Jihad Watch receives phoned-in death threats

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The Religion of Peace Hate and Death strikes again!

After author Robert Spencer interviewed blogger Pamela Geller on his Jihad Watch show on ABN (Aramaic Broadcasting Network, www.abnsat.com) on July 23, a gravelly-voiced Muslim caller phoned in this death threat:

H/t Patriot Action Network

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0 responses to “Jihad Watch receives phoned-in death threats

  1. The voice of Dhimmicrat tolerance and peace…..
    I’ll see your death threat and raise you eternity.

  2. And this is how the monster spreads.
    Is there any better reason for the 2nd Amendment?

  3. Homeschool Mama

    Well, we can at least be impressed with his expansive vocabulary, lol. Sounds like a really intelligent gentleman.

  4. catscanner150

    He’s pretty limited in his vocabulary, but I guess that is normal when there are only two brain cells left to fire a synapse across.

  5. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this post. I agree with Homeschool Mama! He keeps repeating the same words. Horrible!

  6. I’m sure the Feds will be all over this, not.

  7. I honestly expected to hear the voice of Achmed the Dead Terrorist screaming, “Silence! I keel you!.”


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