Jim Carrey’s latest art depicts Trump supporters having devolved into apes

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From the actor’s Twitter:

“Let’s remember this year that according to very sound scientific evidence, human beings evolved from apes and not the other way around.”

I guess when your career is in the crapper you got nothing to lose by insulting nearly 63 million potential moviegoers.


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21 responses to “Jim Carrey’s latest art depicts Trump supporters having devolved into apes

  1. until i woke up, i thought Jim as only a sick sillywood type. after seversl different sources left on youtube depict another ‘alledged’ sick sexual personality defect, i sense Jim is really not well. In need of the best pyscho treatment he can afford, wait Jim is ‘broke’, isn’t he? … maybe just more rumors …

  2. It looks like his self portrait to me.

  3. That’s wrong in itself.

    700,000 Thousand Year Old Skull Discovered In Greek Cave, Completely Shatters The Out Of Africa Theory

  4. Jim, that is what the psychopathic Globalists want to do with all humanity but for a few exceptions. You appear to be in lockstep with their program but do not know it.

  5. He’s got to be the unfunniest jackass to ever land a job in Hollywood—even more so than Steve ‘Martin’.

  6. This is art? I thought that this was someone’s nightmare?

  7. THE Jim Carrey doesn’t like Trump or his supporters? Oh my! What will we do now? I so hang on every stupid word that drips from his ugly mouth. (not!).

    He’s a stupid tool that thinks if he massages his owners enough they’ll throw some money his way. Does this mean he thinks he’s a philosopher now? If you’re not a mindless leftist you’re a monkey?

    I’ll try to have a life anyway, in spite of his feelings about me (sniff!).

  8. Kevin J Lankford

    Actually, believing in ‘evolution’ over the more rational, sensible, and logical, belief of creationism, does very little to foster support for science,……at least in my mind. And I have little doubt I am more educated than jim carrey, even if I did have to do it on my own.

    From what I remember carrey spent more time learning to make funny faces in his mirror than he has on any serious studies.

  9. I must admit that Carrey does have a certain talent, but its purpose is all aimed in reverse. I find his derangement both annoying and somewhat amusing at the same time. And emotionally, it seems to me that Carrey himself is devolving into some unknown simian creature! Could he be the missing link himself???

    Oh well. At least he’s not Robert Deniro!

  10. “Let’s remember this year that according to very sound scientific evidence, human beings evolved from apes and not the other way around.”

    LOL – just like globull warming, right, Jim?

    It’s funny in a sad way how delusional idiots will cite unproven-after-all-this-time THEORIES, as fact.

    I’ve asked libtards why evolution is still a theory, and their come back is “It’s FACT.” Despite no evidence.

  11. What do you expect from “Arse Ventura”?

  12. This idiot should take a hike in the Arizona desert, and finish cooking what’s left of his brain.

  13. Here comes the history teacher/researcher in me: Not to worry—-look it up—political cartoonists/artists in the era of Abraham Lincoln depicted him as an APE, too. Jim is in the company of many, many political cartoonists of our historical past who disparaged/ slighted/insulted/ bullied Abraham Lincoln (and his supporters), one of our greatest minds, greatest presidents past OR present. Trump is in good company. Jim will sink into the nameless jibbers of his day, his work and reputatiion stored, relativiely unknown by comparison, in a government sublevel basement with the others of his ilk.

    • Thanks Calgirl for this “lesson.”

      I looked up pics of Lincoln as an ape. David Strother came up in my search for his depiction of President Lincoln as an ape holding the Emancipation Proclamation. I read about Strother’s history and found it interesting considering his war service and family background.

      It’s much more interesting than the history of Jim Carrey’s artwork will ever be…

      • Thanks DCG…and to you an any others who are interested: when Lincoln gave his second inaugural address at the twilight of the Civil War, the twiltight of the secessionists against Union (…” with malice toward none and with charity to all…..), he was SAVAGED in the mainstream press of the day. I’ve found some…but there were THOUSANDS, I’m sure: some are

        A revered Pennsylvania pastor said (and was quoted in newspapers of the day)…a “most awkwardly” expression…..

        And, the NY Herald said, “A little speech of glittering generalities….’

        Lincoln’s own home state of Illinois….the Chicago Tribune said it was, “A little slip-shod, loose-jointed, and puerile” effort…etc etc.

        We think, today, that it is ONLY our modern press that has become/is capable of such biased coverage for or against a POTUS, but, Lincoln was SAVAGED in the press (as was Jefferson…if we want to go back there) and historically, it made a lion of the POTUS, and an ass of the press. I don’t see that historic presidence will be broken in any way with this press and this POTUS.

  14. Oh my, Jim Carrey portrays Trump supporters as apes? I’m shocked and dismayed. Not.

    Who cares what this clinically-insane has-been actor thinks? I never liked his acting or movies — not one — and never understood why he was considered funny, even before he revealed his venomous true self. Now I know why.

  15. Thanks Jim for straightening me out. Now I’m not an actor but I’ve watched a lot of movies so I feel as much qualified, maybe more so, to tell you how to run your acting career, as you are to tell me what my political views should be. Go back to making funny faces and Warner Bros. Jokes

  16. An insult from Jim Carrey is a badge of honor.


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