Jihadists Near Boston

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Newton school apologizes after students
pray to allah on field trip to mosque

Massachusetts Governor’s problems may be bigger than previously thought

by Shoebat Foundation

Read this whole article here: https://shoebat.com/2013/04/22/massachusetts-governors-problems-may-be-bigger-than-previously-thought/

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick works with jihad terror-tied Islamic Society of Boston to issue first-ever Eid ul-Adha greetings

by Robert Spencer

Read the article at https://www.jihadwatch.org/2013/10/massachusetts-governor-deval-patrick-works-with-jihad-terror-tied-islamic-society-of-boston-to-issue

We have tolerated war powers exercised on the streets of Watertown, Cambridge and Boston in the name of defending against terrorism. So why have none of the Islamic compounds in and near Boston been visited by our noble “defenders” in black? 



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0 responses to “Jihadists Near Boston

  1. You trying to make me more grey than I already am?

  2. Ha ha ha! Sorry Dee! I’m sounding the alarm because it seems nobody in the Boston area is awake. (not that we have many readers near Boston)

    • Does Maine count? I have a nice 4bdr 2 bath 1.5 acre ranch for sale…. I need to move to a red state befor my head explodes.

      • Ooooh, Maine. Marijuana happy land. Yup, with the exception of your current governor, you have no politicians standing between you and the jihadists.

  3. The governor of Mass is a dumb head plane and simple!

  4. By the sounds of it, all most all of the governors were in sodom drinking the kool-aide. They bowed to their king and boasted how great their meeting was. Scarey isn’t it. When one spoke out, his own party ridiculed him. So you can really get the drift about how they feel about what we care about things even from the state levels.

  5. Well Traildust, personally I haven’t actually ever seen or met a jihadist before, so near as I can tell the most “terrorist” people there are those govstapo in the black suits. Just FYI though there is this nasty little trick that departments/city govts play, if some politician etc. decides to make a stop in a smaller town, they’ll haul down corrupt cops from as far away as the other end of the state to “bolster” the police force, but this also means the “hired” cops from another city have no personal stake in the town in which they’re deployed, IE no respect for the natives. Such a scenario played out in Jacksonville Oregon some years back when the satanist bush jr decided (on the fly, allegedly) to pull into a restaurant in that town… many locals were beaten and bludgeoned by police that were ported in from the Sodom-of-the-north, Portland, since then the incident has been forgotten, except of course by the locals who never got reparation for the damages (look it up sometimes if you want).

    How many other examples like this get swept under the rug because the mainstream media doesn’t talk about it? Suffice it to say, I’m not worried about islamics really, I’m worried about jack-booted mercs that have no god but money or the devil (or both). Although one thing puzzles me about this whole “islam threat” thing… We know via the mainstream media that essentially everyone in the general public is indoctrinated to believe islam is a terrorist-based religion, ergo most “normal” people would want to avoid it entirely, and most should have an ingrained aversion to it… So with that being the case, how can any “camps” etc. have anyone stupid enough to sign up, especially knowing that they’ll be hated and detested by the majority of the public? I should also add that islam has zero religious appeal, they call their founder a prophet but I don’t recall any prophecies he made, not to mention he was illiterate and just had people write stuff for him, and to top all that off, he was a child molesting pedophile… these facts are readily available and plentiful (Not to mention that in islam, suicide is a “go to hell, do not pass go” ticket).

    So all this taken into account, one wonders where all these “recruits” etc. come from, and why they would choose to go for islam over, say, regular anarchism, or the militant atheist/anti-theist front (which the media is also relatively silent on) the choices they have available for rebellion are quite varied, and choosing islam out of all of them strikes me as incredibly bizarre (especially when, if they want religion and fascism, they could join any number of supremacist groups, zealot organizations, etc.).


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