to repeal Obamacare. I just hope the kid grows up to be very different than his dad, in a good way.

  14. Threats of violence from either side must not stand. While a few on the right speak angerly, the many on the left seem to be acting on their impulses or agreeing with those that do. Neither side should be confronted with name calling, sabotage, personal violence or any act of evil intent. But no one should ever be expected to lay down and take it either. Treat me right and I’ll treat you right. Mess with me and take your chances. If humans are so smart you’d think we would have figured every thing out by now.

  15. Kolfage, the man who sacrificed 3 of his limbs so these degenerative, vile and disgusting famous leftists liberals could say these vile things about a person who has honesty, integrity and love of country. Amazing person.. Merry Christmas to the Kolfages and may you be surrounded with peace and safety.

  16. And what have these two slimy creatures ever done for the good of this country? Nada,zip, absolutely nothing.

  17. They are certainly not for the “Environment” “Wildlife” or “Global Warming/Climate Change” as allowing in millions of green house gas spewing, wildlife habitat destroying, polluting immigrants, will increase the before mentioned. Building “the Wall” is the most environmental thing a US president can do. In addition, we should be pushing a “Immigration Moratorium” like Pat Buchanan so wisely & environmentally was calling for back in the 90’s to now.

  18. Ok, here is my favorite thing to do. I write down their email address and when I see ads, surveys, newsletters or even websites I sign them up. Maybe it goes to their junk mail, but then maybe not. I’m sure getting something from Breibart in their emails gets them so angry.
    Anyway, it’s good clean fun and can give you a little giggle.
    Merry Christmas everyone.

  19. In a previous post, I wondered aloud the wisdom of Brian Kolfage’s Go Fund Me campaign, and I did that not out of contempt, but out of the concern that his doing so might land him in legal trouble. To wit, any charity money raised would have to, by law, go toward its stated purpose. Given the obstacles Kolfage would have to surmount, it may not be possible without Congressional approval, or at least the approval of those states that share a border with Mexico.
    These legal obstacles are real, and they are likely to remain in place.

    But after having had some time to think about it, I applaud Brian Kolfage for his courage and his efforts. With his Go Fund Me campaign, he has sent a real signal to the public at large and to the various state and Congressional law-makers, and that signal is this: Donald Trump is not the only person who wants this wall built; WE THE PEOPLE WANT THE WALL BUILT.

    Talk-meister Michael Savage had it right over 20 years ago: “Borders, Language, Culture.” If a nation has no borders, common language or shared culture—viola!—you don’t have a nation. I don’t have to know Mr. Kolfage, his religious faith, favorite sports teams or his history. I don’t have to agree with his political opinions or whom he voted for in any election. All I need to know I have discovered from the fact that he started this—VERY SUCCESSFUL—Go Fund Me campaign, and that he is sending a signal that, WE THE PEOPLE WANT THIS WALL.

    We can also know something about Mr. Kolfage from the hatred and vitriol he has stirred with his efforts: So far it has been a single-flavored stream of venom and hatred for the man personally, full of cursing, name-calling and wicked speech. (And that speech may indicate, God Forbid, future behavior by some). But to go against the man is not enough for these pieces of trash, No Sir: They’ve attacked his wife and children, also.
    This is the hatred of communists.
    This is the hatred of evil losers.
    This is the hatred straight out of Hell and from Satan.

    And this hatred is as quick and rapid as it is psychiatrically deranged: They hate Kolfage this much because—gasp!—HE ACTUALLY MIGHT SUCCEED.

    Mr. Kolfage has sent a signal to the world, and that signal is this: In America, we have government with the consent of the governed. We the People want this wall to be built, “with malice toward none and charity toward all” not out of bigotry, but out of the moral imperative of survival. Mr. Kolfage has sent law-makers a clear and present signal: If you, Congress or the states, do not build this wall, We the People shall built it.
    This is real grassroots activism.
    This is real grassroots activism with America’s best interests at heart.
    This is real nationalism and real patriotism.

    At when all is said and done, in one way or another, we shall have this wall built, and we shall have the Rule of Law restored. The haters and snivellers will crawl back to their hidey-holes! Good! May the Devil take them!!

    My suggestion to President Trump: Mr. President, Brian Kolfage has earned the Medal of Freedom. DO IT!

  20. The first time I ever saw Jimmy Kimmel, I didn’t think he was funny. In fact, he is a vulgar bore. My overall impression of him was that he looked psycho and has the eyes of a disturbed person. He is about the same ilk as the View. Alyssa Milano is in the same boat with “nasty woman Ashley Judd”. She is a self-serving, hate-filled actress who has faded. It’s a fact in Hollywood that anyone over 30 is a has-been and wash up. She is suffering in ego from the fading of her youth. She always looks angry and like a bird of prey waiting to pounce on something. She has nothing intelligent to say and is just an empty container with no substance, like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Leeann

  21. These weasels could be sealing their own fate with God, who observes all men and women, both the evil and the good. I hope they repent before it is too late for them.


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