Jihad Bells

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Muslims say that while they do not believe Jesus Christ is God, they do respect Him because they believe Jesus, like Mohammad, was a prophet. Given that, one would think that Muslims could restrain themselves on Jesus the holy prophet’s feastday.
These are some of things that followers of the “Religion of Peace” did on Christmas 2010:
On December 24, five blasts went off in the Nigerian city of Jos, as residents were celebrating Christmas Eve, leaving 31 dead.
The next day, December 25, a bomb exploded during Christmas Day Mass at a chapel in southern Philippines, wounding a priest and 10 churchgoers. In Pakistan, a female suicide bomber detonated her explosives-laden vest in a food-aid distribution center, killing at least 43 people. The bombing is the first suicide attack staged by a woman in Pakistan. (H/t Atlas Shrugs)

H/t beloved fellow May.

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  1. Mohammed would be so proud, but he’s busy roasting in the hottest bowels of Hell.
    The Notepad linked back to this post: http://davesnotepad.blogspot.com/2010/12/camel-washers-very-busy-christmas.html


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