Jim Carrey apologizes to gun owners for offensive comments

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Trying to make amends?

Trying to make amends?

Fox News: Jim Carrey is saying he’s sorry.  The comedic actor sent out a series of tweets on Sunday apologizing for comments he’s made in the past about gun owners.

“[Assault] rifle fans, I do not agree [with] u, nor do I fear u but I do love u and I’m sorry [that] in my outrage I called you names. That was wrong,” he  wrote. “[By the way] I don’t need a crisis [manager], just a conscience. Calling  [people] names is inappropriate but my position on assault weapons hasn’t  changed.”

The apology comes just a few weeks after Carrey withdrew his support for his  upcoming film “Kick-Ass 2,” explaining that he can’t stand behind the movie’s  violent themes.

“I did Kickass [sic] a month b4 Sandy Hook and now in all good conscience I  cannot support that level of violence,” he tweeted in June, referring to the  shootings that killed 20 children and six adults at a Connecticut elementary  school last December.

“My apologies… to others involve[d] with the film. I am not ashamed of it but  recent events have caused a change in my heart.”

Carrey also addressed his opinion on guns back in March when he starred in a  Funny or Die online video about gun control.

In the skit, the “Ace Ventura” star mocked Charlton Heston, the former  “Planet of the Apes” actor who later became the president of the NRA. Heston died in 2008 at the age of 84.


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0 responses to “Jim Carrey apologizes to gun owners for offensive comments

  1. I voted “I don’t care.” I’d never found Jim Carrey’s brand of humor grotesque facial contortions to be funny. So not watching anything he’s in — past, present, or future — will be an easy promise to keep.

  2. His opinions on gun owners are about as significant as a pimple on an elephant’s ass .

  3. Funny how he realized that he has shit in his nest, BUT I don’t care he is just saying he is sorry, because his ratings have fell through the floor! He can still go back to Canada, he is NOT funny and he is a terrible actor, as I have seen one of his movies but I’ll NEVER watch another one, or contribute to ANYTHING he has to do with! Semper Fi.

  4. Until we put these losers in a box by themselves, instead of trying to make them Heroes, as the stupid American people have done in the past, as they have done with, John Kerry, Jane Fonda, Ted Kennedy, Abe Lincoln, John Murtha, and many more worthless people that used the American people for their political and monetary ill-gotten gains, America will NEVER get better, that is why we have Bama as occupant of OUR White House! Semper Fi.

    • Please elaborate on Abe Lincoln.

      • Mike, there is a lot to choose from, unconstitutional “executive orders”, suspending habeus corpus against John Merryman in the “north”, defying the judicial branch of government that had ruled otherwise, somehow declaring “war” without a sitting Congress, creating and printing fake fiat currency (greenbacks) to fund the “war” (any of this sounding familiar in a deja vu kind of way?), his clearly racist writings/statements stating his view of the Africans. It kinda depends on how much you’ve studied already.

        I would start by asking about the Emancipation Proclamation. Do you believe by it Abraham Lincoln “freed the slaves”?

        That was the falsehood I was taught in public school. Then one day I actually read it, realized what it really said, when it was written…and kept digging.

  5. Planet of the Apes? No, no no…..long before that he was…..Number 41

  6. Too late Jackass!

  7. Dressage Rider

    What happened probably is his merchandise and movie sales dropped considerably. I don’t care how much this jackass apologizes, I still won’t forget his insolence. Therefore I will ignore him, and boycott him completely.

  8. In the skit, the “Ace Ventura” star mocked Charlton Heston.

    Who in their right mind would mock Charlton Heston???!!!!
    Charlton Heston is a man unlike this man-like-substance.

    I have spoken, you may depart. But I have you in my scope. ;o)

  9. As I’ve said for the past five years. It’s time to put the socialist in unhollywood in their place. Quit going to their movies, quit supporting their socialist agendas trying to help the pos take our freedoms away. Cut them off on their lifeline. MONEY! With out fans they are nothing. Look what they do to Conservative actors who believe in the Constitution, they have shunned them.


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