Jim Bakker says ISIS has infiltrated every church in America

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…and he has tasty survival food to make your ISIS experience more enjoyable

Mmmmmm! Yummy!

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0 responses to “Jim Bakker says ISIS has infiltrated every church in America

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  2. What a fear monger Bakker is, exploiting gullible people. But he will have to face God’s judgment some day.

  3. Wow, did he age. Oh well, there’s nothing wrong with selling survival food, provided it’s real.
    As for infiltrating churches, the CIA succeeded in infiltrating the leadership of major churches in America shortly after their inception. This has been documented. Keeping an eye on things, something like that.
    There’s nothing wrong with fear-mongering, provided it’s true.

  4. Using fear to profit is a low only those with no morals will use.

  5. Now that is some kind of funny. The guy goes to jail for selling timeshares in a building that was never built ( current owner finally finished it) well beyond capacity ( as in NO room at the INN ever even though you paid for a timeshare) and now this. The guy is priceless, makes me want to drive to Branson and see a live show, It’s like WOW, they are BACK …..
    PTL that is, I know Tammy is dead. I wonder if his current wife loads up on make up and sings like a drunk whore on karaoke night.
    ” Don’t give up on the brink of a miracle “.
    Tammy Fay Baker
    Rest in peace you loon

  6. LOL – Next we’ll be hearing a boogey man has moved in under his bed – then he’ll write a book about it, and sell all of twelve copies.
    Just go away, Jimmy, as you are really annoying.

  7. As for the “survival food,” I bet even Andrew Zimmern would shun it.

  8. Bakker should have been prevented from ever having another TV or other ministry of any kind, unless of course he conducted it from his life long prison cell. He’s a lying huskster sob.

  9. You said he said isis has infiltrated every church in America. In the vdeo Bakker says “they” say isis has infiltrated every church in America. You falely accused him here. That job belomgs to someone else, doesn’t it?

    • edwitness, you are skating on thin ice here. I checked out your other comments, and find most of them to be insincere and trollish. You are about to meet the FOTM boot.

    • Did you see the Youtube caption? Do you think that Bakker saying “they say” ISIS has infiltrated every church in America, is enough to let him off? On what? A technicality? His intent was clear, he relentlessly uses extreme fear to drive people to purchase his survival food. Well guess what, October 1st is coming this week, and a boatload of false prophecies that everything would fall apart in September, will be proven false.

  10. Can’t all y’all read the signs of the times? You know when it looks like its going to rain or snow, but can’t you see what’s headed to the USA? But no, you’ve all been lulled into a delusion and believe in fables like evolution, and y’all believe that you can cast aside God’s laws such as do not murder and endorse abortion . You believe you can prosper by creating your own laws. You’ve all turned aside from God’s word, and determined that you have all become gods, and are able to make your own laws, and have become a law unto yourselves, and cast aside the Creator. Have you made yourself just so that God is wrong? Do you not believe in Noah and the flood? Do you not believe in the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah? There is no fear of the LORD in the land. Fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom. You’ve all become fools professing yourselves wise.

    • asdf, you have apparently never read much on this blog. Most of us are VERY Biblical and VERY much in the fear of the Lord.
      This article is intended to blow the lid off false prophets who are telling lies to profit from the sales of survival food. We know how much trouble the nation is in, and we decry the corruption this society has embraced, and know that such things bring the wrath of God. These guys are counterfeits, fleecing the sheep, but lacking any true love.

    • “You’ve all turned aside from God’s word, and determined that you have all become gods, and are able to make your own laws, and have become a law unto yourselves, and cast aside the Creator.”
      You clearly have not read the authors and regular commenters at FOTM.


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