Jihad Jimmy Slams Obama for the One Thing He is Doing Right

The one bright spot in what otherwise has been the most dismal, not to mention dangerous presidency in American history has been Obama’s willingness to continue to arrange meetings between 7th Century, bass-ackward illiterate camel-washers, and Allah.
I have to admit, even if half-grudgingly, this is the one thing Obama has gotten right – regardless of his motives.
Now along comes Jimmy Carter, the 39th POTUS, and the person I hold responsible for rekindling the 14 century-long Jihad that had pretty much laid dormant since WWI.
Apparently, Jimmy Earl is most displeased with Obama’s use of drones to dispatch the Jihadists to Hell:
Via  independent.co.uk:

Carter attacks Obama over assassinations and drone attacks

David Usborne  Wednesday 27 June 2012
Former president Jimmy Carter has blasted the United States for anti-terror strategies such as targeting individuals for assassination and using unmanned drones to bomb suspected targets, saying they directly flout the basic tenets of universal human rights and foment anti-US sentiment.
In an article written for the New York Times headlined “A Cruel and Unusual Record”, Mr Carter, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002 for his work trying to resolve conflicts around the globe, suggested that the US is in violation of 10 of the 30 articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It is a rare attack by a former commander-in-chief on a sitting President – especially of the same party.
While Mr Carter does not name President Obama, there is little disguising that he is the principle target of his stinging words. Recent weeks have seen a slew of media reports detailing how Mr Obama has grown increasingly dependent on drones to take out suspected terror cells and describing how he has the final word to approve names on a “hit-list” of most-wanted terror suspects overseas for assassination. “Revelations that top officials are targeting people to be assassinated, including American citizens, are only the most recent, disturbing proof of how far our nation’s violation of human rights has extended,” Mr Carter wrote, concluding that the US is “abandoning its role as the global champion of human rights”.
In the past, Mr Carter, 87, has meted out similar criticisms, most notably George W Bush. This latest assault is embarrassing for Mr Obama as it will serve as a reminder that he specifically pledged to adjust America’s posture in the war on terror. He began by banning interrogation techniques he considered to be torture, such as water-boarding, and by closing down Guantanamo Bay. On the latter, of course, he has failed to deliver.
It is poignant, moreover, that both men are Peace Prize winners. Critics believe Mr Obama has proved himself unworthy of the honour which he received soon after taking office. His supporters believe however that he has pre-empted criticism of his foreign policy performance. Under his watch, Osama bin Laden has been killed and much of the top echelons of al-Qa’ida have been gutted.
James Earl Carter was defeated in one of the most lopsided presidential elections in the history of elections.
Thirty-two years hence, I still do not think he gets it.
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Poor Jimmy…he will never get it. Me thinks he should shut his pie hole. Better yet, go live with the terrorists if you love them so much.


This dinosaur(dhimmi the jimmy carter) needs to walk into the tar pits and make this country a tad better place until we get rid of the mussie in the White House and his islamosympathzying, islamist administration. I do like and agree with the mullah in the White House on his use of drones to take out as many goat and camel humping terrorist mustards as possible. I do not care where they are either. I have an extremely strong dislike for islam, it’s bastard son, sharia law and all thee evil that is wrapped up in this perverse political ideology.… Read more »


Carter’s presidency aside, it is true that these drone strikes violate articles of the Declaration of Human Rights. The strikes have not been approved by the U.N., and they often lead to collateral killings. Many of these accidental killings are of women and children.


There are plenty of nations that “bow” to the Declaration of Human Rights. Also, why do you stereotype against Islam?


I don’t think Islam or any religion should be used as a form of governing, but I do think we should respect their religion. The Qu’ran may promote violence, but the Bible does as well. There is no more evidence supporting the Christian faith than the Muslim faith. We shouldn’t discriminate against all Muslims due to the actions of a few. Most Muslims are actually very peaceful. You just don’t notice the peaceful ones.


I never said that there aren’t some Muslims who commit atrocities, but we shouldn’t group every Muslim based on the actions of a few. Also, the reason that there are more atrocities committed by Muslims is mainly due to socioeconomic status. It has nothing to do with religion. There are still plenty of violent Christians who are ignorant and commit violent crimes. Just look at how some fundamentalist Christians treat homosexuals. There’s also the KKK and Neo-Nazism that are widespread, and they justify their actions with their religion. Lastly, Christianity can be used as a governing system as well. Many… Read more »


You only asked one question and I “squared it” by mentioning the atrocities committed by Christians.


Please elaborate…


There is actually a lot of that taught in the Judeo-Christian faiths. There are many things in the Bible that state that homosexuality, adultery, etc. are punishable by death. Just because these practices aren’t used, it doesn’t mean that the religion doesn’t support them. Also, my main complaint was against your blatant ignorance and stereotyping of an entire religion of people. You should also lay off on the ad hominem. Lastly, stop saying the religion is “heathenish.” Christianity is no more viable than Islam, so you can’t say that the belief system is “satanic.”
Source: https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Actions_which_demand_the_death_penalty_in_the_Old_Testament