JFK Would Be So Proud, NOT!!!

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Seen at an OWS protest in Zucotti Park:

Photo by El Marco
[Source: PJ Media]
Tom in NC

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7 responses to “JFK Would Be So Proud, NOT!!!

  1. It just amazes me that this idiot thinks that his country owes him something. What about personal responsibility and drive to be successful on your own? Jeesh…

    • Notice he ended it with a question mark. I think he’s being ironic which makes him a patriot, not a pinhead.

      • I stand corrected, the guy is a pinhead! Per update on PJ Tatler:
        To clarify matters for those few folks who think the question mark at the end of the “Ask not…” sign means the guy holding it is being sarcastic and is secretly a Tea Party counter-protester, or something along those lines: Sorry, no dice. As you can see at the bottom left of his sign, his name is “Marvin Knight” and he’s made plenty of other appearances at Occupy Wall Street carrying other indisputably left-leaning signs. He’s even been quoted in MSM articles about OWS saying things like this:
        Marvin Knight, a 68-year-old pensioner who lives in Brooklyn, joined the Wall Street protests on October 3. Holding a large, handmade poster that read, “Jesus is not for corporate greed,” he said he lives on Social Security retirement benefits of less than $800 a month.
        “I am here to protest this capitalist system we have here, where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer and there’s no end in sight,” Knight said.
        There’s no way to wriggle out of this one: He’s an authentic and sincere Occupy Wall Street protester, and he’s completely serious about his sign.

  2. Well, we could just let you starve like what would happen to you if you were a member of the animal kingdom.
    After all, animals do a much better job of cleaning up their gene pool than we humans do.
    Yes, the truth is insensitive.
    Learn it.
    Know it.
    Live it.

  3. That is so typical of that kind of person. They don’t want to work for anything. Just gimme, gimmee,gimmee.

  4. Walk a couple miles in his shoes.


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