Jihad American Style

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Wild Bill for America has another message.  This one is for the Islamic jihad warriors: “Don’t mess with the United States!

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  1. my hat is off to this guy. God Bless him. He said it all

  2. lowtechgrannie

    Excellent message! I like his style.

  3. Don’t ever underestimate America!

  4. i saw the caption “jihad american style” and what keeps going through my mind is the theme song from “love american style” the 1960-1970’s comedy tv show.

  5. That’s uplifting. If someone here said something like that they would be jailed for inciting hatred in the land of Darby O’Gill. We have Mustapha Jihad in this country too. And some wet saturday near Christmas I bet one of those boyos will blow up a shopping center killing thousands of innocents. And what will be done? Nothing because over here we have a craven government. At least you can bear arms over there. The only ones who can carry arms here are bank robbers and paramilitaries. God bless America and when you get rid of Obama in the next election it’ll be back to the land of the free. You don’t realise how lucky you are living in such a beautiful country and when the good guys finally triumph it will be a fantastic place, God bless again. Lone Wolf

  6. Arthur Anderson

    A good man……The real danger from islam does not come from the violent ones, the REAL DANGER comes from the quiet academics and lawyers who are using our own laws against us with a goal of stealthily instituting sharia…..and they are being sucessful. Their goal is includes instituting hate speech laws, and when that happens we will truly be in peril. Study what happened in Europe, it has been happening here through political correctness for some time and they have made great strides toward their goal……..


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